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  1. If you have the patience to watch the whole video, great, if not speed through to the last few minutes where she sums up her talk. It sounds like this project is on the fast track.
  2. I remember the same kind of nay saying going on about SL during it's beta phase, and yet, 14 years later we are still here. Sansar is still very much in its infancy. It would be silly to judge a cake while it's still batter in a bowl. You can't possibly know what it will taste like until it's fully baked.
  3. My catwa head is 8318 complexity with Script info: 'neck:0': [5/5] running scripts, 320 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.014085 ms of CPU time consumed. Hardly seems excessively resource intensive to me.
  4. I also foresee that the clothing layer will remain since it doesn't follow the body contour of the mesh as the tattoo layer and the underwear layers do. Alpha glitching is solved with baked textures so the need for masking shouldn't be an issue. You can see this for yourself now when using multiple tats and clothing layers on a system avatar. It doesn't cause issues. We have not even seen the default avatar for Sansar yet! It will be revealed with the Fashion release which is scheduled for the middle of December. The current avatar being used in Sansar is a placeholder avatar only much like the prim avatars SL had during it's alpha stage. So we'll see what it looks like next month. I'm hopeful!!!
  5. Never meant to imply that Sansar is SL II! It most certainly is not. But that said, just because it isn't doesn't mean I can't fully embrace and enjoy what Sansar is. For a creator it is wonderful. It also allows me to create without having to pay anything up front for upload fees and land purchases. The texturing and lighting is so far superior to SL that SL seems flat in comparison. But that said, doesn't mean I'd jump ship and go to Sansar exclusively. Both worlds have things to offer that the other does not. I enjoy both equally. I'm sure new residents would love fully furnished homes on beautifully landscaped lands .. does that mean that LL owes that to them? No. There are beautifully made mesh avatars available for purchase. LL should not be competing with any of the merchants in SL .. that includes mesh body creators. Of course this is MY OPINION. The time for Linden Lab to have improved the system body was before the mesh body market began!
  6. I have avatars in both Sansar and Second Life and create for both. I am very optimistic in regards to the fashion release coming to Sansar at the end of December. So yes, this is where I expect to get a first rate avatar from Linden Lab. I'm also excited for the implementation of cloth physics and the ability to wear a mesh skirt that will flow around my legs. Finally, I can have a pencil skirt without the necessity of using alphas. And yes, Qie was dead on, this is what I meant.
  7. Ahh .. My avatar is mesh from head to toe. I enjoy making mesh content for the Maitreya and Slink bodies. I agree that the system body, from head to toe, is horrid as it is today. I can understand the desire to have Linden Lab fix the current system body. I just think it's not going to happen. It certainly wouldn't fix the problem with creators having to make so many sizes as it would only add another size to their already long list of sizes. I know I wouldn't give up my Maitreya body for a new system body even if it was done really well. Learning how to navigate through the maze of mesh body products isn't as difficult as one might think. There are many groups out there that are more than happy to help those just jumping into mesh.
  8. I think you misread my post. I don't care if others want to use the current system body or use one of the many mesh bodies available. I just think the notion that Linden Lab would at this point make a new system body is futile. I am however excited about the new avatars and the cloth physics for clothing that Sansar will have available very soon. I enjoy both Second Life and Sansar. I'm more excited about collecting a new wardrobe for my Sansar avatar rather than starting over in SL with a new system body that would require my purchasing a whole new wardrobe.
  9. I am happy with my mesh body and all the clothing I have collected for it thus far. If I want a new system body from Linden Lab for which I will have to collect new clothing all over again, I will go to Sansar. In fact, I'm quite excited to do just that. I have no desire to turn the current body/clothing market in SL upside down with an ill advised creation of a new system body. The time to do that would have been years ago when rigged mesh was first introduced to the grid. We've gone way too far past that to even consider it now.
  10. When LL completes the baked textures for mesh project, the onion layers of the current mesh bodies will no longer be necessary. The new system will bake the layers and apply to the mesh bodies much the same as it does for system bodies now. This is the best answer to the question of whether LL should make a new system body. That question was put to rest with the implementation of fitted mesh.
  11. Here is a thread discussing the disadvantages that resulted during the time when abandoned land was automatically set for sale at 1L per sqm. To lend a little historical perspective on the subject, it's been tried before and didn't work.
  12. You can very easily get the developer kit for making tattoos from the Maitreya store. You do NOT need to apply for the kit. Just go to the Maitreya store and on the wall right next to the mesh body you find all the developer kits free of charge. I know many people prefer a Maitreya applier to an Omega Applier. The choice is yours.
  13. We are performing an unscheduled maintenance to our login systems. Some residents may have difficulty logging during this time. Please keep an eye on this blog for further details. Posted less than a minute ago. Jan 09, 2017 - 09:03 PST
  14. Thankfully, I don't upload products to marketplace everyday and can even go a few weeks without making a new product, because I refuse to use the LL viewer much less a release candidate LL viewer. So I am on hiatus until Firestorm comes out with their VMM compatible viewer.
  15. Since you created the texture, it should be easy for you to obtain the creators kit at Maitreya. It's not a difficult process to make an applier.
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