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Introducing a New Grid-Wide Experience - Tyrah & the Curse of the Magical Glytches

Linden Lab


As we teased at the end of August, an all new grid-wide gaming experience has been in the works here at the Lab, and today we’re excited to announce that it’s opening! Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches is here for you to explore - read on for the details.

MAGELLAN IS DEAD!!! Dr Talpa has not been seen since his robot army was defeated and Tyrah escaped before he could turn her into a cyborg. The moles are in shock and mourning Magellan's passing. Who will protect the grid now that he is gone?? No one is sure…

Mischievous, magical creatures called Glytches are creating havoc upon the grid!

Where did the Glytches come from?  What does Tyrah have to do with it?  Curse?!  Learn all in this special background video!

It’s up to you, the Residents, to save the grid from these adorably rascally creatures.  As you catch them, you get to keep them!  Sometimes when you catch them, you are also given gems which you can use to upgrade your weapons, play a prize lottery, and even enter special bonus regions chock-full of more Glytches and gems.

To get started, go to the Portal Park and find the new portal to Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches.  Walk through that portal, watch the background story and tutorial videos if you haven’t already, pick up your starter kit from The Apothecary, and start hunting!




The Glytches are all over the grid, in places like PaleoQuest, Linden Realms, Horizons, various InfoHubs and other locations.  They’re even on parcels owned by Residents!  Don’t worry, they won’t be on your own personal parcel unless you want them there. There’s information about how to apply to host Glytches on your parcels in the Official TCMG Wiki page.




Getting Your Glych Collection Started


Remember that mysterious Egg you picked up during Second Life’s 14th birthday celebrations?  Bring it with you! It’s finally ready to hatch! To hatch your egg, pick it up (wear it, just don’t sit on it, because...ew!) and take it to Hartyshire.  Find the hatchery located inside the Gift Shop, and click on the hatchery.

You must be wearing your egg in order to hatch it.

Your Mission ...

Now that the threat of the Glytches is real, will you rise up as a hero and capture as many as you can? Can Tyrah count on your help? Head over to Portal Park and start your Glytch-collecting adventure now!







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