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  1. I've been on for... an hour and a half now without issue. Maybe the hamsters are back to working now
  2. At least this isn't as bad as the great crash of 2006 - when we all had to call up LL and reset our passwords over the phone.
  3. Normally, I don't share on this thread; however, today I wanted too. England v Croatia Semi Final Come on, England! Football is coming home!!
  4. Or maybe the person had partnered their alt and forgotten that they had done so when they saw you? Over the years, people with names in their partner boxes would chat me up. I would simply just ask them if they are 'lonely' as they claim, then why is there a name in their partner box. The often response I would get would be: 'We have an open relationship' to which I've said, 'I perfer my relationships closed.' Sometimes there would be an explanation of: 'They don't log into SL anymore.' To which I have said, 'Then perhaps you should stop false advertising yourself.' Said in a polite tone of course! The thing about SL is that is a fluid environment, where the only thing that is constant is change. Don't stir up trouble, just walk away or hit the X instead.
  5. It's just easy to youtube one's inventory if there is a great need to show off one's inventory. Personally, when I live stream, I try to not dig into my inventory so much...it's scary in there!
  6. Regarding the stalker situation, I too would say stay with your main as you may have already invested quite a bit into it. You can: Check the box to disallow your name from showing up in search. Hide your groups. Turn on decline all friendship requests. Turn on only listed friends and groups you are in can IM you. Don't list teleport points to your actual physical places on the grid that you frequent, keep the picks but just use a sandbox to refer to the teleport point until you think it's safe again. Be cautious about posting your frustrations about a stalker on a public forum that shares your in-world name. If you have land, turn off public access, yes this will cause a banline, but at the end of the day your feeling of safety is important and banlines don't have to be forever. Don't attack or say disparaging things in your profile about the one who is stalking you. Always remember that SL is a big virtual world, take the time away from your usual hangouts to find new ones. Always remember that SL is what -you- make it. If you don't want to see it derender. If you don't want to talk to it use ignore/block. Not only have you invested money into your main, but you pay for the Internet connection of which you use to log onto SL. You've paid for the machine that enables you to be able to be on Second life - all these things are in your control. It is your world. Never -ever- let anyone take that away from you. They are on the other side of the monitor - don't let them get inside your head too.
  7. Bad hacker of "Facebook & Microsoft" gave data to NASA's computer.
  8. Ahh.. parcel border wars here we go: I have had experiences with this over the years and often I have wondered, why would anyone want to put up a wall between their parcel and mine? I mean surely do they not realise that they are covering up the pretty to cancel out their ugly? Oh yes I know it's vice versa too;) Though the worse is def ban lines:/ If I had to choose between a solid high wall and banlines... I'd always go with the former never the latter.
  9. OH.My.Goodness! That would be brilliant!!!!!!!!! I had never thought about thinking that could be a inventory feature! /me starts praying to the LL gods.
  10. SL is not adult friend finder. Nor is it a game, it is a virtual world. A game would imply that there is an objective, or to meet a goal pre-determined by a third party. Now, there are games within the virtual world of Second Life, from HUD games such as bloodlines, bare to skill games and all the sitting around a table kinda games. Engaging with avatars that are controlled by real human beings behind each and every one with feelings and emotions, that which can not tell the difference between the virtual and reality are not games. Only our minds can tell the difference between the virtual and reality, so it is best to keep in one's mind that SL is a virtual world where feelings matter - games do not. Even Roleplay, whether that is ERP or character based/story line based RP, those characters will have feelings and emotions as well, some will have traits from the person behind that avatar, either their alter-ego or aspects of themselves to enrich that character. As that character develops and grows, so does the person behind that character. No matter what each of us does in SL, nothing changes the fact that we are all human beings with physical bodies behind every untouchable distant monitor.
  11. Okay, I have seen all of what ya'll have described. Now, personally...sometimes when I'm not sure about an outfit whilst trying on the demo at a store, I will log my male alt to the same store. As if to get an impression of what he sees, even though I'm simply alt+tabbing. For some reason it just 'feels' that I'm getting a different perspective rather than randomly asking another female, 'Does this look okay? How does this look on me?'. I know strange, but it saves me the embarrassment of either being lied too or just laughed at.
  12. I find sorting my inventory to be one of my favourite hobbies in SL. Yes, I am serious. It is relaxing to my mind when I'm piled up with stress or want to go into hermit mode. As long as my sorting system makes sense to me, then I'm totally cool with that. In the system Clothing Folder, I have sub-folders of my fav clothing stores. And sub-folders of themed RP or non-everyday outfits. In the system Lost and Found Folder, I have sub-folders labled: Maybe to Throw Away and What the He** is This? In the system Objects Folder, I have sub-folders Landscaping, with a nested folders First Gen, Second Gen, Third Gen. I have the same set up for Houses. Also in the Objects Folder, there are other sub-folders of my own creations, though they are labeled: 'Crap I Made Years Ago. and 'Crap I made recently' and 'Unpacked Hunts' Also in the Objects Folder, there are sub-folders with: 'Crap to Sort Out 2014.' Crap to Sort Out 2015,' etc up until this year. Then in the Main Inventory, I have two folders: Ready to be Inventoried: Clothes and Ready to be Inventoried: Non Clothes from there all the hairs go into the hair folder to the appropriate sub-folders. Same with clothing, shoes, furniture, wearables, accessories. Things from the Ready to be Inventoried folders are put into their appropriate sub-folder in the main folder: Newly Inventoried: Hunts/Freebies/Gifts/ Keep! My shoes are foldered by type of shoe like Long Boots, Short Boots, Heels and Pumps, Sneakers and Sandals When I am doing an active hunt, I'll name a folder with the name of the hunt, then create two sub folders with: Ready to be Inventoried and Trash it - then just move the contents of the sub-folders to where they need to go. My bondage gear and BDSM attire goes into it's own folder. For my mesh body stuff, I have a folder with Mesh Body Related with sub folders for mesh eyes:->Fantasy,Human,Goth, Omega Makeup:->Eyeshadow,Lipstick,FullFace, Omega Tattoos, Mesh Head folder, where stash my Matreiya body parts and different shapes, Omega/Matreyia Mesh Clothes:-> Tops,Underwear/Swimwear,dresses/gowns/skirts/jeans/shorts Now, my building supplies and textures, meshes, old sculpty maps.... Sculpty maps are boxed up according to year purchased. FP Mesh are foldered according to content creator - each having their own folder. Textures are foldered into ones bought and catagoried as to what type of texture it is, along with AO map. Textures I Gimped or AO'ed in it's own special folder. Things I list on the MP, has it's own folder of copied from marketplace listings feature. I have a old storage box system that has it's own folder named: Boxed Storage with sub folders of what and from which years My old system clothes, that I just can't bear to delete because they still hold memories for me, are sub foldered in system Body Parts folder, along with my Furry and Non Human avatars. My inventory count is 137,652. I empty my trash often. After I have gained more things into my inventory, then I will go through and trash things, that way I don't feel bad about getting new stuff, because it's a reward to myself for trashing some old stuff or stuff I don't use anymore or would never use again. I learned after all these years that one's inventory is simply a way of virtual life. One can not 'win' it. One an not 'fight it'. One can only -just- accept it for what it is. I use the search inventory bar a lot, use it like I do Google:)
  13. TIL that when I go to Sn@tch these days, it's like opening my inventory.
  14. Is your HooHoo is still haired or have you updated it? I'm just curious as a lot as changed since then:) /*Disclaimer - Yes, I replied to an old thread, but I'm 12 years old, so I've earned it!*/
  15. When I'm out and get attempted pick up IMs I don't ignore them anymore. I'll respond with a witty refrain, something that makes them either: 1. Have to think of a clever response, which would then get me interested or 2. Take them so long to think and come up with nothing that they are overwhelmed with the feeling of intimidation enough to leave me alone
  16. And thank goodness for that! But it brings back a lot of memories. 'You're missing again.' "D@m& you, LL"
  17. Ahh, so many lovely fellow oldies;) In 2006, I got broadband. I was super excited and typed into Google: 'Things to do with broandband.' Second Life was the first result to come up. And on February 10th 2006, I logged on. 12 years later and I'm still logged on. One of the fortunate few that received a 50L a week stipend, even for a free basic account. Now with the premium membership it's 500L which I quite like a lot. I've been in SL longer than I've had RL jobs. And for some reason, I'm kinda proud of that... *insert questionable face here*
  18. Thank you for the opportunity to submit questions in the hope that they will be answered during the 15th anniversary town hall, which hoped will become a regular event. Questions: 1. Back in the day we used to have a poll/vote feature in groups is it possible to have this feature implemented into a working feature again? 2. Also back in the day, there was a feature where you could rate someone's profile, the profile rating system. Considering this feature was around before Facebook and now everyone is used to 'liking' something, wouldn't adding this feature bring more socialness into Second Life, rather than having to go to Facebook to fullfill that need to 'like' something? I understand that this feature was removed by LL in 2007 due to it being misused and misunderstood; however, if there was an option for the user to either opt in or opt out of the profile rating system then surely that could protect against such misusage. 3. As a Mainland advocate, perserving Mainland is important; however what is also important is to update the Linden first generation roads, rails, and landscaping, such as the LL trees and bushes. Mainland is what us Mainlanders make it, though to have the infastructure of Linden roads and rails improved with an incorporated updated landscaping scheme that better matches the current state of LL's technology would suit those that live on Mainland better and perhaps inspire those that live on Mainland to also update their parcels. If LL doesn't put effort into making Mainland a better place to buy land, then it's hard to encourage users to turn it into their homes or businesses. Besides, I hear the moles love their gardening;) 4. Lots of users tend to live stream their Second Life, would it be possible to implement a feature that announces that the person is live streaming on whatever platform on the person's profile? As it is known that some people have went around the grid trolling people while live streaming it on youtube. It would be fair to the innocent bystander to know that the person they are interacting with is currently live streaming or not, as then they can know if their privacy is being invaded or not. 5. Regarding changing of tier, is it possible to have a 24 hour grace period if one is changing their teir in order to not be charged that's month's teir even if only their teir increased for a few mintues? The Land Use Fees and management are confusing and often it takes an entire thread of people on the forum to explain it, perhaps a better way of explaining to the user how changing tier would be more benifitical and less traumatic. Thank you for your time and for these last 15 years! Kind Regards!
  19. Let's starting taking bets as to when LL will sort the grid out: I say 10 hours from now - all will be fixed, though Group Text Chat will still have Degraded Performance ;) So not any different from every day!
  20. Quick! Someone make a meme for second life is down!
  21. I have support's number at hand and ready just in case this time!
  22. This reminds me of the great crash of 2006/2007 - when everyone had to call support and have their passwords reset.
  23. Hey Donovan! I agree with you on running out the gremlins;) But even when they catch up, it's fun getting the extra aerial view! Sometimes though, it makes me feel as though I'm in the matrix;)
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