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  1. not at all. in SL i only play the dj quite often, well and i own a zombie shooting sim with my friend...
  2. Thank you for your helpful message Honestly, I never had to deal with crap like that before, since 02/2007. And sometimes LL bans people for minor reasons. I'm afraid they could ban me because of what she wrote. I have written to her, she should show me what I might have done wrong in her opinion, or she must have written to the wrong person... I blocked her from our sim... reported her... asked here, i think there's nothing more I could do (beside your advices of course lol)
  3. Well it's just her text, not her name, but thank you Lol i just noticed, the forum ****'ed already some of her words
  4. I just received a long IM while I've been offline. Between many insults she's telling me I'd try to sexually exploit kids through a game, I'd also be a "*****", a "nazi", a "paedo", a *****, my mother would open her legs for anyone. I have no idea who she is. I never did anything bad to kids ever! Neither in SL nor in RL. I have no idea why she's doing that to me. Also she said I should better call the police. I reported her to Linden Labs, not sure if this helps. Could you please help me? If you want to read her full IM:
  5. (i hope i picked the correct forum) On our zombie sim I'm mostly online when i'm afk, so is my alt/wife and our simbot via phone (normal ava, just online by lumiya/android). Usually we make around 3,000-4,000 traffic only with that, plus some random survivors. Today I looked at the sim traffic, and it shows 92!???? Anybody any ideas on that? Have they changed something?
  6. Hmm, thank you so far. I'll ask her She literaly fell into a deep hole, i mean SL for over 13y doesn't only mean money and time, also friends.
  7. [[ sorry, my friends asked me to delete this thread - i don't know how i can do it, so... if some admins see this, please delete it ]]
  8. I'm finally finished it. It's tested and working! Thanks all for your help, you're great! Here's the working result: float time = 15; default { state_entry() { } attach(key attached) { if (attached != NULL_KEY) { llRequestPermissions( llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION ); } } run_time_permissions(integer p) { if(p & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { llSetTimerEvent(time); } } timer() { string curranim = llGetInventoryName( INVENTORY
  9. Hmm ... I tried this, but it doesn't loop, it only plays the sound and animation once, doesn't reset. In my understanding, the reset should restart the script, or where is my mistake here? default { state_entry() { } attach(key attached) { if (attached != NULL_KEY) { llRequestPermissions( llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION ); } } run_time_permissions(integer permissions) { llPlaySound(" ---Sound UUID--- ",1); llStartAnimation( llGetInventoryName( INVENTORY_ANIMATION, 0) );
  10. ...and with this permission request, my whole script idea fails. It can't be reset in the end, otherwise the object always asks for a permission again and again lol my brain explodes hahah
  11. As I'm a very noob when it comes to LSL, I looked at all old-school drinks in my inventory to edit their scripts, but their scripts are all not modifyable or use library animations. That prim is attached to the body, it should play sound UUIDs and trigger a non-looped animation before a specific sound will be played, or.. together with that sound. My basic idea would be like... default { state_entry() { llPlaySound(" --SOUND UUID1-- ",1); llSleep(15); llPlaySound(" --SOUND UUID2-- ",1); llSleep(30); llPlaySound(" --SOUND UUID3-- ",1);
  12. Thank you so much, here's the working result:
  13. Hey, I know I'm old, but still a noob when it comes to scripts. I have made a script which is playing sound on contact, and I have a script which is changing texture (glow on -> transparancy off -> glow on) on touch. But i can't combine both. What I want to do: A floor, invisible hexagons on the ground. Each prim should have a script inside to make the hexagon people are walking on visible (transparancy off/glow on) and after like 1 sec it should become invisible again. Damn this is a noob script, but too much for me lol Would really appreciate help on this ♥
  14. Alright, I was told to reset all the scripts in the head - this at least helped to keep my ears 'alphaed' after a relog. I still hope they're going to include the face-ao in the head itself instead of having to keep that giant HUD attached all the time. So, partially solved
  15. Well, answer was, they (all?) had internet issues and didn't receive my notecard. I should try deleting cache (did it several times, even manually in the file-browser) and try a redelivered head. So, i'm using v4 (w/ BOM), redelivery terminal sent me v1.1 (seems like w/o BOM)... So, still no solution so far. Oh and yes, I'd have to always have this giant HUD with the included face-AO attached, and there aren't any fixes or updated with "AO included in head" (like you have it in CATWA heads) planned.
  16. *sighs* ... re-sent to all these 3 guys: Dear Vista-Team! I already sent this one week ago to Vista Barnes, Hermione Mocha and Clif Sharktooth - unfortunately without getting any response so far I bought your VISTA Bento Head Emily v4 a few months ago, but I still haven't figured out two things: 1. Whenever I take off the Head HUD, the face animations stop. My buddy has a CATWA head and his "Face AO" also works without the HUD attached. Do I really always have the Head HUD attached to run the face animations? 2. Whenever I relog, my hidden ears are re-appearing. When
  17. Well, so far, until now, not a single response. There are 3 contact persons mentioned, all of them received my NC, not a single one answered. So, there's not a solution about this unfortunately, but I think this is still an important topic, so people are aware about it, before buying it. I will send a 'reminder' to all of them soon and will keep this thread updated, as far as I will receive an answer. Honestly I'd have expected a better service from a brand like VISTA. (Just in case one of these VISTA people read this, it was sent by my wife Battlecat Oh)
  18. Sorry to push this up again? I still haven't found a solution here. Anybody any ideas on this?
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