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  1. The new logo reminds me of a Windows Store app. I prefer the old one.
  2. Oh yes, I know that - but public shaming is much more fun:) I like getting the notification when someone has used my furniture, then I can IM them and ask them if they had fun and the next time to please clean up after themselves:)
  3. My auto return is set to 1 minute. I was meaning after they use my furniture that they don't de-rez my balls or props from the furniture.
  4. I made a moocher detector to shame those that use my furniture and not de-rez anything afterwards. I don't like coming home to a mess of rezzed from furniture stuff. I don't mind who visits my land when I am not there, but I do mind when they don't clean up after themselves. I've had a couple of snoopers over the years, just standing on my land, watching me (before the feature of not seeing avatars on parcel) and not responding to my IMs. I soon realised that I actually enjoyed that so it doesn't bother me anymore. I suppose in that regard, that I've developed a fetish for it. I've learned a lot about people's behaviour whilst living on Mainland which has made me better able to adapt so I'm thankful for that. In SL no one really 'owns' anything, cept for the connection that our ISP provides that we pay for in order to connect to the Internet and SL. And by 'owning the connection' I mean regarding the user side, the computer/laptop, keyboard/monitor(s) the physical aspect; stuff that we paid for in order to be on the Internet to get to SL. Second Life is what a person makes it. If a person makes it crappy for other people, then mute that person. If someone rezzes out a questionable build next to your parcel then derender it all. At the end of the day, we all log on for different reasons. No one has the right to make another person feel like crap, but the power to prevent that is always in our hands. As in the physical world the same is true for the virtual world: If it doesn't seem right, feel right or makes you feel uneasy then pay attention to your gut because it's normally always 100% spot on. My heart belongs to Mainland. Sim crossings and all! πŸ˜†
  5. I suppose the old residents that are coming back, does not want to contend with banlines and moochers in their house, thus reason for a region. Or some people who are already in-world have issues in their RL that is allowing them to spend more time from home and they have unexpected money so they want to increase their SL empire. Or new resident noobs that have all these wonderful beautiful plans on what to do with a region, and then in a couple of months realise that it's too much effort and money to keep up so they'll stop owning. But regardless of reasons, it's good to see more people having attention again in SL, but don't be surprised if more than half of them end up considering SL the 'new' Adult Friend Finder. 🀣
  6. Use the 40 quid on hair, shoes and clothes instead! I realise this is a late reply but well, that's my input lol
  7. I'm glad that legacy names aren't returning. For us oldies, it wouldn't be right to have some young whipper snapper show up with a legacy name. Just... wouldn't be right. That's just my feel on it.
  8. I've responded to IMs in the past with 'Nope, sorry can't remember' when in fact I could. Usually it's from someone that I either forgot to block.
  9. ...later in the year... whichever year that will be! lol
  10. Don't say that! Someone might actually want that to happen! It would mean a Time Travel and we just aren't ready for that yet!
  11. Oh yes good point! Plus, we'll be getting our stimulus checks soon! lol
  12. Hah. I guess people will have to actually go by rez dates now to read the actual 'cool' factor of the person. (jk) Seriously, I'm glad this has finally come
  13. Oooo, hey I just looked on my dashboard for the name change. I was not aware that we could change either the first or last or both names! Okay, yeah now the fee for that... I understand.
  14. I should have starting saving up all them years ago, when it was first mentioned that last names would come back. Then I'd be able to afford paying the $39.99 to get a last name change. But not for this name, for my land alt's name. She has Greene and it doesn't go well with her first name. Then again, I think it's actually cooler to have a first generation last name, then one of these new generation ones. Okay, that was my thought process. Glad to finally see last names are here for those that have been wanting a different one other than the one they have now. Longest '...later in the year' ever!! πŸ˜‰
  15. I can't remember as to the reason why last names were replaced with Resident names.
  16. It's 5:36am for me and I'm still awake. I have a head cold though it seems to making a home in my right eye. I'm thinking eventually my sore raw nose will fly off from all of the projectile sneezing. It would save me greatly from having to deal with a nasal waterfall every time I bend over to pick something up. Though I did give up on that, figured I can bend over when I'm better, but the cats did not agree so of course, I fed them. One was grateful enough to save me half of my body space on my queen size bed and to remind me how much he loves me by snoring loudly...for a cat. I swear, I think he has sleep apena. Anyway, I'm working on a build and making textures took a break to read the forums, saw this and inserted the above. They don't make kleenex tissues like they use too.
  17. I've been fortunate to have met in pixel Rider Linden. After reading the above quote and being so close to his rather mysteriously sexy adorned avatar, I can def read that in six ways from Sunday and all are good.
  18. Argh - that's a lot! I'm happy with my name, but wanted to change my land alt's name who is premium, though I think $40USD is a bit much to do so. I'd rather spend that money on either buying lindens or buying a RL pair of shoes. lol
  19. In regards to the last names - someone told me that it's only for premium members and a charge of $50USD .... did I miss something? Is that true or gonna be true? Anyone know as of yet?
  20. ...later this year... but again the question is which year?! lol I'd say that soon is more close to the standard '...later this year...' So, I'm just gonna accept things as they are and just continue to live my SL πŸ˜†
  21. Yes, that is true, clubs and such have been paying already especially regarding to land tier. It's their choice to do so. It's just another add-on to what they already pay in order to get people into their clubs. All the equipment, objects, building supplies, tier, hiring people to host/dance/DJ - all is part of the costs of running a business. And simply put, paying to have that business advertise should be a factor according to their advertising budget. For non premium, it's just 50L to post an event, which is nothing compared to the spammy gesturbating hosts and every 30min advertising shouts out. Costs to hire people than it does to post an event listing, is what I'm meaning here. But as you said it's 'nothing compared to the tier...' paid, that was the overlay of the point I was making.
  22. I count on your calucations! You are the best linden calculator on the forum, in my opinion! If I need to balance something or figure out which way is best to save lindens via premium membership, land tier or what have you, I always look for your name on the relevant threads first. I'm premium but if I ever needed to post an event, now I know that it's worth having the premium just to pay for event listings at only 10L Thank you!!! lol Mainland is for All!
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