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  1. hi Qie, I have never done any real research. I do know that I use the events posting that is in world. I my self do not use the one in the dashboard as I agree it is a nightmare. I find the one in world very easy to use and to nail it down to just what I am searching for. I am confused as to where the spam comes from on the in world events as we are only allowed to post one per event so this whole thing has been a bit confusing. Your correct it would be interesting to collect data. As I said I have just been going by the fact that I know that I use it and many of my friends. bridget
  2. Yes I do pay for my hobbie. I do not cash out. What I am make I use to pay my tier.
  3. I can promise you that the people who work at my club make more than the club. Maybe hosts and dj's should tip the venue that they work for so it can run and have a place for them to work:)
  4. I'm sorry I must have misunderstood you. I thought you were suggesting that we need to pay for our hobbies. I was explaining that I do.
  5. I do run in the black. My sim for my club costs around 300 us a month. I charge for advertising on my stream and am able to pay for my sim this way. Before I got the club built up i was paying for this my self but as I was able to grow my club I was able to get it to pay for itself.
  6. I will tell you that i own one of the largest clubs in Sl and it does not pay for itself. I have never known any club in sl and pays for itself. clubs have to find other ways to pay rent such as selling ads or ad boards. So trusts me the clubs do not make enough to pay staff. Clubs that do pay staff do not last long in sl as they can not afford to keep doing it.
  7. I will say that my club does not allow any sound gestures, talking Huds, or gesterbating. We also do not allow particles. We do not allow barking dogs, or any other thing that makes sound. I do not expect people to have to adjust their SL to enjoy the music in my club. The reason sl is charging is what about everything in this world gets down to.. the mighty buck. Do not fool yourself into thinking the reason there is going to be a charge is due to anything else.
  8. That is if you are paying to be a premium member. not all can afford to do that. And some hosts work different clubs every day and some several cubs so if you had two sets a day at different clubs and are paying 50 lindens for every one that starts adding up.
  9. I am confused as to why you are in SL . Why not just listen to the radio. sl is a social platform and I will agree with the person who said that we are not all going to agree on what is considered "worthy" events to be in the calendar. What I also agree with is Jay when he says that many dj's spend hours putting a set together and spend money on downloading songs and then to say that what they do is not considered an event is insulting. Do all dj's and clubs do this, no. But the good ones do. I also agree with Jay that I never use the dashboard events i use the one in world as was shown. It is very easy to use and it does not allow spam. You are only allowed to post 5 events a day and you can not post the same one more than once. I have found it very user friendly and you are able to set filters right down to find a specific artist, specific event , club, or even dj.
  10. I have been in SL many years. I will say that I have and do use the events when I want to search out something I am interested in. I have never had an issue finding what I am looking for . I agree that there are a lot of people who spam and also agree that a lot of these are adult places offering adult services. My club does neither. I am going to have to disagree with those who say that a DJ at my club is not an event and not certain that I understand when some of you say this is not what the calendar was ever intended for. As I said I have been here for a very long time and have never seen anything written from LL saying that a DJ in a club is not an event. Just because you have spoken the words saying that it was never intended for this purpose does not make it true. I would welcome anything from LL explaining to me that I am wrong and I most certainly apologize for using it for this purpose for the last 10 years. It is not the club that is the event, we are letting people know about a particular DJ. We do go around the clock and have DJ"s every two hours so we do post their events. We have people who follow just a this DJ or that DJ and this lets them know when the will be there. We do not double post, we post in the right category, and we have the event going on that we post. Again if someone on here can show me straight from LL where I am using the calendar in a manner that it was not intended I would be thankful.
  11. It was very interesting to read some of the changes coming to SL in the coming year of 2020. I have been in SL for any years and in January 2020 will celebrate 10 years of owning Muddy's Music Cafe. As a club owner who uses the events calendar in the correct way and have respected the rules I am highly disappointed that because of people who miss use it with spam we are all going to be penalized by being charged to use it. I feel upset that a forum that was started by SL for us to be able to advertise our events we are now being charged to use. It's upsetting when all are punished for what a few do. I think there must be some way for SL to stop the ones who do not go by the rules and spam the events instead of making us all pay. This change will most certainly make our club stop using this way to advertise our events. While i am sure to most 10 lindens or 50 lindens if you are not a member seems like very little it adds up when we have hosts who have 6 shifts a week or for a club like mine who runs around the clock 24/7. I am hoping that SL will rethink this change. Bridget Hammill Founder and owner of Muddy's Music Cafe
  12. Hello, I own Muddy's Music Cafe and even though I have never answered or written in a forum before I felt the need to write at this time. First I wanted to address what I THINK is us being accused of using alts or bots to fill our dance floor and up our traffic. I can tell you 100 percent that this is not the case. In fact if I ever caught staff doing this they would be let go. Our traffic is real. I tried to understand what was meant by rotating our staff or cycling them and was unable to understand what we were being accused of even though I have been in SL for many years. The reason you see many of the people who work at Muddy's also hang out there is because many of us, me included, consider Muddy's our home. Muddy's is where we work, play, and hang out. It's our SL home. Muddy's staff and vips have been there for each with prayers when needed a party when there is something to celebrate. We cry with each other and we clebrate togeahter.....isn't this what a family does? I have seen this group of people care for each other and take care of each other in a way I have not experienced in SL in any other place. The other part of this I want to address is that sometimes some of us are afk at times. I will speak for me as in the end that is all I can really speak for, I love the music and dj's at Muddy's and often I will turn the music up and go about doing some of my daily RL chores while listening to the great tunes being played. I never mean this as parking but to me is combining my RL and SL in a way that is fun and enjoyable. Lot more fun folding clothes and doing dishes listening to good music with some fun dj's. The second thing I would I would like to address is the PG not always being observed. This is an issue that is always being addressed by my management, staff and myself and I am sure will always be. We tell our dj's that their play list must have only PG songs. The problem comes in when we are very busy and a dj gets a request and doesn't have a chance to check lyrics. So we do sometimes have some songs sneak in that shouldn't be. Any of the staff at Muddy's will tell you it is important to me and to them to keep the venue PG. When I started Muddy's it was important to me that people like myself that mix my RL and Sl during the day to be able to go about their day logged into Muddy's listening to music and not have to worry about what is being played or what is on the screen. I have always wanted Mom's or Dad's that are at home with their kids to be able to be in Muddy's and not have to worry what their kids are hearing or seeing while they have their av's in Muddy's. It does worry me that there are some that feel that we are not as friendly with vips as we should be and I will be sharing this with my staff and also the part about things slipping into the club that are not pg . I do take this serious as do all the people who work at Muddy's and this will be something I know we will be talking about and seeing what we can do to improve on both of these things. We can always improve and we can always do better and even though this is "my baby" I am open to suggestions for imporvement. I also want it to be a place in sl that people enjoy, is friendly, where you can come and everyone really does know your name and makes you feel welcome. Yes, it is hard to hear that we need to work harder on some things, but I assure you that we will. All of us that work at the club take great pride in Muddy's and I can assure you that the numbers are not as important to us as the people. Please always feel to IM me with any concerns or suggestions, as I said we are always open to trying to imporve. Thank you for your time, Beth
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