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  1. Would you like to learn English or improve your English skills? Learn It Town is a great place to gather with other people working on their English skills. Join us in-world here: Learn It Town Reception Center or find us at our website here: Learn It Town online to learn more about the fun we have in Learn It Town. For more information, feel free to contact us in-world as well: Lowri Mills Annie Rubanis Zena Windlow
  2. Thank you! Now, I'm nowhere even near a beginner so I'm not quite clear on how I direct the object touched to rez the new object directly at my coordinates. Is there something else I need to enter into that script to do that? I'm thinking of something that works like an Intan poseball rezzer. No matter where you touch the intan, the poseballs rez right by you.
  3. Here's what I'm looking for: Example: I click on a prim box and another of the exact same boxes rezzes next to me, at my location (might be 10m away or 20m). Is there an already existing script or tool that will do this for me? Any help will be sooooo appreciated, thank you!!!!!
  4. The entire scenario is that I purchased this room of furniture and hadn't used it in awhile. When I went to my inventory to find it, it was gone (not sure how deleted but gone, nonetheless, it was gone). Knowing the prices of furniture at this store, I assumed (yes, my mistake) that it was copyable. I found out it wasn't and really was astonished. Now, also, I re-purchased the entire room of furniture as a gift for a friend (this is where I was going to rez it, originally) because it's lovely furniture. I never, not once, believed I'd be banned from the store for a negative review, ffs!
  5. My review was about the item being overprices AND No Copy. So no, not bananas.
  6. I left a negative review of a very popular home and furniture designer's creation (wicker outdoor furniture set) and stated it was because they charged entirely too much for a no copy item. My review was removed and I was banned from the sim. I find this outrageous and petty. I'd love to put the creator's initials here but actually like their work. I've purchased TONS of items from her but am now banned because maybe her feelings were hurt. This is pathetic.
  7. We are looking for people interested in learning English or improving their English. Please see us in-world at Learn It Town. Our reception center is HERE - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleione/105/246/27
  8. If you have created a group, is there a way to make membership temporary with an automatic expiration time period. For example, a person joins for two weeks and after that time has lapsed, they are automatically (without a live person actually ejecting them) ejected? Thanks!!
  9. Can anyone tell me how you, instead of having a Linden home as your Premium acct. home/land, obtain commercial land in its place? I don't want the Linden home/parcel because it's only residential. I DO want a commercial parcel instead. How do I do this? Thank you!!!
  10. Does anyone know if Linden Labs has any intention of fixing the COCOA bug that has such an awful impact on Macs? Apparently, the COCOA bug is some huge flaw in their code that makes SL almost unplayable because it sinks the fps so low that you can barely move or type. I know Mac users are of less value to LL so I'm curious if anyone knows anything about this. The Firestorm team is extremely responsive and helpful about this but they can only do so much because it's a LL based bug and flaw. Thanks for any info on it!!
  11. Does anyone know of an inventory storage system in SL that allows you to file items in their original folder? For example, you can drag and drop items into just about any storage system but, as far as I can tell, you can't drag the original folder full of items into a system. Has anyone heard of such a thing? Thanks!!
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