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  1. Can anyone post links or images? Am I using the wrong Internet thingy?
  2. Forum broken? I can not format my post nor insert an image? Be Bold or Italic?
  3. Bay City Post Special Edition, Tree Lighting Event Roundup and more.
  4. Silent Auction Review Has Opened!
  5. Bay City Post, Edition 82 is out! Read all about it!
  7. The Bay City Post Edition 81 is out! Read all about it!
  8. Please visit this website. One of the contacts is no longer active (for now) on Second Life and that's Uccello. About once every 6 months everybody will get evicted and people can re-apply for a place.
  9. You know those moments when you know you had to do something but have no idea what it is? Announcing the latest edition of the Bay City Post! Read it here: https://baycitypostsl.blogspot.com/search/label/191007 Participate in the Bay City post Halloween contest! Find out everything about Wolfington! Visit Mashpee! Rain and flooding! A server issue that isn't! And many many subjects more. Read all about it!
  10. Bay City Post edition 79 is out! We report about: Bellisseria and mole appreciation day Epic Flights The history leading up to Bay City, part 1 We found The Lab! There is a BoM and Mines! Emperor Michael the First Proclaims! This and much more! Read all about it! (Nothing about the Toxic Taco, sorry... )
  11. The latest edition of the Bay City Post is out! Get is now! https://baycitypostsl.blogspot.com/search/label/190805 Following are the articles we have compiled, Bump 'n Go: A simple Experience teleporter Qie Niangao mixes a teleporter script with the new Experience tools The Interview, Mitch Merricks After earth breaking ground works in Moloch we question the culprit This Month In History What was on our mind many moons ago in August SL16B Images Unique images from the Bay City Pavilion saved for prosperity Police and Fire B
  12. Well. Since Tilia is not a registered bank that has to comply to EU privacy laws the fear is a valid question. With a copy of an ID you could, open a bank account and withdraw credit, You could register a car and use it for bank-robbery, You could address Facebook and claim ownership of my account. My fear is clearly written out in the documents I have shown. Identity theft
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