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  1. But if you look at today's to-do list in grid status, you can understand if the writers of the messages are a bit overwhelmed. In any case, it is a good thing that they are now approaching the solutions to the problem individually.
  2. All regions are running now on Version 2021-02-01.555570. It looks like that Mazidox, as usual, forgot to write a new post and thinks that we can smell it or are smart enough to combinate it.
  3. I wonder why i dont see something in the Grid status or here.
  4. @Count Burks So we had no problem contacting the support. Quote Eveline Linden Hello there! I apologize for the delay with that region. Our specialists are currently working on it, but it is taking some time.
  5. @Aishagain So it is. After the todays restart on Main Channel we are now on 554811. @Mazidox Linden Now it would be interesting what will come on RC-channel that week.
  6. Here you are wrong. For this, there is the section Account . This is all about the SL servers and not about account problems. You also can call the Second Life Billing Support to inform yourself.
  7. @Grumpity Linden I hope we get the Release Notes soon so we can see what's new or changed.
  8. Resolved - This incident has been resolved.Jan 2, 07:27 PST
  9. @Cam Mode Regions that have not been restarted for more than 10 days will be restarted automatically. Even if the employees of Linden Labs are in the Christmas holidays, or no Deploy takes place.
  10. We, the Mueller family, wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Merry Christmas and a huge thank you also to the support team of Linden Labs as well as the developers of EEP, who supported us immensely this year through their work on our regions and made it possible for us to present Gosau as realistically as possible. And that 24 hours and 365 days a year.
  11. Just as we do in Austria. Nor do we have any problems with the fact that certain services are closed over the holidays. To say that it is politically unwise to say that you are at home over the Christmas holidays is not seen as political, but rather as a sign of poverty. Second Life is, as we should all know, an international platform and if we are already on international soil, then we should also be able to respect and accept the traditions and customs and holidays of the country that provides us with this service. You also can't expect that when you come to a foreign country, the shops are open on a holiday just because its you who want to go shopping.
  12. I remember the days when Linden Labs wrote in the Grid Status: "Live chat and phone support are closed for Christmas. .......... The live chat and phone support is closed from December 24 to December 27 6am so that our staff can celebrate Christmas with their families. The Ticket submission remains open.". This still sounded really human for everyone and showed that Linden Labs pays attention to its employees and makes this public. And now they call it a maintenance .............. . The same also for Thanks giving, New years day or Easter days etc. . It is the sound that makes the music and the word that makes an announcement human, or derisive.
  13. No one would rip their heads off if they are honest and say that they, like everyone else, also spend consecrated with the family. One would wish the Lindens a Merry Christmas and thank you for the work throughout the year. But to call the whole thing maintenance shows not exactly humanity, but only that one takes standadtexts because one obviously has no ambition to create a text yourself.
  14. Winter greetings from Gosau am Dachstein in Austria. We are wishing you all a wonderful Christmastime.
  15. See Second Life Status (secondlifegrid.net)
  16. 2 Hipp and 1 Hurra ................. we run again Halleluja.
  17. It always takes a few Minutes until that Lindens who write the Status Blog get informed and write it down. So it can┬┤t be at the same Moment when it happens.
  18. They made a login maintenance and now it doesnt work. Looks like the Serverhamster has done a bad job today ­čśë .
  19. I fully agree with you. EEP offers far more possibilities than was ever possible with the outdated lantern system. Only the possibility of developing and displaying more realistic 24 hour daily cycles is optimal. We use this function with us and have created 8 presets per month over the year with real sunrise and sunset times. The local real weather can now also be displayed much more efficiently than before, as everything is now much more dynamic. I said in the EEP forum a year ago that the use of EEP will be associated with a great learning process, but also with a changeover, and was only laughed at at the time. But it is so. Even my wife and I are still learning if we want to optimize our 96 presets even further. One of my ideas would be to set up courses for EEP just like there are courses for building, etc., in which experienced users, but also Linden employees who are trained in EEP, pass on their knowledge. Maybe the public relations department at Linden Labs could take care of it and take action. In spite of everything, however, there will only ever be a compromise, because every user has a different screen and different settings and so you will never be able to please everyone. No matter what you do.
  20. Cause they are living outside the USA. Like me.
  21. I miss the days of the good old PG status that you had to adhere to if you wanted to go to a corresponding region. At that time the term PG was still a quality mark for youth-friendly region owners. What some users understand by the term general today defies description. Some believe it is enough to tie a flower or a 2cm wide leather thong in front of your genitals and that's it. If you then speak to them and ask them to dress a little more appropriately because they are located in a region that is also accessible to under 18s, you will be mobbed more than primitively as the owner of the region. If you then block such people, you are sometimes in disrepute faster than you can see. Thanks to this bull***** about "un" social media. I would like the users to pay more attention to the age rating of a region and to accept and take it into account. By general, however, we do not only understand the protection of young people under the age of 18, we also see our responsibility towards children who watch their parents, who may look over their parents' shoulders and thus also take part in the Second Life experience. I wouldn┬┤t like that my Children see things, when they observe us being in SL, they normaly shouldn┬┤t see on a General rated Region, like we have them since years.
  22. 2 Hip and 1 Hurra .................. we slowly awake back to live. 99% of our vendors are back as well as our communication system and some other items working with http-requests.
  23. Linden is aware of that Problem and working to bring the services back as soon as possible. The Statusblog also should be updated soon. The information came right now from Volo Linden.
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