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Welcome to Our New Community Platform!

Xiola Linden


Hello Residents!

The new Community Platform is finally here! It has taken a bit longer than we anticipated, because we encountered some challenges during this transition that are unique for this community, which unfortunately required more time than we’d initially planned.

We want to thank the community for your patience while we ironed out some of the larger issues to get the new platform ready for prime time. We also want to thank you in advance for your continued patience as we continue with some of the polishing work that will come over the next few weeks.

Now, about that new platform …

We have a new Community Home Page. From here you can see the latest things happening across the community platform, and click through to your favorite areas. This brings more visibility to areas like the Knowledge Base and Blogs, instead of dropping you directly into the forums.

Speaking of the forums - one of the things that we were unfortunately unable to transfer to the new platform was background images on profile pics. If you were using a background image for your profile, you will need to upload a new profile pic. The good news is that uploading a profile image on the new platform is much simpler and more intuitive than before. Just select your profile from under your name, and you can upload an image from there.

We will continue to make improvements, but wanted to get the community platform out as soon as possible, so that the Knowledge Base was back online.

Here is a list of known issues, most of which we expect to fix in the coming days/weeks:


  • Some posts may have missing images. Where possible, we will be fixing and/or updating these.

  • Some posts may have been slightly reformatted or have a slightly different layout.

  • Previously used emotes may no longer work.

  • Some old Community URL redirects may be broken.

  • Some users have lost their account profile images and will need to reset them.

  • Second Life headers and footers are currently missing from community pages, and we are working to restore those.

  • The window title needs to be updated.

  • Clicking on a Help link from the viewer will load the page in mobile layout; this is not optimal, and we are working to correct that.


If you come across any bugs that are not listed above, we encourage you to let us know about them through our Jira system here. (NOTE: Please be sure to file with the System type “Website” and related Community sub-category.)

While there is still work to be done, we are very excited to unveil the new Community Platform to you.


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