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  1. @dstauffsl That's the joke of the day. No serious photographer uses an SL viewer? But then I wonder how you and others log in SL. Every viewer, regardless of whether Firestorm, Black Dragon or the standard viewer of Linden Labs is an SL viewer because it was designed for use in Second Life. The problem is not the viewer but how the respective setting was set. My wife and I have worked on our settings for days and tested again and again to make it look as natural as possible. All just a matter of patience. Here are some pictures taken with the standard viewer that show our regions at different times of day and with different weather settings. As you can easily see, it is only a matter of patience, learning and a good eye for the right look to make a region look good with EEP. Enclosed should be noted. The days when your SL photographer was still the true artist are long gone. Today, kids at school are already learning how to use Photoshop or other imaging programs, and they'll soon be able to do it better than you old age ever could. So get off your high horse back down to the ground of reality.
  2. It's like everything new. What the farmer does not know, he does not eat and everything in which one has to get used to probably causes most of the problems here because then they would have to strain their brains to adapt to the new situations. We are not in the land of milk and honey where the roasted pigeons fly into their mouths and Linden-Labs takes everyone's thinking away. New technologies also require the conversion of those who use them. No wonder people still mess around with the old Windows XP and outdated PC's because they are too lazy and sluggish to adapt to Windows 10. You would have to use your brain and learn something new. @ Marianne: Instead of moaning over the interface for weeks, you would have had enough time over to think about the change of perspective to have a clear view of the timestamp being edited. New technologies also mean finding alternatives to adapt and no longer riding old habits. As for the story with Ruth ................ The conversion has been announced long enough in advance see https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2142-new-assethttp-project-viewer-is-now-available/ or https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2513-obsolete-asset-fetch-disabled/ and who was still too lazy to update his viewer is to blame if he runs around as Ruth. Do not blame it on Linden, but on your own laziness to move your goddamn ass and bring your software up to date. @cube republic. I fully agree with you. It's actually a miracle that SL still works at the enormous load the servers have to charge. It is up to the manufacturers to continuously optimize their products but also to the customer who should adapt his buying behavior to the circumstances and if necessary should also go deeper into the wallet to get really qualitative products. We also buy only inworld and let us, so no demo available, objects that we want to demonstrate and it was not only once that we then talked to the manufacturer about problems and errors and asked for rectification. About 75% of them also agreed with us and therefore have a much higher reputation and are also recommended much more often than those who have been resting for years on their former glory and are unwilling to improve.
  3. @Marianne McCann I only can tell you what we found out by using EEP on our Regions and with some small corrections witch are simple to do and wont break your Finger you can adjust it as you want.
  4. @Marianne McCann : Thats true. What you have to do is testing with the Scene Gamma Fader and the Haze Horizon Fader until you reach that Effect you want for a good looking Night setting.
  5. @Clorophill You need to be on a EEP enabled Region witch is Blue Steel RC and LeTigre RC. On Magnum RC or Mainchanel it wont work. And you need Land Rights on that Parcel you wanna try out EEP.
  6. @Jaauuwn EEP is a very complex area that takes a long time to set up perfectly. It will certainly take even longer until really perfect settings are displayed. Alone to adjust the position of the sun exactly, it takes a long time and tens of dozens of attempts. In addition, there are settings such as fog, etc. where you again need dozens of attempts to get it perfect. I would suggest that you practice patience and wait and see how everything develops over the next few months.
  7. Updates are more important than a couple of people parking somewhere in a store, jiggling their asses in a disco, playing idiotic "gestures" and only burdening the region with pointless scripts that drag them to themselves. The 15 minutes that the update lasted should not really matter if it fixes bugs. Claiming that the day is completely destroyed by this, or inciting people to burden Linden with rolling the region on Main Chanel is homemade idiocy beyond compare. Be glad that Linden takes the region only for a maximum of 20 minutes from the network and not as before where SL was completely turned off for 6 - 8 hours.
  8. Many thanks to Rider and Graham for fixing the bug https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-226412. Now everything is displayed correctly.
  9. In my opinion, Lindenlabs would have to shut down the UDP service in a sweeping hit across the grid. Alone to make people visibly aware of how important it is to perform updates and not stay out of laziness, stupidity or ignorance with outdated programs until they are deactivated by the system and then they have to do the update to login again. I´m sure Firestorm and all other TPV will get a lot of Questions in the Supportgroups only cause that and thats only cause the User are to stupid to read the Updateinformations.
  10. Second Life Project EEP (64Bit) As you can see in the two pictures, the latest version of Second Life Project EEP (64Bit) colors are displayed incorrectly and the glossiness is often shown much too high. Please be so nice and correct that maybe with the next Update. Thanks a lot.
  11. My wife and I spend about $ 4,600 a year just for our 2 regions plus the premium account, and if you wait a long time and hear from a lot of other very high paying SL customers that they are also waiting for EEP for example to set real 24 Hour long day cycles or to use 2 or more levels, you get angry at some point. Only announce that EEP also comes on Magnum RC and then a short time later say "I'm sorry, fallacy, it will not be this time" annoyed paying customers and you feel endlessly crazy. This is a fully legitimate reaction from people who think not only in SL stereotypes but by real rules and requirements that clients direct to a company that they pay for services. The idea, requesting a server changing we had by ourself but at this time there was only 1 slot free witch doesnt make much sense when you own 2 regions.
  12. First you post that EEP also will get released on Magnum and made a lot of People happy with that. Now you´re turning back? That really cant be! Slowly al lot of Customers owning a Magnum Region and who all pay yours and all other Lindens daily Bread and Butter with their Landfee get very angry about that. We all want EEP on Magnum as providet in the first Posting!! And that NOW!!! And dont forget who pays your monthly Income.
  13. How about reintroducing 24-hour support and providing qualified staff in their own language for users who do not speak English, or only to a limited extent? For example, There are always users from Germany or other countries in Europe, who feel abandoned with their problems because they do not speak English and their spelling due to various weaknesses, such as. a spelling weakness, not even by a translator such as Google Translate are translatable. This could be remedied by the use of external staff in European, Asian, African etc. call centers who have adapted their support time to the respective time zones and are also able to decipher the worst style flower of their language. Thousands of non-US citizens and not English speaking user would like to thank you and also recommend Second Life because you also think of their needs.
  14. It's a nice review of the existing features with some new features that don't really make me break out in enthusiasm. The only good thing is the display of the last login so that you can clean the ban list a bit. Otherwise my enthusiasm after 10 years as a estatemanager is rather limited. What I consider to be more important would be the possibility to ask for a parcel ban if it is to affect only these, or all other parcels in group ownership. This would also allow parcel owners to protect others from any unwanted persons without having Estate permissions.
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