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Cica Ghost’s Drawn Town Debuts in Second Life

Linden Lab


Acclaimed artist Cica Ghost is known for her frequent pop-up art experiences in Second Life. Each creation is only active for a very limited time, which means that you’ll have to act fast to catch her latest work Drawn Town that debuted on Feb. 1.

“Drawn Town” is an immersive space filled with scribbled black-and-white chalk drawings and stick characters that are delightful to explore as you either walk around or drive in the provided cars. Cica ambiguously describes the piece with the quote from Maureen O’Hara “In the beginning it was all black and white.”

Cica’s latest work is already catching the eye of several bloggers. Inara Pey has a great walk-through on her Living in a Modem World blog, while German blog Echt Virtuell also has an in-depth preview.

You can visit Drawn Town now in Second Life or check out this video preview created by Draxtor Despres.


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