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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 1/16/2015

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Linden Lab


No weekend’s complete without seeing what’s new in Second Life! So come see all the new things your fellow residents are working on in the Second Life Destination Guide.

Shadowplay: Tales of Urbanization of China offers a unique look at the conflict between tradition and modernization in contemporary China, told through the medium of a traditional shadow play. Enjoy this thought-provoking, five part experience, and decide for yourself the costs of modernization.



Shadow Play: Tales of Urbanization of China

Integrating virtual reality with an art form known as shadow play, installation Shadow Play: Tales of Urbanization of China tells a story about the changing landscapes of contemporary China. In four chapters, virtual installation sheds light upon real-life incidents and predicaments involving the cultural and environmental degradation. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/1KCEFE5.

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Are you looking for somewhat darker event this winter? The slGoth Timekiller Festival takes place in a land of decrepit cathedrals, large towers and dirty snow. This wonderfully grungy event features a whole host of live storytellers, concerts, content creators and interesting scenery. Who needs sunny pastels, anyway? 


Timekiller Festival

The slGoth Timekiller Festival is a gothic and dark alternative event. This festival features a whole host of content creators, daily concerts, movies, live storytelling and more. There're even free gifts from vendors and slGoth Magazine.

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The first of its kind, Shadow Inc. is an LGBT futuristic mix of fluorescent colors, tall buildings, neon lights, clubs and more. Few locations offer such a vibrant look at a possible future as Shadow Inc. This welcoming location is open to all. 


Shadow Inc.

Shadow Inc. LGBT Industrial Complex is the first of its kind. Come explore this futuristic landscaped city, with hangouts for newcomers and seasoned residents alike. They offer shops, two clubs, even residential rentals. They have an open-door policy and welcome one and all to take a stroll into the shadows...

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Do you thrill in shining spandex, elaborate entrances and larger-than-life stars? Does the thought of a perfectly executed piledriver leave you giddy? Catch a show at Apex Championship Wrestling. Offering weekly shows every Tuesday, Apex Championship Wrestling is the, well, apex of Second Life professional wrestling. 


Apex Championship Wrestling

Apex Championship Wrestling brings sports entertainment and professional wresting to the Second Life grid. Each and every Tuesday night at 5 p.m., visit the Apex Arena for wild professional wrestling.

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Looking for something a little more upbeat? Sick of all that soft, gentle music? Looking for a little more rock in your life? More of a hangout than a bar, the Rock Bar offers live DJ’s, concerts, games and more. Come on by for friendly people and good times.   


The Rock Bar

Dance on the bar, hang out or hookup to loud hard rock music playing on beautiful beaches. The Rock Bar features concerts, live DJs, hosts, games and more games. They play music from current new hard rock to the old classic rock hits. Come for the beauty, stay for the rocking good time!

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Winter is a wonderful time for romance. Snuggling around the fire with that special someone, mugs of hot chocolate in hand? There’s a reason Valentine’s Day’s in February. So with a little under a month remaining before Cupid shows his cherub cheeks, do you have your romantic plans ready? Valentine’s Day is always a celebration in Second Life, so post a picture with that special someone on the official Second Life Flickr page, or share a romantic destination with the entire virtual world. You may also want to submit your inworld snapshots for a chance to be featured in an upcoming email or banner campaign.

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