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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to submit questions in the hope that they will be answered during the 15th anniversary town hall, which hoped will become a regular event. Questions: 1. Back in the day we used to have a poll/vote feature in groups is it possible to have this feature implemented into a working feature again? 2. Also back in the day, there was a feature where you could rate someone's profile, the profile rating system. Considering this feature was around before Facebook and now everyone is used to 'liking' something, wouldn't adding this feature bring more socialness into Second Life, rather than having to go to Facebook to fullfill that need to 'like' something? I understand that this feature was removed by LL in 2007 due to it being misused and misunderstood; however, if there was an option for the user to either opt in or opt out of the profile rating system then surely that could protect against such misusage. 3. As a Mainland advocate, perserving Mainland is important; however what is also important is to update the Linden first generation roads, rails, and landscaping, such as the LL trees and bushes. Mainland is what us Mainlanders make it, though to have the infastructure of Linden roads and rails improved with an incorporated updated landscaping scheme that better matches the current state of LL's technology would suit those that live on Mainland better and perhaps inspire those that live on Mainland to also update their parcels. If LL doesn't put effort into making Mainland a better place to buy land, then it's hard to encourage users to turn it into their homes or businesses. Besides, I hear the moles love their gardening;) 4. Lots of users tend to live stream their Second Life, would it be possible to implement a feature that announces that the person is live streaming on whatever platform on the person's profile? As it is known that some people have went around the grid trolling people while live streaming it on youtube. It would be fair to the innocent bystander to know that the person they are interacting with is currently live streaming or not, as then they can know if their privacy is being invaded or not. 5. Regarding changing of tier, is it possible to have a 24 hour grace period if one is changing their teir in order to not be charged that's month's teir even if only their teir increased for a few mintues? The Land Use Fees and management are confusing and often it takes an entire thread of people on the forum to explain it, perhaps a better way of explaining to the user how changing tier would be more benifitical and less traumatic. Thank you for your time and for these last 15 years! Kind Regards!
  2. Let's starting taking bets as to when LL will sort the grid out: I say 10 hours from now - all will be fixed, though Group Text Chat will still have Degraded Performance ;) So not any different from every day!
  3. Quick! Someone make a meme for second life is down!
  4. I have support's number at hand and ready just in case this time!
  5. This reminds me of the great crash of 2006/2007 - when everyone had to call support and have their passwords reset.
  6. Hey Donovan! I agree with you on running out the gremlins;) But even when they catch up, it's fun getting the extra aerial view! Sometimes though, it makes me feel as though I'm in the matrix;)
  7. I am a firm believer that one doesn't need Bloodlines or a third party proxy to be a Vampyre. Where have all the pale white Vampyres gone? Operation Redemption.
  8. I just had an idea, Amanda.... if LL doesn't want to make our friendly simple guidelines a sticky on the forum... There is another way to do it and I am sure that we can stick it somewhere ourselves:) I'll be around, so just hit me up in-world or on the thread here and we'll knock our heads together, if your partner can join us, then awesome!
  9. I'm not sure, but I could have sworn that I heard the voice of a millennial... ahh, youth... one day you'll get old and you will see the world quite differently then you do now. So, enjoy your youth whilst you have it - eventually you'll have to grow up like the rest of us and you'll be grumpy too! Life is what you make it. You have two choices: Either make it alone or try to keep adapting and keep hoping to the life that -YOU- really utterly do want. Besides, we all use these forums for something - I mean we are all in the same boat. Searching for something.
  10. Yes, very basic I agree. Maybe we should collaborate on it before asking genericly of LL if they would do it. One thing that I would very much like to see is the motto: "The only real things in Second Life are our feelings." It's a very old motto that someone had textured and offer it to share with others. I've always had in display wherever I lived on the grid. If you'd like I can drop it on your profile in-world if you'd like it.
  11. That is a good idea, though it may suffer the same problems as with in-world notecards... failure to read them; however, at least it will be available to those with the Will enough in which to read them. So, that's positive. I wonder if we could get it promoted to be a sticky, think LL would do that on the forums for us?
  12. That isn't very well balanced nor fair to the overall community of that RP. I'm sorry you had that experience. Those who need that type of learning are sadly the ones that aren't interested because they -just- want to RP and for true RP, there is no -just- because one has to know how to properly birth their character and as a player be able to express that character on an even playing field; otherwise, it is just chaos and clicky groups and that isn't fun for those that are interested in the learning and who do need it, but are lumped into the whole 'they are new, so they must be ***** already' folly.
  13. I absolutely agree with you, Amanda and also, if one has that desire to learn, even old skool RP'ers should always improve and keep up their techniques - continual learning is a positive and something of which should be not charged for, because I strongly believe that learning should be free. You said: ... and this is key - it is so simple to know, yet those who offer this instruction make it so damn complicated to new players and I believe it does something to their minds and makes them... well broken maybe.
  14. Maybe that's due to closing the teen grid down.... but well even it that was still around to keep them off the main grid, I'm sure RP would be as the same calibur as it is today.. or lack there of.
  15. Current inventory size is: 111,550.... and it's not mostly hair, clothes or shoes... but building and texture supplies instead. Oi. vey.
  16. Klytyna, okay that example that you gave is scary! And I fail to understand his reasons behind what he does... it certainly isn't very nice. Amanda, yes I agree with you Role play is a collaborative effort, it's not an autobiography. About people seemingly to feel less obligated to try and maintain their role and the OOC peace, it seems as that has increased drastically in recent years. And maybe with the 'RP' huds that are out there, that could have something to do with it, making people lazy and focusing more on leveling up those huds rather than on the actual people with characters. I'm not being negative, I'm just being 'realistic' as it seems that Role play as a whole more emotionally challenging these days, because our emotions and feelings can't tell the difference and many people forget we are -all- human, regardless of our avatars. Def its about a Story and not winning, very well said, Amanda
  17. Your post has made me wonder, if it's possible for those types of roleplayers that you spoke about, have some form of addiction to making themselves feel good with the result of making others feel bad?
  18. I agree Bloodlines totally killed the 'real' Vampire scene in SL and it's turned any finding of genuine decent vampiristic RP insanely impossible. Gauze has some really nice updated (including Omega appliers for mesh bodies and heads) pale, white skin tones. I bought mine when they were on sale three to four years ago. So, the thing is... and I'll say again... the skins are out there. Just that due to I suppose, 'it's not vogue' people -choose- not to wear them for fear of 'standing out' or being called a silly stupid name. But yet, they will instead, have big asses, boobs that can knock out satellites and so many particles surrounding their questionable avatars to lag a sim. Yeah... it's so bad being a pale white skinned Vampire.
  19. Ahh. I'm sorry. I'm guessing that everything here must be rainbow pooping unicorns? YAY! Let's all pretend to be stupidly happy:)
  20. We all have selective memories, and nothing is ever perfect, as perfection doesn't exist; however, that shouldn't prevent those from trying to resurrect the familiar. As I had stated previously, skins are more detailed and advanced than they were, including the paler tones... I'm not saying 'Oh yeah go and get a 2006 skin.' No. So, I think you've missed the point. Thanks for reading!
  21. I remember the days when 'real' SL Vampires ruled the grid. Some days it was logging on to a wall to wall white to pale skin tones - no gimmicks, no pyramid scheme. And the only clans involved were solid true RP ones that reflected a sense of morality and original style. There was more loyalty back then too. When someone said something, they actually meant it. No soul count involved, no huds, no taken advantage of noobs just to get their 'soul'. Just people coming together with the same like mind of enjoying the people -behind- the monitor. A kinship of acceptance. It was a beginning for us all. People helping each other with an act of patience, without expecting something in return. Maybe it was because the two grids were split up back then: The main grid and the teen grid, which closed in 2010. I'll say nothing more on that particular misfortune. Maybe it was because back then there was more a sense of community and people regarded SL as a virtual world and not a 'game'. Maybe it was because people weren't so jaded, but excited and laughed with each other instead of at each other, especially with the favorite shoe in crotch upon a TP or the six hour long update Wednesdays or the Ruth-parties. I've been on SL for 11 years. A lot has changed virtually and in reality. I always thought there would be some form of consistency virtually, but no. It changes as quickly as and drastically as IRL. Emotions and feelings can not tell the difference between the virtual and reality; only our minds can. And regarding that, I greatly fear that more and more people will use that to really turn SL into a 'game', a game that reaches out and disheartens those that wish it was like the old days. A game to reach through the monitor to toy with the emotions and feelings of others on the other side of the monitor. Where have all the pale skin Vampires gone? Yes, the grid has come along way since the days of system skirts with glitch pants, sculpty skirts and flexi wings. Skins of today are more advanced and detail that's true, but it is still possible to create the look of the past with upgraded features, but yet, why is this not done? Why has pale skin been traded for tan when it comes to Vampires? SL graphics have improved greatly with windlight settings, internal graphic settings, there is no need to fear being blinded by an avatar with paler, white skin. Even the days of the face lights are gone. As SL has grown through the years, so have it's residents. It is amazing as to what people can create and it is amazing as to what people will buy in order to create their virtual selves, which is good and I'm not judging. I just want to remind those out there that just because the past is not the present, does not mean that it's forbidden to try to recapture the past. Where have all the pale skin Vampires gone? I have spent a lot of time, looking at Vampire groups in group search. Profiling the founders and seeing that they are not active in SL. Even how the old Vampire groups were worded in their description it is easy to see that there was truly a more fluent want of connection; a sincere one with no agenda. The Vampire related groups of today that are current are those that promise 'We will treat you like family. Be one of us. Join us. We want you to be apart of us. All is welcome.' However, once one falls victim to those false promises, they are left with no sense of family and the likelihood of attaining that in SL these days is more than just slim, it's a lost hope. I don't think it's fair nor right for a person who wants a SL family, that uses SL as an outlet to attain external friendships/connections, that they should pay with lindens or pay by joining a hud system that only serves the small minority, those that have the most soul counts within that 'family.' And let's face it, once they have what they want, whatever you may need, even if it is just to chat, you are forgotten. Many will say that 'it's just a game' or 'you take it too seriously.' Well, no. It is not 'just' a game. And perhaps those that say such should consider that they do not take it seriously enough. Where have all the pale skin Vampires gone? Please, please return... those that miss and love you need you now. Kind Regards.
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