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  1. If you haven't already done so then try this: go to preferences, network tab and then push the clear cache button log out and then reboot your computer. When you log back in sometimes things that were hidden are now back. If it did not appear, Go to your world, account history, and check your transactions for the date of purchase. Copy the transaction for the skin, paste it on a notecard and send to the creator, or the person who your lindens went to. They will likely replace it for you with the proof of purchase....make sure you include your name on the notecad too Good luck!
  2. sometimes things also disappear if your cache gets too full. try going to preferences, network tab and then push the clear cache button log out and then reboot your computer when you log back in sometimes things that were hidden are now back
  3. People here have already mentioned the job posting section here in the forums but inworld you could also check the classified ads there are some there too. If you have a specific skill set you could also create a classifed ad (from your profile) to advertise what you do.
  4. other responders have already to you how to change you body...but a way to see what hair is included in your inventory is to type the word "hair" in your inventory search line. Then items named xyv hair will pop up
  5. As mentioned "Search" in SL will be very helpful. If you click on search you will see a menu for types of events like music or education. There are also many new-comer events. When I first arrived I went to lots of the free classes from building to inventory management. I not only learned about SL but I met lots of other people in the classes too.
  6. I have had loading problems with some of the viewers; have best performance when using the Phoenix Viewer. It can be downloaded at http://www.phoenixviewer.com
  7. If you are not wearing the "box" as some suggested it might be you are wearing a 'demo" vs an actual item. If you buy a demo like hair it will usually have a big sign sticking out of your head with name of shop who made the hair. These are made so you can see how the item looks before buying it.
  8. Someone mentioned they do not see people leaving for business reasons like search...they are lucky. I have lost several SL friends inworld over the last two years due solely to the economics of SL. It started with the homestead fiasco and then just got worse every month. I shop for my business and every day find stores that were, are no longer. Or long time merchants whose sims are now for sale. Now, maybe some have just moved and I can't find them in search...and that is huge issue for everyone, shoppers and merchants. At the very minimum search should be able to provide us with a reliable directory of businesses. If you type in a shops name it should appear front and center, not be buried 20 pages back while totally irrelevant words and locations are upfront.
  9. as mentioned clearing cache often makes the disappeared appear. to clear cache: go to edit preferences the network tab push the clear cache button(s) reboot your computer - not just restart SL, a reboot
  10. Not an easy fix...but a suggestion. Maybe it is time to organize your inventory lol. I recently did this, spending a bit of time every day going through each item and folder. I organized hair by straight, curly, tails and updos; also found a ton of old hair I would not ever wear so reduced my inventory load. Additionally discovered hidden gems I had lost and love all over again. Was so worth the time and effort!
  11. Yes and no...LL's reaction to teens has created lots of impact But, the teens themselves no...they are so few it isnt really even a big enough pool to warrant marketing to specificly
  12. If you are not wearing a face light. It could be the graphics settings on your PC, the gama in your SL preference settings, or your windlight setting. Windlight has been no friend to avatar faces.
  13. Since beauty is in eye of beholder I keep my mouth shut unless they are a nooblet wearing starter stuff. Have met avies that I thought were really horrid looking, but, they thought they were beautiful. Have had custom clients want looks that are so messed I wonder... "why? just why would you want to look like this? lol" So, who's to really say. If you feel fab that is all that counts. We are a big enough world to embrace everything.
  14. There is greater range now I think...back in 06 and 07 almost all of our shop clients wanted shapes 90+ on the tall scale. We had some shorter avies but not as many. About 08 we began getting more requests for shorter styles(but still relative, in the 80 range) and began using our own scale of SL-RL heights (the height finders all just seemed wrong to us). Now clients ask for everything from very short to the very tall. Same with weight, used to be everyone wanted to be skinny but curvier looks are also in more demand. I love the diversity.
  15. I love love the new tattoo layer makeups! Though not sure the skin designers feel the same way. I now buy mostly neutral skins...just one skin where before I might buy a few to have different makeups. Now use the new tattoo layers to change makeup to suit my outfit or occasion. Not all makeups fit the way I would like on every skin so have collected a huge assortment from lipstick only, eyes makeups only, and full face, that I can flip through until find the perfect one.
  16. They also more than doubled the cost for enhancements! Soooo not worth it
  17. For Asian skins the new Curio Jasmine is really nice
  18. Until search is repaired and then left alone there is no point to any advertising or marketing. We take care of our group and customers and then try to just survive while watching our friends sell off sims, close their businesses and more often lately just leave SL
  19. I would love an option to transfer back to original creator only. This would allow me to offer exchanges or refunds on no transfer products and improve customer service
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