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  1. Hello, I own Muddy's Music Cafe and even though I have never answered or written in a forum before I felt the need to write at this time. First I wanted to address what I THINK is us being accused of using alts or bots to fill our dance floor and up our traffic. I can tell you 100 percent that this is not the case. In fact if I ever caught staff doing this they would be let go. Our traffic is real. I tried to understand what was meant by rotating our staff or cycling them and was unable to understand what we were being accused of even though I have been in SL for many years. The reason you see many of the people who work at Muddy's also hang out there is because many of us, me included, consider Muddy's our home. Muddy's is where we work, play, and hang out. It's our SL home. Muddy's staff and vips have been there for each with prayers when needed a party when there is something to celebrate. We cry with each other and we clebrate togeahter.....isn't this what a family does? I have seen this group of people care for each other and take care of each other in a way I have not experienced in SL in any other place. The other part of this I want to address is that sometimes some of us are afk at times. I will speak for me as in the end that is all I can really speak for, I love the music and dj's at Muddy's and often I will turn the music up and go about doing some of my daily RL chores while listening to the great tunes being played. I never mean this as parking but to me is combining my RL and SL in a way that is fun and enjoyable. Lot more fun folding clothes and doing dishes listening to good music with some fun dj's. The second thing I would I would like to address is the PG not always being observed. This is an issue that is always being addressed by my management, staff and myself and I am sure will always be. We tell our dj's that their play list must have only PG songs. The problem comes in when we are very busy and a dj gets a request and doesn't have a chance to check lyrics. So we do sometimes have some songs sneak in that shouldn't be. Any of the staff at Muddy's will tell you it is important to me and to them to keep the venue PG. When I started Muddy's it was important to me that people like myself that mix my RL and Sl during the day to be able to go about their day logged into Muddy's listening to music and not have to worry about what is being played or what is on the screen. I have always wanted Mom's or Dad's that are at home with their kids to be able to be in Muddy's and not have to worry what their kids are hearing or seeing while they have their av's in Muddy's. It does worry me that there are some that feel that we are not as friendly with vips as we should be and I will be sharing this with my staff and also the part about things slipping into the club that are not pg . I do take this serious as do all the people who work at Muddy's and this will be something I know we will be talking about and seeing what we can do to improve on both of these things. We can always improve and we can always do better and even though this is "my baby" I am open to suggestions for imporvement. I also want it to be a place in sl that people enjoy, is friendly, where you can come and everyone really does know your name and makes you feel welcome. Yes, it is hard to hear that we need to work harder on some things, but I assure you that we will. All of us that work at the club take great pride in Muddy's and I can assure you that the numbers are not as important to us as the people. Please always feel to IM me with any concerns or suggestions, as I said we are always open to trying to imporve. Thank you for your time, Beth
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