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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 2/26/2015

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Linden Lab


It’s time again to show off a few of the newest experiences and intricate locations in the Second Life Destination Guide. Make time to immerse yourself in the great destinations below.

Relay for Life of Second Life is back with the Paint Second Life Purple fundraiser. Paint Second Life Purple asks people to do just that: paint selves, clothing, homes, landscapes, and pretty much everything else purple. The event lasts through March 7th, visit www.relayforlifeofsecondlife.com to learn more.


Paint Second Life Purple

It is time to paint the grid purple again for of cancer awareness and fundraising. Join Relay For Life of Second Life for the start of the 2015 relay season. Paint Second Life Purple Week takes place from February 21st through March 7th. Turn your house, land, prim, even yourself purple! For more information, visit www.relayforlifeofsecondlife.org.

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Speculum is the newest installation by artist Giovanna Cerise. Too large to view from the ground, you’ll need to take to the sky to experience the entirety of this huge exhibit. What will you see in the mirror of Speculum?



Giovanna Cerise presents the latest installation, Speculum. In Speculum, the mirror is multiplicity and continuous playback. It overlaps and obfuscates, as illusions are wont to do. The mirror is a projection into an unreal dimension. Where does it lead?

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The Moulin Rouge is a neo-Victorian, community-themed roleplay region with loads of live stage shows, cabarets, burlesque and more. Active for more than seven years, the Moulin Rouge is a great spot for anyone with romance on their minds.


The Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is a community-themed roleplay sim with entertainment, romance, residential life, and shopping. They also offer weekly live events, burlesque, and live stage shows! Relax at a bistro, explore gardens, the Eiffel tower, take a romantic hot air balloon or boat ride – they're a perfect destination for romance.

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In Blithe’s forested park, breezes whisper through trees, fireflies flicker, and horses graze around artfully rusting trucks. You can even relax with someone special in rustic houses on mirror-still ponds. Blithe is a calming region built with an eye for nature.



Come explore the enchanting world of Blithe, an expansive two-sim region with plenty to discover. Wander the wooded pathways, enjoy the rocky coast, cozy up and dance with a loved one or friend. There's so much to see and do at Blithe. You can even join the inworld group to rez your own items for photographs and more! Get lost in the captivating world of Blithe.

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An easy-to-join freeform roleplay zone, Helion Alpha is a slick sci-fi region welcoming to all. Active players can claim living spaces, and faction leaders can even take over entire headquarters. Ignore the dross, go to Helion Alpha for sci-fi roleplay in its purest form.


Helion Alpha

Helion Alpha is a LGBTQ-friendly sci-fi roleplay region featuring freeform roleplay in a moderate-rated setting. Choose between mercenary, pilot, outlaw, scarper, or replicant. Come play, hang out, or just tour this amazing build. Active players can claim living spaces, and faction leaders can even take over entire headquarters! There's no applications, sign-ups, weapons, meters, or hassles.

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If you’ve just finished adding the final few touches to your next great creation, don’t forget to share it with the rest of the community! There’s still a little over a week to send in those submissions for the Photo Booth Fun Contest, it runs all the way through March 4th. If you’re looking for inspiration, sneak a peek at what your fellow Residents are up to in the official Second Life Flickr page. See you inworld!

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