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  1. There appears to be something brewing at the Bay City Post. What could this mean? http://baycitypostsl.blogspot.com/
  2. There is always a good moment to unsubscribe from a thread.
  3. Dear Ebbe. First off, thank you for your efforts to update Second Life and the Linden Lab services. Also I am very pleased with the wind of openness that comes from the Lab. In this time of privacy abuse it needs to be asked. What is Linden Lab it's position towards privacy and, more specific, the European laws that reign privacy? Linden Lab uses various web based providers, the forums, wiki, jira, Amazon to name a few. Do the providers follow the same rules and standards? Why are visitors to those websites being tracked by Google and other snoopers? Does Google know my Username + RL name + my SL marketplace purchases? Why? And what can it do with that? I am using Second Life as being a paid provider so I can expect an experience without (much) advertising and tracking. Are our in-world interactions stored? If so, what duration? Who has access to my data? Does that include government agencies? What is the USB key policy on leaching data? Thank you for replying, -Vick
  4. oh, if it was 512.... I know someone that wants a plot in BC.... *doggy eyes*
  5. ETA. If I manually enter 4608 in the calculation box it shows I can buy 512. No idea what would happen in-world.
  6. The Land Use page shows the 1024 bonus. But it doesn't show (yet) I can buy another 512. I still have 0 Available Square Meters. Except that, this is great news! 1024 bonus *and* a price reduction!!!! Yay!!
  7. I can build. Sim holds now well above 18800 prims. The broken Mesh object now has normal physics. Now I still have to wait an hour since it went wrong yesterday one hour after a sim restart.
  8. Sim has been restarted, same version number. It was a rollback, items are back.
  9. Since I assume that nobody in my region has been able to add prims, since things broke, I requested a region rollback, and a working server. Not sure if LL will honour my request, it *is* mainland.
  10. For the record. Mainland Villareal is also affected. Villareal is running RC Magnum Version: . Can't rez, all parcels in the region have plenty of prim room. Many many items have been returned. Region stats hover at just above 18000 prims. I suspect the server hasn't been told about the new prim limits. LI count of Mesh objects appear to be normal. Edit: The error I get when I try to rez a prim is: "Unable to create object. The region is full"
  11. If you look at https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-134078 you will see it has been accepted, that Linden Lab has transported the bug to WENG-3984' and that it is NOT closed. We, feed addicts, have observed a purge of backlog and a slow restart of a somewhat functioning feed, but it is slow and still unreliable. It is my guess that this time Linden Lab won't be happy with a temporary fix, as so many times before, but a true working and reliable feed. Imagine that my.secondlife.com could also be implemented as my.sansar.com..... Watch the Jira and wait for it to be closed. Good feeding times ahead. (some fingercrossing is advised)
  12. As the root of the dome will be in the 512 centre it will technically not be visible by the neighbours, except the shadow (which is weird anyways but that's a different subject) and it will be visible. The neighbour has the full right and possibility to return the dome. Would you return such a dome? I would not. Would your neighbour return it? No idea. Returning stuffs that doesn't eat up your prim count is not nice imho. I'd rather have a skydome then a skydome radar autorezzer next to my parcel.
  13. As everybody knows (should know), Feed users are the utmost most patient people in the world, and surrounding areas.
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