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Love Made in SL: Meet Calisto and Talon

Linden Lab



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Age ain’t nothing but a number for Calisto and Talon Whitewolf, a U.S.-based couple that met about eight years ago in Second Life. While Calisto may be about a decade older than her long-time partner, but the virtual world proved to be the perfect platform to bridge the age gap and connect the two together in the physical world.

The courtship began with an initial period of flirting and fun across multiple romantic 3D spaces in Second Life, including a memorable date on a replica of the Titanic!

Calisto and Talon2.jpg

Pictured: Calisto and Talon Whitewolf

“We did the whole couples thing,” says Calisto who adds that over time the signs became more clear that the two were truly meant to be together. As a result, Talon ultimately moved from his home in Virginia to be with Calisto in Kentucky. This move is described by Calista as a “natural progression…We were best friends and then the next thing I know - he’s here!”

To learn more about Calisto and Talon’s story, watch the latest episode of “Love Made in SL” below. You can also learn more about dating in Second Life in this recent article on DatingNews.com, too.

Did you miss an episode of “Love Made in SL”? Catch up on the entire series on our YouTube channel.

Video production: Draxtor Despres
Love Made in SL logo: Marianne McCann

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