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  1. no, there is a cost for the styling folder too just much less than the complete product
  2. looking for a script to drop in a product box that upon clicking would offer my customer a menu with 3 purchasing options: the complete package, partial, demo...does something like that exist?
  3. could you sent all three faces to buy at different prices?
  4. yes doing something like that now...just 3 separate prims per product seems too cluttered. Maybe just need to work on presentation of the prim so they at least appear to be integrated
  5. I sent them a note yesterday but havent heard back...do you know if they have single product vendors with 3 sales options? Just heard from them and they dont offer 3 purchase options so no solution from Caspervend : (
  6. We have hundreds of products in our store and with each product we offer product, a demo, or style card for purchase. Right now we are using 3 distinct prim to accomplish this. Clutter city! Was wondering if there was a single product vendor that might offer three purchase options...anyone using anything like this or have info on? Thanks!
  7. I havent seen anything like you describe. You might post in the "Wanted" section of the forums, maybe someone would know there or be willing to make something for you.
  8. Besides Dr Life, I like Belleza's Aiko skin and I think Laqroki might have an asian skin as well
  9. I agree, learning to edit your prims is super helpful. Many items of clothing jewelry and hair dont fit exactly right out of the box and learning to adjust and tweak them to perfectly fit you will make your avie look more polished overall. You can find free building classes---it doesnt matter what you learn to build or craft the skills used are the same to build a house as to fix your hat hair: ) BTW, hair has a bunch of prims so it not only takes editing skills you will need patience...but worth it. Remember though that this will not work on mesh hair which cannot be edited
  10. Cannot imagine they have a purpose in leaving off perms; there are just many who open shops but really do not understand selling in SL. Personnally when I find a problem with a shop I just do not buy and do not go back. There is little in SL that can only be found in one place. And, even when it is unique, I can find something I like as well even if different. Buying something should be easy, if it is not then I move on.
  11. most shops in SL sell both mesh and non mesh items but Celoe and Cold Logic both sell only mesh apparel
  12. I think most stores still sell both types of clothing. The only stores I know that are only mesh are Celoe and Cold Logic Some of my favorites for all purpose clothing include: Fishy Strawberry, Mon Tissu, Lelutka, GAWK, BAIASTICE, League
  13. My fav tats are from: AITUI, Garden of Ku, and Leti's Tattoo and Piercing
  14. You will need to maybe resize and def need to reposition. One of the most important skills in SL is learning to reposition prims and sculpts which most items in SL are made of..Beware of mesh as it is not modifiable,or any other product that says no modify. Always try a demo if no mod to make sure of fit. If there is no demo..Do NOT buy a no mod item To learn how to modify and reposition take building classes. It does not make any difference what you learn to build as building a house or a magic wand uses the same skills you will need to adjust your hair, jewelry, clothing and even paws. You can find free classes in search/events/education
  15. If you join Belleza's group (there is a fee but small) he gives you several VERY nice male skins
  16. My sim is out too, and has been since Sunday evening. I filed a trouble ticket and was told they couldnt help it was a "global" issue. This hugely impacts sales so I hope they are actively working on resolution
  17. If you dont find at Uncle Web (UW) then check Dura
  18. It is great that things will be automatically received but the special drop space is clunky imo. Items should just fall into objects folder (best) or a inventory received folder (fallback) and not require multiple steps. I have same issue with the LL viewer, while the new beta is certainly better, everything takes more clicks to do or get to, more hunting or work.
  19. It depends, I know the issues of working with SL am not going to pester another merchant with an issue that is not resolvable Understand that RL and SL are sometimes hard to balance and that we all mess up sometimes I am always polite and straightforward as that is how I want to be treated BUT, am waay less tolerant of things like attitude and failure to respond. With my business, I shop everyday and we drive sales for other merchants; if I think a store will not give my customers good service or they just act cranky, I take them off my list of places to go. SL is a big world, we can find what weneed with a nice and helpful merchant someplace else.
  20. I won't buy any clothing that is not mod..resize only makes bigger it does not make "fit" so do not count that as mod
  21. Sometimes it is just an SL thing. I had same message today, but when tried again a bit later it worked fine
  22. Pretty much the easiest way to get linden is to buy it. Other options If you have marketable skills you can find a job or services needed in the help wanted section of the forums or inworld searching the classifieds If you have building skills you can make something and sell it on the marketplace and/or open a shop inworld---this will require an upfront investment of RL money and LOTS of time Search contests and events where you can win linden
  23. Not sure about what styles you are looking for but check out: Redgrave, Connors, Alphamale, SF Design, Aoharu, Mr Poet, Gabriel, hoorenbeek, Sey, Ronsem Those are a few of my regular go to's for men
  24. as a single supplier I like MOCK a lot too... but I often go to Kozmetika as they feature many makeup creators in one spot
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