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Some Updates to The Terms of Service

Linden Lab


From time to time, we make changes to Second Life’s Terms of Service in order to improve the documents, update and/or clarify policies, and keep the Terms current. We’ve just published an update to the Terms, and the first time you login to SL on or after July 31, 2017, you’ll be asked to agree to these updated Terms.

Here’s what’s new in this update:

  • We’ve restructured the Terms of Service to contain terms and conditions that apply to all Linden Lab products, and we have separated out product-specific references (such as Linden Dollar and LindeX for SL) into product-specific policies. The new Second Life Terms and Conditions contains all the Second Life-specific references that were previously in the Terms of Service.

  • We have added references to our wholly-owned subsidiaries, Tilia Inc. and Tilia Branch UK Ltd., which will be handling payment services on our behalf under certain circumstances.

  • We made some minor text revisions to clarify that Linden Lab has discretion to undertake certain account actions.

  • We have updated the arbitration provision in accordance with applicable law.  

As always, you should read all policies fully before agreeing to them. If on or after July 31, you have any difficulties reviewing and agreeing to the new Terms when you login, please create a support case so the team can help you out.

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