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  1. I am 22 years old and have skills in writing and editing drafts. I have never had a job in the game but I would like to gain experience. I am able to use my voice if necessary and can help out with anything needed of me. I'm not keen on being seen with my irl appearance but if I need to be verified then that is fine.
  2. Hi, my name is Rika! Im into anime and video games for the most part. My favourite show is Watamote and my favourite video game rn is Huniepop ❤️ Im pretty new and am trying to make friends. Im interested in learning about this game with someone who's more experienced with it than I am. Im currently in college and am a fashion design major so, yay for fashion~! I draw on the side and go to anime conventions when I can so I can cosplay. When Im not in school I'll usually be on here ready to chat. ^^
  3. I need friends, watching people fight in this game is becoming boring all alone. 😧 I just came back from a break, I'd love to have people to show me some cool places around here. My avatar is kinda shyte right now, so excuse that.
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