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Meet Lily and Charles - “Love Made in SL” Episode 2

Linden Lab





Earlier this month, we debuted the first episode of “Love Made in SL” - a new limited-run mini-series that showcases some of the many real stories of romance found within the virtual communities of Second Life.

We’re heartened by the positive responses to the series debut, which was shared widely across the Internet after premiering on our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Several couples even shared how they met in SL and, in many cases, they’ve posted wedding and baby photos from both in and outside Second Life to share with the world.

This week, the love stories continue! Meet Lily and Charles, a couple that first met in Second Life back in 2007.

“[Second Life] is an extension of my real life,“ says Charles. “It’s not something I play.”

Upon meeting Charles in the welcome area of Second Life, Lily says that “we stumbled through things together...The honesty of both of us made the foundation for the relationship.”

Charles adds, “If you get to know someone over several months just typing for hours then, in the end, the personality is becoming really clear.”

CHarles tattoo 1.jpeg


Shortly after finding love in Second Life, Charles moved from Germany to be with Lily in the U.K. To further seal the deal, he even got a heart tattoo that features both of their early Second Life avatars!

To learn more about their story, watch episode 2 of “Love Made in SL” below.

Thanks to Draxtor Despres for production on “Love Made in SL” and Marianne McCann for the logo.

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