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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 01/29/2016

Xiola Linden


The Second Life Destination Guide returns with another edition of Destination Guide Highlights a sample platter of some of the coolest spots you don’t want to miss inworld.

Music, art. romance and many more flavors of fun are all over the grid why not springboard into your weekend fun with a tour starting now?

If your spot or event is missing from the Guide, drop us a line at the submission form.
We’ll catch you inworld!


Mole Day 2016

Once again, we celebrate those creatives minds and the great builds of the Linden Department of Public Works! Join us for a concert in the park featuring Maximillion Kleene and GoSpeed Racer as we toast the Moles! Event held Jan. 30 beginning at 11 a.m. (Pacific).

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Oi Oi Oi - Experiments Phase One

Created by real life multi-media artist "The London Paint Splatterer." Explore the volatile waters that lurk deeply in Oh! Noire's psychological landscape with many visual adventures. You can boat round the waters at Oi Oi Oi - Experiments Phase One. All welcome and nothing is usual.

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Betty Tureaud's The City

The City a art installation about trying escape from a life to another. Follow the footprints in the sand to begin your journey...

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Beginners by Cica Ghost

Every end is a new beginning.

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Surf Religion & Surf Love

Surf Religion and Surf Love is an ideal spot for surfers, photographers and lovers. They have the awesome JAWS wave, as well as beautiful grounds and romantic cuddles. Come and enjoy the positive flow of energy here among the ruins.

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Heavenly Groove

Heavenly Groove is a nice hangout space with beautiful picture perfect scenes. Come here to explore, spend time with friends and take lots of pictures!

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Forgotten at The Pulse

Forgotten at The Pulse is a beautiful, scenic and photogenic area that features beautiful, hidden areas to discover. Here you can dance or find blissful areas for solitude. There's a beautiful chapel and other impressive architecture. Enjoy taking photos, spending quality time with a loved one or just wandering and enjoying a quiet moment and serenity.

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Northern Forests of Shara

Explore the Northern Forests of Shara, a peaceful retreat filled with many areas to discover including a formal ballroom, large castle, dance pavilions and more.

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Evolving Images Romantic Park

Evolving Images is a romantic place for dancing, dining, cuddling, vistas and walks. There are two types of dining experiences, four dance floors, and a large menu of romantic dances to choose from. Take your sweetheart on a walk through the bird sanctuary, go ice skating on the ice rink, cuddle in the gazebo, buy flowers from the flower cart, mosey through the local shops or ride the carousel.

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