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  1. Me exploring before the release started up again...
  2. I couldn’t come up with any starter topic so I hid in my house 🙁
  3. So when I came up with this on the 19th July albeit spelt with an i - I effectively named the fantasy world?
  4. Obviously I think it should be the "Fantisseria" spelling - I see he has opted for the a. Originally I was thinking "Fantasia" where all the housework gets done for you as in going very well along the "sounding like Bellisseria" thing. But I reckon it was probably always in his mind - Fantasseria.
  5. Apologies I have popped the one with the actual freebie out now - this is because I swapped to this lovely area and did not check again afterwards - all working now. Shout me when the Kenneth region comes online as that is the place I am ultimately trying for a home and so all else will return eventually!
  6. Nice to be mentioned twice regardless! Of course, I would think that...!! X
  7. If anyone missed the free fantasy elven rug I laid out for Bellisserians it is now in my porch for a bit here feel free to get a copy (touch to accept) : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covendale/18/197/22
  8. My alt got Angelwing - can’t wait to get home later and have a play around!!
  9. Thank goodness! I was completely stumped thank you
  10. I need help with the settings - I am running around having an explore using the region settings but all I am getting is this
  11. I've got one alt trying abandons and she is locked out too - my main is saving herself for the fantasy tries but it is hard not to click!
  12. Congratulations! : ) I can see from the land page this morning there are lots of abandons (other themes) there were 8 choices a moment ago - I was sleeping when they released but very much awake during todays times
  13. I suggested that one - the place you got looks amazing I can't wait to have a go this afternoon!
  14. I missed it too but at least we get a day and a timeframe
  15. His inner Archer is coming out there, can we hope for an Archery range at the fantasy community hub?
  16. Dabbling in the Occult and what not...
  17. That sums me up - here but often AFK - I don't think there is as much draw for the fantasy theme as yet but I can see it catching on as people share their new homes and decors. I am absolutely mad for the fantasy theme it looks amazing and the more we wait the more I feel I am going to want to keep one despite having reservations over the landscaping at first I think it is fun and a lot of people will catch onto that - Oh and I tried posting in chat to answer a question earlier it said the server timed out on my messages
  18. Thank you! Runs off to prepare!
  19. I felt that too - this Friday at 10am their time (meaning 6pm my time). I would love a cryptic clue from them as to when the charity region I bid for will appear or even where - I really want to get started on it Hint hint hint!!!!!!!
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