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  1. Nothing here. Could it be an attachment issue of some kind?
  2. "Do you have shadows turned on in your viewer? If so what do you think of the shadows that your viewer displays in SL?" Absolutely. I'm always running with full shadows, DoF, AA, and Ambient Occlusion, no matter where I am or what I'm doing, and the option to turn them off is forbidden. To me, the realism and depth added to any scene cannot be done without. As for the quality of said shadows, I've been using Niran's viewer since his first release and (when used with Ambient) they come crisp and clean. "If you were to buy a tree or chair today, would you want or expect a ground shadow text
  3. Innula Zenovka wrote: Depends on a lot of unpredictable things, including how well-attended the auction is, how skillful the auctioneer is, and who turns up and the day and why. While it certainly wasn't usual, it was, as I recall, by no means unheard-of for bidding to go as high as 100K L$ back in the heyday of Bonanza Bondage. This. At the more exotic auctions, an experienced Slave/Pet is still easily leaving the stage with 15K to 50K. Regularly.
  4. After a cursory look through the Marketplace, I've failed to find a facial-leopard-print like CeCe Frey (previous X-Factor contestant). Does anyone know of anything like this, or even a tatt-maker who I can pay for the job? Thanx in advance, and Peace.
  5. Sorry about that, Clarissa; I removed a few older pics from my prof, and it never occurred to me. I've re-inserted the pic.
  6. I'm with Nyll on this one; Niran's viewer is the only one I can swear by. The entire Viewer is geared towards graphical quality and he's always tweaking the UI to occupy the least real estate on the screen as possible. Of course, NV requires a heftier machine to run the way it's meant to, and (as Nyll said above) with all of the UI customizability there's a plethora of settings one needs to go through to get it "just right". Again, being geared towards graphical-quality for photography and machinima, NV needs a heftier machine to get the most out of it. But that being said, if your GPU
  7. Follow-up: Yup, it's "Taylor" from League Skins. The shape is also readily available in the same store, almost right beside it. Thanx again, Jasmyn for the lead. Thanks Kylie, for bearing with me and helping to find the exact match. Thanx SL Forum for the help that can always be counted on. Rearranging outfits to accomodate now. Busy Busy Busy...
  8. Eileen, sweet of you to say. And, you could be right: Kirstenlee Cinquetti's avie does, in fact, bear a resemblence. I should have seen that myself, as I used Kirsten's Viewer exclusively until the bottom fell out of it. Now, I use Niran's Viewer just as exclusively, which started as a fork of KV. Jasmyn, thanx for the lead. I'll check out League tonight.
  9. It has occurred to me that the creator of this particular look may not want others repeating it, and I'd completely understand that. To be perfectly honest, I felt a little iffy about even asking publicly about this, as it kinda leaves the impression that I'd rather copy someone else's idea than come up with one of my own. Thing is, I've used the same skin/shape combo for the last two years, and although I've (pardon the pun) grown attached to it, I've had the feeling lately that it's time to find something a little more current. Maybe it's just that phenomena that happens when you spend
  10. Purely by chance, I came across this in a store and it's almost exactly what I've been looking for. Can anyone identify the skin and shape here? Thanx.
  11. Not exactly the first time someone's brought up the hypo-thing. Li's profile explains the syringes (under Picks in the "Zalex" section); as a prop for her RP, they're necessary. It took a little playing-around at first, but (just like the "Kajira Slayer" dagger on her right arm), after a little experimentation I finally got both on her upper arms in a place and orientation wheras they wouldn't stab her. G'day!
  12. I started using TPVs about a year and a half ago when, through a reference in a forum post, I gave Kirsten's Viewer a try. Immediately I was hooked; the graphics were phenomenal, and I was seeing SL in an entirely new light. Up until the recent withdrawl of KV from the actively-updated list, I saw the introduction of higher-definition shadows, long-before the LL viewer and other TPVs like Imprudence started toying with them (to each thier own, but the shadows in Imprudence and LL were terrible until recently). That was the main reason I started using TPVs; Developers usually target thier vi
  13. Fun to see everyone's finding new looks for the new year.
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