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  1. @Rider Linden I don't like to contradict you old friend, but please do not forget that some users are already in bed at this time or enjoy the evening in front of the TV or started their daily work at that time cause they are in a timezone far away from you. SL is an international platform and it would be nice to use this forum to inform all those who cannot be in SL at this time.
  2. Es gibt von Casper a System mit dem kannst ziemlich genau festlegn welcher bereich überwacht werdn soll. Wir verwendens seit Jahren um das Innere von Häusern vor unerwünschten Personen zschützen.
  3. Let's look at the matter from the point of view of a region operator who does not see Second Life as an alternative to the flight simulator or as a replacement for various shipping simulators. In itself, enlarging the regions would be an optimal thing, only then would Linden Labs have to make some adjustments. If I assume the status quo, that although it is possible to have 30,000 land impacts for an additional charge, but still leave the script performance at the level of a 20,000 region according to the outdated algorithms, I hardly see any even when enlarged to e.g. a quarter square kilometer There is a chance that Linden will ever adapt the script values and from today's point of view it seems pointless to me to even think about it. As long as Linden Labs, for example, only looks at a script level of approx. 3500 active scripts for a 20,000 region in order to achieve full performance, you cut off all those who design their regions beautifully but also functionally and reduce the possibilities for you to use the functions that the manufacturers offer us today. Nowadays, for example, the operation of a multiseasonal region is only possible with the use of numerous designated and scripted objects, since otherwise the seasonal redesign would take dozens of hours in which the region would not be accessible. If we assume a quadrupling of the size of the region, the script performance should increase by eight times. To do this, however, one would have to completely rethink Linden Labs and finally adapt to the new demands that the technology offers. Technically, that would mean that one would have to rent far more servers, since the use of the processor cores on which today's regions are puddled would then also change for each region. Sure, you wouldn’t care much, as long as you have a cheap replacement for the flight simulator and also for those who prefer to enjoy shipping here instead of buying a multiplayer-compatible shipping simulator. But it is not indifferent to the thousands of other regional operators who want to operate their regions multifunctionally, multi-seasonally and with a very good performance. And that's why I first ask for a far-reaching adaptation of the script performance before one even thinks about enlarging the individual regions.
  4. My vote is clearly going to Firestorm. I have been a region operator since 2008 and Firestorm offers me the best tools for this. The "Replace to last Position" tool alone saves me around 50 hours of work per seasonal changeover, since I can use it to restore objects to the regions with one click of the mouse. Even if I accidentally pick up an object, that way I can put it back in exactly the right place without having to make great adjustments. For me, over the year, including setting up the Christmas market and the Christmas decorations, this means a time saving of around 300 working hours that I can invest in other productive work.
  5. I ask myself that too, but the main thing is that they have now filed in the billing maintenance.
  6. It was already predictable that we would be rolled this week on 2021-04-21.558586 only slowly the Teletubbies are getting even more interesting than this linden chaos. A message was not even posted in the grid status. Apparently the level of communication with the PAYING CUSTOMER drops to ZERO.
  7. Is there a roll restart on the main channel today or will it be a surprise? Now it has worked out 2 times, that we were also informed about non-occurring deploys and now is probably again radio silence.
  8. @Maestro Linden Unfortunately, as usually only the description internal fixes. What do they contain, please?
  9. Normal dayli maintenance restarts generally don't last as long as they used to. We used to have time for 2 large cups of coffee and a jam sandwich after we had restarted our regions. Today, the regions are back faster than we have drunk a cup. Linden has probably made very good adjustments and the new hardware probably shows what is possible as well. Linden would only have to use it.
  10. I´m absolutly with you 😉 . Good that Firestone is having the possibility to enable group chats so i can do my work on our regions without getting disturbed by group chats i dont need.
  11. Better, Linden labs also tells us that nothing happens this week, as you can't plan ahead of what you're going to do that day. I think it is good that this is the case.
  12. The topic of script load for users is in conversation for as long as the increase in script performance for the regions, where one could write novels about it. The new technology would easily allow the Stone Age limits to be increased far to achieve a much better performance. The limits that still apply today date back to the prehistoric days of SL. However, one should not increase the limits in order to create free access to script bombs and thus lag producers to hang even more scripts on the carcass, but for example to give regions like ours the opportunity to maintain a year-round operation without having to turn on and off permanently essential objects. This is absolutely counterproductive and only hinders the work of all those who work behind the scenes to maintain the smooth operation of the regions. The Estatetool should also provide the possibility to set fixed script loads for the guests of the region, so that they are both informed about their script load and are denied a longer stay if they do not discard their crap within a certain period of time. Also, so-called sales events, which in reality are nothing more than a kind of supermarket, should be placed on special servers so that they do not affect the rest of the grid. Because there most of these script bombers gather and usually stay there for hours only to generate traffic for the fact that they are offered, for example, a lower-priced underpants. Only today I was at one of these so-called sales events and thanks to 47 weak script bombers and 11753 active scripts I needed 10 minutes for a distance of almost 100 meters and 20 minutes until everything was loaded properly. The region was down to 10 region FPS and 12 to 15 physic FPS, and delayed like an ass in despair.
  13. The server version or physical server does not change due to a manual restart of the region. I can only recommend to execute this approximately every to every 2 days. Why should everything move to another server? That would be completely unproductive and would bring nothing.
  14. As I said almost two years ago. EEP is a completely new concept which also requires completely new learning. Both from the first tutorials that gave us the minimum basics, as well as through questions and learning by doing, you learn it bit by bit and get on with it slowly. Especially when adjusting the colors and the horizon, for example, you can only find out and learn the most optimal in practice. My wife and I only learned from practice, because when we started using EEP on our regions, the overall concept was still in its infancy. With the time we are already quite experienced in it and are able to make corrections and settings easier, but even after 96 settings we created for an entire year we are still in the learning phase and are constantly discovering new things. You really have to deal with it very intensively over a few hours and try a lot to understand and learn the individual contexts. Don't despair and throw the towel in frustration when the first 100th time doesn't turn out the way you want. The 101st time will certainly get better. Only until we had finished the first production-ready settings for our regions, dozens of attempts passed, combined with very derisive curses.
  15. Just because a region is reported as fully, it does not mean that the entire potential of the region is actually being exploited. Often, the region owners or managers reduce the number of visitors allowed to prevent people with excessive script load from pulling down the region. We had a wedding last year with a total of 96 guests. Thanks to a good information policy, and we all know that weddings are usually attended by dozens of scripted overloaded guests, the region nevertheless ran with a very pleasant performance and there were no complaints about excessive delays.
  16. Rolling Restarts Second Life RC ChannelsMar 26, 07:00-12:00 PDT We will be performing rolling restarts for regions on the Second Life RC Server channels on Friday, March 26th, beginning at approximately 7:00 AM PDT. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects and remember to save all builds. Please check this blog for updates.
  17. As I said, I don't believe in the miraculous performance increase in script usage until I see it on Tuesday and find confirmation in a long-term monitoring that goes over several weeks and several restarts. In the 13 years I have already had regions, I have already experienced so much that with it I only believe what I see in black and white in front of me.
  18. I don't believe this supposed performance increase in the execution of the scripts until I see them with my own eyes, on our two main channel regions, in the statistics bar.
  19. I just clarified this with Vix and hopefully in the future they will try to publish delays in the grid status as soon as possible. The rolling restart will definitely be delayed today, but it will definitely be carried out.
  20. @Maestro Linden : Can you finally agree on a correct time? In the grid status, the rolling restart was announced at 3am and here 4 hours later at 7am. Now what the hell is the actual execution time? So in any case, it's just confusing the paying customers who are waiting for their region to go through the rolling restart. It can't go on like this, please. As a paying customer, such actions make you feel more than just kidding.
  21. Ok ........... today's so-called rolling restart was more or less for the cat. It seems that only homesteads have been restarted, but nothing has been changed and we are still on February 1st Second Life Server 2021-02-01.555570. Following the information from TJ Linden there might be an update for the main channel next week. ............... Or not. Who knows. In the meantime, they continue to watch the RC channel on which the update was last week.
  22. @Mazidox Linden It would be interesting to know what kind of performance optimization it is and whether you can compare it to the status quo if you monitor your region in the statistics bar. An increase in performance in the area of script execution would be more than desirable, especially in regions like ours, which are thematically the same all year round and use a lot of 4 season products, it would be desirable if the script execution were massively increased.
  23. Quote: Rolling Restarts for Second Life RC ChannelsFeb 17, 07:00-13:00 PST We will be performing rolling restarts for regions on the Second Life RC Server channels on Wednesday, February 17th, beginning at approximately 7:00 AM PDT. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects and remember to save all builds. Please check this blog for updates. Posted on Feb 16, 06:50 PST
  24. @Aishagain Last week, if you can remember, about half a dozen different maintenances took place, which were probably above a server deploy. As for this week ......... , away from today's holiday, this case is not a back end maintenance, but a bake deploy, and that's something completely different because it's about the representation of textures. Quote: Second Life will be undergoing a bake deploy on Thursday, February 18th at 6AM PST. Residents may experience textures failing to rez or rezzing improperly. Of course, and I have been criticising this for years, Linden's willingness to communicate could be far higher than it is at present. When I think back in about 13 years, there was information because of every fart in the forest and it was usually written in such a way that it is indeed informative. However, we must be glad that we are now being given Sever Deploy messages, albeit rare, that really meet an informative standard that benefits at least tech-savvy customers. Also the fact that one now again, at least in the message text, calls a holiday as a holiday, is probably the result of lengthy muzzle here in the forum. But what we would all want would be to reintroduce it would be 24/7 support. Customers from the US abroad often only have a few hours to contact the support from the total opening period, up to and including not at all. The new owners or majority owners would have to break new ground or re-prepare old paths. In any case, it would be desirable. To put it in a while, if we in Austria restart the regions at 6 a.m. and a region does not come back, it will take forever for a submitted ticket to be processed and the region restored. This would be done with 24/7 support within a few minutes and would not last until 3 p.m. and thus 9 hours without assistance.
  25. Feb 11, 2021 Second Life Premium Services Maintenance Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed. Feb 11, 10:00 PST In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary. Feb 11, 09:01 PST Scheduled - We will be undergoing maintenance for premium services at 9 AM PST on Thursday, February 11th. During this time, residents may be temporarily unable to log in. Please follow this blog for updates. Feb 10, 09:25 PST The Bake Deploy maintenance is on Thursday, February 18th at 6AM PST
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