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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 05/20/2016

Xiola Linden


Summer is still over a month away, but things are already heating up over at the the Second Life Destination Guide!

There is plenty to celebrate inworld! Art and culture are everywhere waiting to be appreciated, and creativity is bursting at the region borders of a ton of fantastic shopping events. Spend some time (and some Lindens!) visiting these highlights and finding something new and exciting about Second Life!

If you’re looking for a little relaxation time you may want to pay a visit to the Nature & Parks category of the Destination Guide.


Wherever you and your friends wander, capture the memories with great pics and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!

Everyone has those spots that they love to hang out at are your favorite Second Life spots in the Destination Guide? If not, drop us a line at the submission form.


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Tres Chic

Be Unique, Be Stylish. Once per month, the best designers in Second Life will present you their latest and fashionable creations at the Très Chic event.

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Explore the exclusive creations of about 60 designers in the latest round of Kustom9, a recurring fashion/design event in Second Life.

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Raglan Shire ArtWalk

Raglan Shire is hosting its 11th ArtWalk, held May 15 through June 19. This five-week, multi-sim art festival is beautifully displayed among the hedgerows in a newly-designed tree city. It is a must see event for any art enthusiast! In addition to the art, there is live music, dancers, poetry slam, games and much more! A full event calendar is at bit.ly/1TGPJEd.

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The Courage Event

The Courage Event hosted by Models Giving Back, held through May 31, raises funds for the Canadian Red Cross' efforts to aid those affected by the massive wildfires in Alberta, Canada. Shop and discover 50 exclusive items provided by 38 participating designers.

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Susan's Diary

Susan's diary is a creepy horror game where you must find the lost pages of an old diary in a haunted house and find what happened to little Susan. Visit rooms, secret passages and solve puzzles to reach the end of this experience.

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Kukulkan II: The Seeker of Knowledge

Kukulkan, the feathered serpent, is present in most cultures of Mesoamerica. Mesopotamia knew a feathered serpent, the Egyptian Caduceus and winged globe. The Ascended Ancients await you in Kukulkan. Their mysteries are embedded in the spacial fabric of this sim. They must be sought for they do not seek you. A path lies in Kukulkan, through Hermes' Scepter to Aset. Can you discover it and ascend?

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LICK - Heaven or Hell

Has your fate been decided for you or will you decide? Choose wisely, choose carefully. And remember you can always check out but you can never leave. Turn your sounds up and get ready for the ride.

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Fogs End Roleplay

Fogs End is a roleplay community focused on the 19th century. Explore your dark fantasies, past lives, solve or follow mysteries or take a walk in an imaginative history. What will you make of this world?

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U L T R A Events

U L T R A™ Events is a fascinating cluster of shops flanking a modern central atrium promenade, rich with Palm Springs charm. A total of 35 elite shops offer a truly unusual array of fashion, furnishings and all things from antique to contemporary. The U L T R A™ Event occurs on a bi-monthly basis. It will showcase the products and services available from the most prestigious luxury brands across the grid, which include men's and women's latest fashion, real estate, fine jewelry, mesh avatars, animations, skins, hair, accessories, home decor and much more.

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Death Picks a Winner

What killed the mayor-elect before he could take his oath of office? What happened to the missing newsboy? Could there be a monster loose in old New Toulouse? One plucky investigator (that's you) attempts to learn the truth ... before it's too late! Explore this HUD-based mystery hunt set in New Toulouse, an early 20th-century Louisiana community celebrating its eighth year in Second Life.

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Lighthouse by Singularity Tribe

Gather together for a communal experience of light and sound exploration at the Lighthouse. The Singularity satellite serves as a beacon of hope for diverse sentient beings to find their way through the infinite universe.

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Split Screen Installation Space

Cherry Manga's "The Path" is her first work in SL in 1 1/2 years. "The Path," she writes, represents "the path of life, the inner travel that we all go through during our life." On view at Split Screen Installation Space though July!

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Gaming Island

Welcome to Gaming Island! Play: Learn how to play skill games for free on the game floor. You may even win some $L! Learn: Visit the Learning Center to find out more about skill gaming and read the FAQs. Explore: Jump through a portal and explore more places to play!

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Stroll around and take in the picturesque surroundings of Rosemoor in Second Life.

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Sirena Mountain

Here lies the ruins of a what was once a beautiful village. A village of mosaic floors and stone walls unknowingly built above a siren shoal. In retaliation, the sirens rose the tide and destroyed what rested just above the shore. Only the brave dare sail or fly to Sirena Mountain in hopes to claim the treasures left behind.

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Ian & Amys Amusement Park

This massive amusement park features over 100 rides and attractions! Bring your friends and family and stay the day!

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Color Me Project

Color Me Project is a theme related destination where fashion meets art. It is dedicated for shopping lovers who value low prices and quality. It gathers designers of all kind who offers exclusive and discounted items in one location. Each round there is a new gift prepared for event visitors. Event starts on the 10th and 25th of each month and lasts for 10 days.

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Welcome to ENCHANTMENT, a one of a kind shopping experience within the virtual world of Second Life. Enchantment was created to showcase the incredible abilities of creators, bloggers, photographers, and artist within Second Life in collaboration with the wonder that is Fairytales. Every three months a Fairytale is chosen to inspire us all. May's theme is, "Thumbelina" So come and be Enchanted!

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