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  1. It is not only this forum that is slowly but surely becoming more senseless and unbelievable, but also some posts at the grid status. I can still remember very well how, before a holiday, the user was made aware that it is a holiday and that the employees spend the day with their families and are therefore not here. Everyone understood it and even wished happy holidays. Today even public holidays are given as maintenance work only because Linden has become too lazy to write a suitable text. They better turn the paying customer an A for an O and tell some unbelievable fairy tales. Nobody rips Lindens' head off if they're honest. On the contrary, it would give Linden the humanity and credibility they had when I started SL in 2007.
  2. On Main chanel we have got : the RC-Version of last Week: https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/simulator/2020-06-05T19%3A36%3A41.543337.html . 2020-06-05T19:36:41.543337 Thursday, June 11, 2020 Release Notes This release includes work in the simulators to eventually allow per-region values for Shout, Say, and Whisper distances. NOTE: Currently these values are read only, and can be accessed via the Sim Console. Resolved Issues SL-13391 Allow Residents read-only access to chat range console variable. SL-13323 Chat range changes should only impact chat on channel 0 BUG-228712 Constant CLICK_ACTION_DISABLED does not exist. BUG-228722 [simulator] ParcelInfoReply's OwnerID field is useless without 'is group owned' flag SL-13159 Console parameters to set region chat ranges. What´s coming next on the RC´s only the Lindens know. It would be nice if they would wake up and post it to here or that Forum is losing more and more sense and credibility. Enclosed it would also have been nice to add new commands to the wiki and to mark them clearly so that they can be recognized and used.
  3. Linden only delivers the feature that I personally consider excellent, but cannot spare the user's thinking and take him out of responsibility for his actions. The real problem is, as in most cases, the user himself. If you handle it responsibly, it is an optimal way to avoid unwanted spam across the region. But if you stupidly set the settings so that they are completely unreal, you will notice it at the latest when no one comes to the region, because it is then against the visitors. One can only appeal to the region owners and their managers to use this new feature very responsibly and to reduce something rather than turn it up too far. That is, of course, like everything else associated with a learning process and those who are unwilling to learn will regret it at the latest if their region is only supplied with traffic by its own figures. What I would suggest, however, is that you also release this tool for parcels, so that individual parcels, e.g. a church that can adapt and the pastor doesn't have to shout to reach the people in the back row. Otherwise I see 3m for whispers, 10m for normal conversations and 40m for shouting, as completely sufficient. Not everyone has to listen when others are talking to each other and you can go to the person you want to talk to and do not need to disturb the surroundings. @Odaks : I also like to use the local chat. Unfortunately, this untype of people from 3m distance to write to IM has expanded more and more. For example, I ignore such dand if he is not able to use the public chat, then he should visit me where the sun does not shine while sitting. Similarly, some colleagues complain that some people ignore open chat at all and don't even read and reply to a friendly greeting. But also those who believe "hear" them through walls, etc. are funny. Well, yes........... If you are too stupid, for example, to go to the store and ask the saleswoman and believe you get an answer through the wall, then you are to blame if you don't get an answer. It's obvious. We have discussed this topic within the team and we will then implement the values I mentioned above.
  4. @Oz Linden Thanks for the Information. By the way ............. how about the hairdresser? Are the first hairs growing again? 😉
  5. It would be nice to know what happens today on Main chanel.
  6. Witch is nice to hear that the Project moving to Git is finished now. For all who want to know what Git is ........... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git .
  7. @Bugsly Linden Thanks for the Informations. Could you please explain a bit what "A build of 2020-04-14T23:08:20.540213 that makes greater use of our new build technologies" meens and what that Update contains?
  8. And you should have known for over a decade that rolling restarts can take longer if problems occur or additional work needs to be done. It always makes no sense to get excited and complain about it. Should Linden introduce the complete shutdown again, once or twice a week for 6 to 8 hours each? Would you prefer that? Calling on any habits is homemade nonsense and you are not preferred on Blake Sea just because you flutter around with your planes or park your oh so expensive yachts.
  9. @Patch Linden : Is it allowed to use the Casper security system, which can be adapted almost exactly to the building and thus the object to be protected?
  10. Great ……………. that i wanted for today 😉 . Thanks a lot.
  11. @Mazidox Linden: No Problem. PC´s are sometimes crazy and wont do what we want. But good to know we get them and know what happens today with the Rolling Restart on Mainchanel. I hope we get the Version witch contains the EEPimprovements so we can try them out and work with that better.
  12. Can we please get the Deploy Plans for the week of 2020-04-13?
  13. The wish will be fulfilled when you visit our Flickr page https://www.flickr.com/photos/183916808@N05/. We try to take the pictures as far as possible with the latest Linden Viewer or with the EEP beta from Firestorm, which was available for a short time about a year ago.
  14. @Wulfie Reanimator: I only can say what i heard from the Ceo in that Video where he said that the move into the clound should be finished this year.
  15. The reduced execution of scripts with high activity was discussed in detail at https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/449776-just-how-bad-can-server-performance-get/. With 9236 active scripts, the value of around 50% can still be regarded as very good. I know far worse values than this. This will likely happen when the move to the cloud is completed later this year.
  16. @Samitra64 : I do not know if you know that you can activate a button in both the Lindenviewer and the Firestorm (right-click on an Icon in the toolbar -> toolbar buttons -> Gridstatus), which, as Willow Wilder said, flashes you for current information in the Grid status draws attention. So you are always up to date when it comes to activities that Linden Labs has in mind. Activate this button to rule out further problems. And Willow Wilder was really more than friendly in her answer, which I fully agree with because she agrees with my opinion.
  17. For comparison, Linden Viewer and Firestorm EEP Beta. In my opinion, the quality of the Linden Viewers is even higher and therefore good to be made accessible to the general public. The two pictures were taken about 1 minute apart. I am happy to be open and grateful for productive and informative opinions. You can also evaluate it live and contact us directly at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gosau Dachstein West/18/139/3. Communication weak people who can only click icons like OptimoMaximo may let it stay at all. No one is curious about their feedback.
  18. This is what it looks like with the latest EEP viewer and if you compare this with older recordings, we have now reached a really cleared-up level. It's a good thing that, thanks to Firestorm's only beta, we have been able to prepare and test quite acceptable settings in recent years. What will follow when we get the final version of the viewer is the fine tuning and the final adjustments. There will still be a lot of work to do but in the end it will definitely be worth it and we can show the guests of our regions really nice settings. We have created 96 daily routines in order to be able to import the right setting, depending on the weather as well as the time, for our RL Position Gosau am Dachstein in Upper Austria. So I can say that both my wife and I have a lot of experience judging when it is perfect and when it is not. Guys who think that they are capable of doing nothing other than press the "laugh button" instead of giving a productive and meaningful opinion, like this OptimoMaximo, are just weak-headed hot air blowers for me.
  19. In itself, you can be very satisfied with the current version if you ignore the still too small texture cache. Even in 100 years, Linden will not realize that modern built regions also require a correspondingly higher texture cache in order to avoid that, once you turn around twice, a large amount of textures only have to be reloaded for a long time. This is what the TPVs have, such as Firestorm, understood and implemented for a long time.
  20. Currently we have to be happy if there is an update somewhere because the curfew was imposed on San Francisco due to Covid 19. Thanks to those Linden who still do their work as best as possible.
  21. Just How Bad Can Server Performance Get? As bad as that one who created this region makes it. Around 12,000 active scripts and around 17,000 script events per second are far too much even for a full region if you calculate that an optimal performance, i.e. between 90 and 100%, starts to decrease from around 4500 scripts. A house and a prison plus weather system. Where did he put all the scripts?Yes, it is a huge load of basic reality, but in that case I really only say "blame yourself, no pity". You should inquire beforehand how much a region can withstand but not then whine afterwards. In 12 years in which I am already a region owner, I have never encountered anything like this. Contact support and have it explained to you in detail.
  22. @Mazidox Linden Thanks for the comprehensive information. Let's see what will happen today. My two regions are running version 2020-02-05T22: 16: 31.536040, and so far I can, at least from the obvious bugs like e.g. the problems with crossing the region borders, notice nothing. In general, however, it would be to be welcomed if the information would be just as extensive and informative in the future, because this is precisely the information that is important to us, owners of private regions, e.g. To interpret values or problems correctly and, if there is knowledge, to take appropriate action. You from the quality department are an essential source of information for us and it would be nice if you could also make further information public in addition to the release notes.
  23. @Mazidox Linden Looks like you forgot something. Can we please have the Informations for the RC´s?
  24. @Caleb Linden: You wrote that there won´t be a Rolling Restart for RC tomorrow. Now in the Grid Status i see something different: Rolling Restarts RC Channels Feb 19, 03:00-08:00 PST We will be performing rolling restarts for regions on RC Channels on Wednesday, February 19th. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects and remember to save all builds. Please check this blog for updates. Posted on Feb 18, 06:22 PST So whats going on now?
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