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  1. This is going to run a bit long, sorry! In a few months I'll have been a resident for half of my life, and I guess I didn't expect to get emotional about that, but then I did! I made my first account, Branduff Kojima, in 2004, probably during the Summer. I was one of the secret underage users who, in retrospect, were totally obvious the entire time. I was completely enamored with the Ahern welcome center, and remember spending a ridiculous amount of time taking hot-air balloon tours, hanging out at the shooting range, and eventually turning the freebie Linden weapons into a crappy spray-can, which I promptly used to vandalize signs around the sandbox with graffiti objects/bullets that I'd made. I still remember the Linden who messaged me being exceedingly polite and saying something like, "Please don't use objects to cover up Linden-owned signs :|" After that I eventually made it all the way 75m SouthWest, (Meters were much longer back then,) to Nexus Prime, which is where my friend from There, who originally told me about SL, would often hang out. Nexus Prime is what really won me over with SL. The vertical design blew my mind, and the people were such good sports considering how obnoxious I was. That's something I'm still trying to pay forward. A few months later SLPics / Snapzilla appeared, and apparently I was not shy about using that. Let's have a good cringe, shall we? 3/13/2005 This gas mask is something I made for myself, and then put on the Marketplace for a laugh, (which at the time was called the SLExchange and was a totally different user-run thing.) It was the first thing I ever tried selling and it ended up selling really well, which I took for granted at the time. The second version sold even better, I took that like, even more for granted. After my cyberpunk phase, I went into a bit of a mime period. 6/7/2005 at Osprey's place in Grignano It was actually a lot of a mime period. 6/7/2005 at Osprey's place in Grignano #2 Then I bumped into an old friend from The Sims Online and started making houses with her. That went surprisingly well too. A few weeks later RL struck in the way that it often does and I had to disappear for a couple years. That was the end of Branduff Kojima. 8/3/2005 "So yeah.... Finished for now, I guess. Though I'm not entirely happy with how the yard turned out, I'm really proud of the house itself. "
  2. They already pay a fee, anyone who cashes out is charged a fee. Anyone who makes a sale on the marketplace is charged a fee, for every sale. These fees stack. What exactly does adding 12USD monthly accomplish other than sating whatever weird vendetta you have against content creators?
  3. Basic accounts are only allowed ten friends, and can only send a certain number of IMs a day, and every time they try to unbox something it gets worn on their head, even if it's a HUD. Also, obviously, they have damage enabled at all times. My therapist calls this catastrophizing, and I could do it all day.
  4. I hear that for sure, different strokes. The default control scheme just felt counter-intuitive to me when I came back from my last break, and that's how I personally changed it.
  5. Were I Linden Lab, with regard to Second Life I would... 1. Get strict with Land Impact and Avatar Complexity. Textures and triangles are out of control, out of control I say! 2. Update the system avatars. 3. Update camera position and FOV. 4. Address the learning curve. I think a good start would be hiding most of the interface and changing the default movement keys to WASD as well as the arrow keys, and setting chat to open/close with Enter by default. 5. Revitalize mainland. 6. Make a new mentor program, or something like it. New users have told me that they're overwhelmed and feel bad asking people questions. 7. Advertise with podcasters, youtubers, and other new media personalities.
  6. Fake reporter Branduff here in scenic http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grizedale/105/231/56 at the scene of what appears to be a piece of Linden Lab owned road-kill. Apparently a precedent has already been set in the case of, "What do you think?"
  7. It's Ctrl-9 and Ctrl-0 on Windows, one is zoom-in and the other resets camera to default, but I always forget which is which! Just found out about it recently and I'm glad you brought it up because it's a life-changer. Also want to echo the importance of using the included body shape. The only way to judge a head is to wear the included shape and then try to edit it is as close to your liking as possible, (there are probably exceptions but this is pretty much the rule.) When it comes to "normal" face proportions, here is some of Jack Hamm's stuff, from one of his old drawing books, which are stylized compared to RL, but realistic compared to SL. The "sinister diagram" on the bottom left shows what people mean when they talk about measuring faces with eyes, but if you don't use the camera controls mentioned above while editing your face, these sorts of guidelines won't be as helpful because of the extreme distortion from the SL camera lens. Just guidelines of course, so have fun with it and make lots of copies of your shapes until you have one that you really feel at home in.
  8. You'll need to get the Developer Kit for your body, I'm pretty sure Niramyth's are available in their main store for free to people who have purchased the body, but here's their page that goes into more detail on these things. https://www.niramyth.com/aesthetic-advanced-tutorial
  9. https://community.secondlife.com/profile/1521459-durga00758/
  10. The vast majority of people don't have a background in figure drawing, and even the hobbyists tend to confuse comic book proportions with human scale, and then of course exaggerate them further. That's why your average avatar is taller than 2m, but wears child-sized shoes. I'm pretty sure that specific image is by Jack Hamm, and was originally published in one of his books around the mid 20th century. He had a million "How to Draw" books, if he was even an actual person. I always assumed he was the Betty Crocker of comic book illustration.
  11. You can right click the grass around your house, select "About Land" and edit it from one of the tabs in the window that pops up. There's also a way to find "parcel details" or something like that from the World drop-down menu, which will open the same window. Edit: Duh you said houseboat. You'll right click the ocean floor instead of grass.
  12. You're mileage may vary. I've spent hours refreshing over the last week just listening to podcasts and stuff, and I've only seen one new home appear, but I was too late.
  13. You could always replace it with a chalk outline.
  14. Since you don't really have a chance of swapping it out any time soon, all you can really do is wait. Eventually the demand for new homes will be filled at which point you can abandon your home and claim a random new one 5 times a day. Hopefully then you'll find one that you like more. Again, don't try doing this now, or you'll just lose the you have.
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