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Linden Lab Is Proud to Sponsor The Drax Files: World Makers

Linden Lab


We at Linden Lab love

 video series. Draxtor Despres consistently does a fantastic job presenting the stories of some of the many talented people who are creating incredible things in Second Life.

From artists to educators, game makers, fashion designers, community builders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, musicians, magicians, and more - there is no shortage of fascinating people making and doing wonderful things in Second Life, and The Drax Files presents their stories in a way that shows not only the creative power of the platform, but also the unique personalities that make up the global community of Second Life users. As compelling as the series is for those of us already familiar with Second Life and stories like these, it’s also extremely powerful in communicating the magic of Second Life to those who haven’t yet experienced it firsthand.

The Drax Files has been a labor of love for Draxtor from the start, but there are real production costs associated with creating something of this quality. We want to ensure that the series continues, so today we’re very happy to announce that Linden Lab is now sponsoring The Drax Files: World Makers!

This sponsorship has no impact on Draxtor’s editorial independence; we’re not taking control or trying to dictate what stories are told or how they’re presented in the series, nor does our agreement have any impact on his other work (his podcast, for example). What our sponsorship does mean is that Draxtor will be able to continue to produce new episodes of The Drax Files: World Makers series each month, which we can all enjoy and which Linden Lab can use in support of our Second Life marketing efforts.

Also starting today, a newly refreshed SecondLife.com homepage will feature a brand new trailer from the series as an introduction to just some of the people that make Second Life and its community so interesting. Check it out below, and be sure to share it!


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