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  1. WOOO! I just now saw this! Yay!!! We were listened too! Woooo!! And out of all the things that upset us the most was the 'group thing' it shows how much we do communicate with each other, find each other, meet and socialize with each other through groups. SL will be forever the social experiment that it first was all those many years ago. It may have all started with a cube; however, it will continue with the Human need to socialize and communicate with one another. Thank you, LL!
  2. Regarding outdated things - there is a fine line of preserving SL history whilst creating new SL history, in terms of grid-wide. Our virtual SL history reminds us of how it all began and how we started out and knowing where our virtual history came from adds to the appreciation factor of our virtual present. For some it may seem pointless, and others it is important. Personally, as an oldie, I enjoy being able to still see things that I first saw as a noob - it's a conversation starter for sure with other oldies as we duck walk down memory lane. And we can use that same history to show new residents just how far SL has come and be able to say, 'I was there.'
  3. Just today, a Linden visited my LRC hub in Tensel Moor, which needless to say I totally fangirled but was able to talk about what the Linden Road Community is about - Anyway, I was so excited that I had forgot to ask for a bear, but I had not to fear because this particular Linden did ask if I would like one of his bears to which I said 'Yes please!' Also, a friend of mine recently acquired some abandoned land and through the live chat feature asked the Linden that was working with her about a bear - though they didn't have one. So, sometimes a Linden will offer their bear and others you have to ask - but just take no chances - whenever you see or speak with a Linden always ask for a bear:) It's one of the traditions that makes SL so very SL and it's wonderful!
  4. To the 5 more that walk in, are those freshly spawned noobs or alts?! haha (JK!)
  5. Mmm yes putting it that way sounds more plausible. Thank you for putting it that way
  6. Wow... I find that hard to believe..not implying that there is an untruth in that - just... literally finding that hard to believe. No offence intended at all. Just being honest.
  7. Mmhmm that's true - depends on when one's rezz day is. Before I went premium a few years ago, as a basic account holder, I had a stipend of 50L a week. Now with premium my stipend is 500L. However, if I downgrade back to basic account obvs, I'll lose the 500L stipend a week, but I will also not get my 50L stipend back - I will be stipend-less.
  8. It's another '...changes later in the year' promise. Though if there is ever a super duper premium level, then I hope it does include a daily wake up call from my favorite Linden - now that I would happily pay the extra for XD Oh and like the promise of no lag ever that'd be a top feature to pay for! And oh yeah... how about finally after all these years fixing the things that were supposed to be fixed years ago, but it's actually gone on far too long broke that fixing them now would be pointless as technology has changed, therefore implementing features that actually work on a consistent basis instead of a hope and a virtual prayer. Roll on SL16 - I'm super excited to know what's next... either this year... or next year... or the year after that... Wooo! Bring it! XD
  9. Maybe the basic account holder group slots overloads more than the premium members group slots....... You raised a good point - if groups are a strain then they take away from one but increase the other.......
  10. Oh yeah, name changes are coming later in the year.... back in 2018 XD They are still working on them this year... 2019 XD Woooo! Can't wait!
  11. Sure, if one lives for going to those Events. I certainly don't, but I merely speak for myself
  12. Oh yeah, that's one of the premium perks to be able to get first priority spot into one of those many events.
  13. But what if your renew date for annual membership isn't due until like September? Does that mean that those of us with later renew dates will lose out on the grandfathered option?
  14. LL leads us on with all these 'promises' of '...this will come later in the year!' Then two years later, that promise of something great to come hasn't arrived. Also, a lot of us have been in SL for a very very long time - so we know the pattern of when things change: LL makes a change - we complain or rejoice - when we rejoice as we did when we got an increase in group slots and now we complain because basic account holders are having their group slots slashed by 7 whilst premium members get a raise in group slots by 10. (I'm a premium member, and personally I think it is unfair to the basic account holders.) Our Stipend has never been increased, yet we end up paying more on the hope that something will be introduced that will make not having a stipend increase worth it. As consumers/customers/what have you - we have a right to complain - just as LL seemingly has a right to charge whatever they want too for whatever hard to grasp reasons. SL is what we make it. We all have different reasons for putting money into it, having premium or choosing not too. A basic account holders lindens is just as good as a premium member's lindens. We were asked for feedback and thus we are giving it - it's how business works.
  15. Different levels of premium memberships like this: Bronze - You'd be lucky if the things promised works or actually is fullfilled Silver - Wonderful half of the things you have paid a membership for actually works - sorry about the other half Gold - Wooo! You are the cream of the crop! Remember those change of names we had promised you back in 2018? You'll get everything else, but not that... that's later in the year. /me rolls eyes.
  16. Well, technically group notices are stored for 2 weeks before they drop out of notices.
  17. Good ole bait and switch marketing.
  18. Indeed. It is about community and groups are the most used social communication system on the grid. When LL released the first batch of the new LL homes, they were cooing and insistent about a 'real sense of community', thus banning ban lines as one way to go towards that sense of community. 'We want to really make a community with these new LL homes.' 'There should be more community in SL as it has been lacking in years.' So, LL is all gun-ho about it all being about community. However, they can just chop basic accounts group slots by 7 and then boost the premium memberships group slots go up by ten. Groups are important to a wide majority of the grid. All sorts of different groups: fashion groups, building groups, family groups, friends groups, land groups - groups is the basis of the social communication network on the grid. (I am simply meaning within SL itself, not outside of SL not the point I'm trying to make here). Yet, just a few months after the release of the first batch of new LL homes that was intended for the spirit of community - here you are LL, slashing the biggest social community that we have in SL - Groups! I've been in SL for 13 years. I've been a premium member for a long time now. It is not fair to slash the group slots of basic account holders. I don't need 80 group slots! 60 is enough for me! I don't need 80 offlines waiting to spam me when I log in either. It is not fair how LL has done these changes to groups - it's not fair and it's not very 'community spirit' of LL either. So for $99 a year, so far, like what I can actually -see- that has changed for that price is this: more group slots (10) and more offlines. Currently can't get a LL new home because they aren't in stock and when they are in stock they go faster than the 2015 Horizons land grab. I am really struggling to see what the actual incentive is here. Oh, perhaps it's more of the 'promises' - '...coming later in the year.. change of names!' - that was in 2018 - and it hasn't come yet. '...coming later in the year, we'll fix this! That will be improved! All these wonderful changes... later in the year. To me all that is is us paying our new money for old stuff that should have already been given to us based on promises. Shame on you LL - seriously, slashing basic account holders group slots is by far the crappiest thing you have ever done - it's unfair, not community minded and actually, a bit bullish. Why punish them? Their lindens are as good as any premium members! /end of rant/ (This started out to be a simple agreement reply to @Cam Mode but the more I thought about things, the more I directed my words at LL - didn't mean to derail!)
  19. To LL we are disposable - it's not about keeping the ones already in-world happy, it's about getting new people into SL = disposable. We are paying more for stuff that has been promised to us years ago, yet never received it. We are just paying new money now for old stuff. I'm no impressed. It's totally unfair to chop the basic account holders groups by seven. I'd be more than happy to split my group slots with them and I'm sure other premium members would too, or so I would hope, cause seriously it's just unfair.
  20. We will all look back on these times and get the same warm fuzzy feeling when we remember shoes in nether regions after teleporting:) Do not panic! Always keep your towel handy!
  21. Oldies unite! Yes, bringing back the community spirit! Thank you for posting your update - SL was afterall based on community and with these new Linden Homes, the no ban lines I really feel that LL is trying to reproduce the good ole days! Woooo!
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