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  1. @KanryDrago Sorry for being like that. I should have been paying more attention and it's never appropriate to be so rude. Yeah you nailed it. I should do less skimming and more listening. Also maybe just avoid posting when I'm in such a sour mood as I was at the time.
  2. Since you clearly started this thread as an attempt at derision, no I don't want to look like a static LoL character in a T-Pose and I'm so happy for you that people agreed with you, so very happy for you. /s You intentionally missed their points on optimization and 3D design in general. No one suggested that you shouldn't be able to change your clothes, gender, or hair. This entire argument is completely manufactured. Sorry you're so offended by the fact that the bodies we spent too much on are a total waste of triangles and are in no way competitive with 3D design standards for games, but hey, we did it at our own discretion did we not?
  3. It's been very moving reading everyone's posts, I love hearing everybody's stories. I have problems with fear and anxiety, it controls my life, and probably because of that my biggest fear is future regret. I'm afraid that in the future I'll have an epiphany where I suddenly realize how much of my life has been wasted by living in fear. I guess it's sort of a meta fear, like I'm scared that I'll stop being scared and realize how fruitless this feeling has been. I suppose, in a greater sense, it's a fear of the time that I, deep down, already know I've wasted.
  4. It took me a huge amount of time to get mesh under control and I still have wardrobe malfunctions every now and again, you're not alone. But I second what LittleStarDrop said, HMU in-world if you see I'm online and I'll do my best to help you out with any questions you have. I had a lot of help here myself, no shame in that, it's a complicated world.
  5. Very thorough, and I should go check out that loop next time I'm in world! I also wasn't sure if I was imagining things with the Belisseria roads or if it was just my vehicle. The most difficulty seems to be in curves, but I'm able to get through most of them if I speed up for the curve, although it feels counterintuitive to do so.
  6. I can see where you're coming from. In real life I'm really concerned with the garment industry for example. I try to only buy second-hand, and mend my clothes, (with the exception of undergarments but I'll figure something out eventually.) Textiles manufacturing is one of the heaviest polluting industries, and that's without even mentioning the human rights violations that are abundant in every stage of the manufacturing process. Compared to virtual worlds like SL where the first demands that come to mind would be the resources and energy required to maintain the network, and the hardware production methods, (which are admittedly atrocious,) and materials sourcing, at both the industry and user levels, I see it as a relatively less damaging outlet for consumption. It's tough to estimate these things though. Sorry if that didn't make any sense. TLDR: I feel guilty buying clothes IRL but not ISL so maybe that's something.
  7. I hear that, everyone's idea of dead is different, and often by huge margins. I'm on the "start a new topic" team mostly, but the main reason for that is that I think that if you post a new, albeit relative, question on an existing thread that could be considered "hijacking the thread." When it isn't, it still feels bad, (to me,) to expect people to read through the sometimes hundreds of previous posts within the thread. Right? I was tempted to wait several years to reply to this but I'm honestly hoping this becomes the next, "Please ignore this" thread.
  8. Nice! And your neighbor shouldn't have lost their cool over a week of absence to begin with, even if you left the radio playing or whatever. It's fully within their power to mute your objects, or to file an AR themselves, but what they chose to do instead was just childish. Sounds like Bellisseria is lucky to have you, and I hope you meet a lot of nice people here!
  9. To my knowledge this isn't unique to Belisseria, (the return thing, anyway, banlines are definitely restricted still.) Linked objects are wishy-washy when it comes to the, Right Click > Return, menu. It comes down to the location of the root prim, if I recall correctly, as well as whether or not the encroaching linked objects are prim, mesh, or sculpties. So it's uh, super simple. /s (See my earlier post about abuse reports in case this happens to you on mainland and the return function fails. It's normally pretty good, though!) I definitely agree it's rude for anyone to have audio leaving their parcel. I didn't address this because the OP said that they never actually received a message from their neighbor. To your point though, I think that audio should be restricted to parcels under the Bellisseria covenant because it drives me up the wall as well. Of course I'm not excusing the behavior of the neighbors in question, (and I don't think you were either.)
  10. For sure! That would either be considered encroachment or object littering. Probably encroachment. Maybe both. Your neighbor is clearly a bit of a schmuck, so when they do this sort of thing again, here's a thorough guide on everything you might want to consider when you make an abuse report. Tutorial: Raising Abuse Reports in Second Life
  11. This is going to run a bit long, sorry! In a few months I'll have been a resident for half of my life, and I guess I didn't expect to get emotional about that, but then I did! I made my first account, Branduff Kojima, in 2004, probably during the Summer. I was one of the secret underage users who, in retrospect, were totally obvious the entire time. I was completely enamored with the Ahern welcome center, and remember spending a ridiculous amount of time taking hot-air balloon tours, hanging out at the shooting range, and eventually turning the freebie Linden weapons into a crappy spray-can, which I promptly used to vandalize signs around the sandbox with graffiti objects/bullets that I'd made. I still remember the Linden who messaged me being exceedingly polite and saying something like, "Please don't use objects to cover up Linden-owned signs :|" After that I eventually made it all the way 75m SouthWest, (Meters were much longer back then,) to Nexus Prime, which is where my friend from There, who originally told me about SL, would often hang out. Nexus Prime is what really won me over with SL. The vertical design blew my mind, and the people were such good sports considering how obnoxious I was. That's something I'm still trying to pay forward. A few months later SLPics / Snapzilla appeared, and apparently I was not shy about using that. Let's have a good cringe, shall we? 3/13/2005 This gas mask is something I made for myself, and then put on the Marketplace for a laugh, (which at the time was called the SLExchange and was a totally different user-run thing.) It was the first thing I ever tried selling and it ended up selling really well, which I took for granted at the time. The second version sold even better, I took that like, even more for granted. After my cyberpunk phase, I went into a bit of a mime period. 6/7/2005 at Osprey's place in Grignano It was actually a lot of a mime period. 6/7/2005 at Osprey's place in Grignano #2 Then I bumped into an old friend from The Sims Online and started making houses with her. That went surprisingly well too. A few weeks later RL struck in the way that it often does and I had to disappear for a couple years. That was the end of Branduff Kojima. 8/3/2005 "So yeah.... Finished for now, I guess. Though I'm not entirely happy with how the yard turned out, I'm really proud of the house itself. "
  12. They already pay a fee, anyone who cashes out is charged a fee. Anyone who makes a sale on the marketplace is charged a fee, for every sale. These fees stack. What exactly does adding 12USD monthly accomplish other than sating whatever weird vendetta you have against content creators?
  13. Basic accounts are only allowed ten friends, and can only send a certain number of IMs a day, and every time they try to unbox something it gets worn on their head, even if it's a HUD. Also, obviously, they have damage enabled at all times. My therapist calls this catastrophizing, and I could do it all day.
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