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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 07/29/2016

Xiola Linden


Summer can be a season of colors a beautiful painting of nature in her brightest glory. I wander out to my yard and see bold bursts of red tomatoes, sunny yellow lemons, tiger-striped green cucumbers, all against a blue sky full of fluffy clouds, and I can’t help but smile! The vibrancy and diversity reminds me of the Second Life community, and like that garden, our Destination Guide is full of amazingly colorful stuff!

Where else in any world can you jump from a Japanese summer festival to a Japanese Horror event with just a click? Or shop  summer fashions then drop into a little cafe for some live music? Not too many places, I bet which is one of the many reasons I friggin’ love Second Life.

The Official Second Life Flickr page is here we select images to feature on our social media channels as part of the Pic of the Day program so why not share your inworld adventures with others there?

If your spot isn’t yet in the Guide,, why don’t you submit it?


Okinawa Summer Festival 2016

Okinawa Summer Festival, held through Aug. 21, is a Japanese festival that features 50 creators and a market, photo contest, deejay events, fireworks and more!

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Ubume Japanese Horror Event

Ubume is a Japanese horror event, held through Aug. 31. Presented in collaboration with ORIGAMI, a Japanese culture and clothing event that is also available here. More info at http://ubume2016.wix.com/home.

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Bury Your Fears - Bury Your Dreams

This multimedia work by artist Selavy Oh features a full-sim installation at the sim MetaLES, as well as a real-life exhibit and book. More info at metalesmetaverse.wordpress.com

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A Watercolour Wander

Wander around this world made out of paintings, read the story and immerse into the dreamy world of watercolours!

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Uber is a monthly shopping event featuring unique creations from talented designers in Second Life. Learn more at ubersl.com.

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Womenstuff Hunt

One of the most popular female fashion hunts returns to SL with 150 top participating designers and numerous exclusive items. Running Aug. 1-31, the Womenstuff Hunt has everything a woman needs to look great. More info at http://womenstuff.stuff-sl.com.

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Soul of Colors

Color, light, shadow and music intersect in Giovanna Cerise's art installation inspired by the famous masterpiece by W. A. Mozart's "The Magic Flute."

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Curbed Event

The Curbed Event began with one set of furniture and a group of talented artists. Now you'll find all original mesh furniture including sofas, chairs and footstools. There are custom animations in each item added for both regular and tiny avatars. Event held July 28 through August 5.

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OMGoshigans, held July 29-31 at ShenaniganS Music Cafe, is an annual Second Life community event in aid of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital London. Join the fun for a good cause and enjoy a mix of live artists and deejays.

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London City Carnival

August is a busy time in London City, with real life tie-in events including the London Carnival, Beer Fest, Reggae street bands, concerts and beach scene. Get the most out of summer! More details at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk

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The Aloha Fair 2016

Enjoy two weeks filled with great designers and summer fashions at the Aloha Fair, held July 27 through Aug. 10. Here you will find amazing exclusive items including sales, discounts and gifts in every store. More than 80 designers are participating -- all of whom are influenced by the summer. More at eventhuntforeverplanners.wordpress.com.

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Steal Deal Summer Fair

Stroll across two charming squares to find sales across 70 booths in the Steal Deal Summer Fair, held through Aug.15. Surrounding the fair are 48 shops and 10 street vendors with a large variety of merchandise. In addition to shopping, visitors can enjoy the scenery, take a horse ride, visit the chapel or ride the Ferris wheel, bumper cars and merry-go-round. Play the carnival games and try to win some prizes.

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Victrix Mortalis

An outlaw village on the coast hosts refuge for the most nefarious types found on Gorean lands. Pirates, outlaws and rouge mercenaries call these lands home. Perhaps you would, too? This Gorean Evolved sim brings a new taste to roleplay...

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Marvelous Events

Fashion is a passion at Marvelous Events, which offers a new and fresh approach to the traditional “discount events” currently on offer in SL, Marvelous Monthly brings to you a full shopping experience with new rounds starting on the first and ending on the 25th each month.

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