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  1. 8 home choices on the land page including boats, trads and victorians!
  2. I am sad to hear this happened - I was ejected too from a couple of places. I would love to think that all of my visitors took a look around my place of interest home whilst tapping my bucket, took some free stuff, played some games and watched my slideshow but it is only a small margin of people who want to engage that way. However every so often someone signs the guestbook and I am reminded that community does exist!
  3. I think Bellisseria needs this kind of regular event - it unites people. My candy give out number is quite high now and I have enjoyed being a part of that more than collecting candies so I gave up mainly because of RL time and that a list that was sent to me took the fun out of the finding I decided not to keep collecting. I thought the people who hid their buckets really went to town on it to create an experience for others and that was way more fun - personally. So my motivation is to take part as a giver of candy only!
  4. There must be two kinds of candy people - ones who want the bears and ones who want the experience. I am in the latter but I have catered to the former by not hiding my bucket
  5. I think I might be completely opposite to everyone else in that I found looking for one bucket in one place for half an hour more fun than looking for the rest which I've given up doing now at 27 total I can't catch up with the massive totals others are coming up with - I have only given out 11 candies too and mine is in plain sight from the road!
  6. And I also need to knock down the secret tunnel that links directly from my home to my paypal account...
  7. Waiting for Trick or Treat to start!...🖤
  8. I can agree with you on the enforcement issues because I don't see that there would be enough resources to cover it to ensure it didn't spoil - shame though!
  9. I would love to see a designated area of shops in Bellisseria that are well managed or maybe a monthly market or something like that - just in one designated area - I guess it is very difficult to keep tabs on what individuals might do if this was introduced but I would love a commercial zone with approved stores.
  10. Kenneth Hall is now open! We have some seasonal exhibits including a "weird" haunted homes type show of my original photos in the lecture theatre along with seance in the parlour, (good company as shown), and gloomy stuff in the hall of statues to listen to. There are also some free gifts in the foyer as well as a cat which will dispense one extra gift. There is a full archery range out back please take some instructions from the board. Play against yourself or others. Finally - great sunrise over the sea from the terrace. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kenneth/124/232/0
  11. In this case I will re-rez it in exactly 8 hours, (of sleep Zzzzzz ) ....!!
  12. No it is my parcel but it looks like I need to re - rez it
  13. Is there a problem with the candy buckets like did I read about a glitch? Mine was just returned to my inventory by Whitney so am guessing something is not quite cool with it all yet?
  14. The region I named has been released - what an amazing prize I just woke up to - worth the waiting. Can't wait to meet my neighbours - please come say hi - I am here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kenneth/121/233/54 and have some plans for this place when I get a break from an incredibly busy term.
  15. Unsure if this has been mentioned I could not see anything but DRD have a great outlet section many reductions including this fantasy set :
  16. Halloween at Millbank seems to have arrived! 🦇
  17. Absolutely love it, that is the keeper style home!
  18. I thought they might be a bit busy with Halloween at Millbank...I do hope we will see something there
  19. Yes! Thank you - coastal and green are always my thing but as a memorial for my father the fact that it is log homes is very fitting
  20. Kenneth was named today so I am guessing that more log regions may have been too ( I don't keep track on these things with numbers and such), but the ones around him on the coast are now named - Eagle Harbor and Fog Hollow... edit - tons more log areas named!
  21. Activity due I predict, (not going to use the S word often associated with this prediction!)
  22. In my last post I constrained to keep the proportion and sized them at 800px width
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