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  1. i believe they had a release already. Fofita was the sim. That's where I got mine just now. happened about 30 min ago.
  2. I finally got a traditional house! thank you guys for all the tips/tricks. Seriously helped me out a lot!
  3. I saw about 3-4 Traditional houses pop up about 45 min ago. Couldn't catch one tho .
  4. can someone please tell me how to have the refresh beeping thing y'all are talking about? I've seen it's on Chrome but not sure how to get it from there
  5. I am having an issue where my head is not seen to some people. On my computer I can see my head, however, I occasionally get people telling me they can't see it. Once I relog they can see it. The thing is I never know when this happens because like I said I can always see my head with no problem. So I may just be walking around headless and not know it until someone tells me. Does someone know what I can do to fix this?
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