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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 3/13/2015

Linden Lab


It’s time to share a sample platter of all of the weird and wonderful regions in the Second Life Destination Guide. Evil apples, dilapidated islands, pulsing bass, and a whole lot more await Residents looking to experience some new and exciting places in Second Life.

Snow White, Eve, Athena and the Trojan War… Apples don’t always lead to a happy story. This installation by Rebecca Bashly explores various myths, legends, and fairytales to show apples as symbols of the darkness hiding behind something sweet and innocuous.


When Life Gives You Apples... Run

Looking at various myths, legends and fairy tales, apple seems to be pretty unfortunate for women... Rebeca Bashly takes the lead at LEA 6 for the final round of the LEA full-sim art series, as curated by Jayjay Zifanwe.

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A gorgeously grimy, tumbledown region, Ruins delights in the decrepit. In this new creation by Cica Ghost, wander through an island of skeletal brick pillars under grey skies, flat water, and the wrathful eyes of crows. Embrace decrepitude in Ruins.



Only blackbirds and wildflowers remain to inhabit the ruins of this once-active city. Explore this beautiful and decrepit locale of collapsed brick edifices. What deserted worlds will be revealed?

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A steampunk ode to Jules Verne, Sargasso Sealab offers undersea exploration, roleplay, and a gas-lit lab full of brassy Victorian goodness. Take the underwater elevator down for weekly roleplay sessions, or just enjoy the watery region as a human or mer.


Sargasso SeaLab

Take a journey to the mysterious Sargasso Sealab, an adventurous locale in homage to Jules Verne. Arrive by a sea-elevator deep in the Bermuda triangle, hunt for treasure, rare fish, meet the mysterious merfolk, or explore the station itself. Enjoy exploring the station, even join the weekly episodic role-play group if you'd like.

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A fantastical re-imagining of Italy, Tudor is a lush romantic land. Soft, warm pastel lighting, gorgeous foliage, flowering trees, and  loads of spots for cuddling … explore Tudor with a friend or loved one for maximum enjoyment.  



Tudor is a beautiful place to hang out and cuddle with loved ones, or just chill and relax. Feel free to explore and take pictures of this wonderful location. Please, have respect for others.

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Pulsing beats, acid skulls, and multiple levels make Hardbass a wild club. This electronic venue pours out the bass in a wide variety of genres, all of them hard. Visit for live-streaming DJs and stay for the vibe - just make sure to get yourself to Hardbass.



Alright Second Life, if you want and love hard bass, Hardbass is your place. They play a ton of electronic genres, they've got live DJ's and more at this club. All are welcome.

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Second Life is perfect for showing off lasting virtual creations, so polish up those destinations and share them with us! Even if you’re sharing something as simple as a new hairstyle on the Flickr page, the virtual world runs on your creativity. Spread it around!


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