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  1. For the love of utter monkey balls!!!!!!! Whoever is doing these DDos'es really needs to have their Internet taken away from them and be grounded until they are 70! Us Adults wants to play - leave us alone!!! ARGH!!!!!!
  2. Thank Gods. I'm back in and I have coffee...
  3. okay. I just woke up... and thought things would be somewhat back to 'normal' regarding logins... and nope!! What in the uttter monkey balls?!!! This is some serious DDos attack!
  4. Is that thread still up? Honestly, I thought you were just taking the piss!
  5. Well, I guess I'll just get ready for bed, it's late for me anyway. I suppose I'll just have to pretend and finish out my RP in my head to ease my OCD over it. Now, if I was building, this actually wouldn't bother me; however because I was actively RP'ing (and no nothing sexual) it's really annoyed me!!! haha Goodness!
  6. Yup... back out again!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!! Everytime it's time for me to post in RP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Just think of all the lindens you are saving by not buying anything in world XD...does that help?
  8. SL isn't a game, it's a virtual world.
  9. Login progress bar is moving... well for me it is
  10. I was RP'ing and it was my turn to post. I had my post all ready and went to press enter and *boom* nada and then logged out. Argh.
  11. Nope, you didn't do anything - this is all out of our hands!
  12. Still no luck for me, still hanging out at the login screen
  13. What did the MP ever do to anyone? There are a lot of Furry creators so... why do a DDoS which would mean downtime to prevents sales for them? No tone in my question, it's a sincere one
  14. Would this be another DDoS attack? And if so I'm not sure I understand as to why someone would do that or is a group or... what.
  15. Alright, which one of you lot broke SL... again.... XD
  16. Okay! No one buy anything or tp more than once! Let's remain the stability!:-p haha yeah right like that would ever happen!!
  17. I've been on for... an hour and a half now without issue. Maybe the hamsters are back to working now
  18. At least this isn't as bad as the great crash of 2006 - when we all had to call up LL and reset our passwords over the phone.
  19. Normally, I don't share on this thread; however, today I wanted too. England v Croatia Semi Final Come on, England! Football is coming home!!
  20. Or maybe the person had partnered their alt and forgotten that they had done so when they saw you? Over the years, people with names in their partner boxes would chat me up. I would simply just ask them if they are 'lonely' as they claim, then why is there a name in their partner box. The often response I would get would be: 'We have an open relationship' to which I've said, 'I perfer my relationships closed.' Sometimes there would be an explanation of: 'They don't log into SL anymore.' To which I have said, 'Then perhaps you should stop false advertising yourself.' Said in a polite tone of course! The thing about SL is that is a fluid environment, where the only thing that is constant is change. Don't stir up trouble, just walk away or hit the X instead.
  21. It's just easy to youtube one's inventory if there is a great need to show off one's inventory. Personally, when I live stream, I try to not dig into my inventory so much...it's scary in there!
  22. Regarding the stalker situation, I too would say stay with your main as you may have already invested quite a bit into it. You can: Check the box to disallow your name from showing up in search. Hide your groups. Turn on decline all friendship requests. Turn on only listed friends and groups you are in can IM you. Don't list teleport points to your actual physical places on the grid that you frequent, keep the picks but just use a sandbox to refer to the teleport point until you think it's safe again. Be cautious about posting your frustrations about a stalker on a public forum that shares your in-world name. If you have land, turn off public access, yes this will cause a banline, but at the end of the day your feeling of safety is important and banlines don't have to be forever. Don't attack or say disparaging things in your profile about the one who is stalking you. Always remember that SL is a big virtual world, take the time away from your usual hangouts to find new ones. Always remember that SL is what -you- make it. If you don't want to see it derender. If you don't want to talk to it use ignore/block. Not only have you invested money into your main, but you pay for the Internet connection of which you use to log onto SL. You've paid for the machine that enables you to be able to be on Second life - all these things are in your control. It is your world. Never -ever- let anyone take that away from you. They are on the other side of the monitor - don't let them get inside your head too.
  23. Bad hacker of "Facebook & Microsoft" gave data to NASA's computer.
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