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  1. The latest edition of the Bay City Post is out! Get is now! https://baycitypostsl.blogspot.com/search/label/190805 Following are the articles we have compiled, Bump 'n Go: A simple Experience teleporter Qie Niangao mixes a teleporter script with the new Experience tools The Interview, Mitch Merricks After earth breaking ground works in Moloch we question the culprit This Month In History What was on our mind many moons ago in August SL16B Images Unique images from the Bay City Pavilion saved for prosperity Police and Fire Blotter TJ Hooker reports, Black, White and Red were busy the last period Emperor Michael, Update Our Emperor is making lists, and throws them away Bay City Cruis'n Dakota Schwade discovers the moon, and more! About: Land Land is more then land Molewatch Marianne McCann seeks out the mullvaden
  2. Well. Since Tilia is not a registered bank that has to comply to EU privacy laws the fear is a valid question. With a copy of an ID you could, open a bank account and withdraw credit, You could register a car and use it for bank-robbery, You could address Facebook and claim ownership of my account. My fear is clearly written out in the documents I have shown. Identity theft
  3. I have no idea what the us law states. I expect it's something similar as the Dutch law. The point is that the Dutch regulations limit the "scan-document" thing and it gives advice on what is possible. As long as Tilia is not registered as a bank it's not a bank and they should limit their request, and still try to stay within us law. How? I have no idea. That's up to them. If I knew I'd be wealthy.
  4. I'm Dutch Yay! For the Dutchies! All I want is that LL rethinks their "scan passport" thing because I think they missed that (and removed posts, in the FAQ thread, that referred that). That's all. I'm a happy camper
  5. Any business that is storing my private information is subject to GDPR. When I am using their services or not. That is law.
  6. I expect Tilia to respect EU laws. When they follow EU laws I know that my privacy is guaranteed. They have two options, not to demand a scan of my ID, or become a registered bank. Else, Tilia has no business in the EU and there won't be any legal payout.
  7. None of them are relevant in the EU. It's that single one in Europe I am interested in. In Europe Tilia is not a bank. Pay Pal is.
  8. Do you believe a website? I believe in official documentation. Tilia is not a bank and not a banking service. Pay Pal is. Bank of America too.
  9. In the document you refer to that is a hyperlink that links to this document .
  10. Towards companies. That is true. My mistake. But authorities can and do.
  11. Tilia is not registered as a bank, I checked (see above). They have no business asking and storing this type of information.
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