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  1. In retail I think skin makers likely earn the most but it it highly competitive and you would have to spend a lot of RL time and money up front in creating your product, setting up a store and marketing...assuming you even have the creative skills to make fabulous skins that would put you at the top of the market. Am told escorts can make a decent amount of Linden, especially those who offer RL voice and cam. Understand some charge RL money but you would need to research carefully I would think. Land owners can make decent money in SL but you have to spend large sums of RL money upfront to
  2. There is a skin maker that does photoreal but cannot remember the name so you would need to search around. However, the photoreal ends up looking pretty scary imo. Another solution would be to make a avie that resembles the look you want vs trying to clone the RL picture. You would do that by first making a rough draft of a shape that gives you the right framework ie height, body shape, shape of nose, size shape of eye etc. Once you have the draft shape go to all the skin makers and look for skins that resemble the look you want. Do NOT buy a skin yet, just grab up demos. Then go to hair
  3. I will send you some lm's on a notecard inworld but I like this men's fashion blog: http://irregularguy.wordpress.com/ Also there is a super men's group that can offer assistance called Men's Stuff. The link to there page is: http://stuff-sl.com/menstuff/
  4. You could try to contact the owner inworld and see if could resolve the issue on a avie to avie level.
  5. On your Dashboard you will find a section titled Linden Exchange. Click on "Manage" then "Sell" Go down to the second spot where you can enter the exchange information. The Sell Linden Dollars (Market Sell) section is immediate but gives a poor exchange rate. Using Offer to Sell Linden Dollars (Limit Sell) type in the amount you wish to sell and the exchange rate you want...right now if want a pretty quick turn around it is around $250/$1 USD. It could take minutes or hours to complete but you will get more for your money. Once you recieve notice that the sell order has been filled go b
  6. I use the Marketplace to search for items but will only buy online if I know the seller or it is VERY inexpensive. Otherwise I will tp to the inworld store. I find the online pictures do not always reflect the true quality of the product. If someone does not have a inworld store I will not buy at all unless, as above, it is super cheap so if I end up deleting it because of quality then I am not out much.
  7. I pay for premium membership and inworld business costs like rent, marketing, and items needed for our products but all are covered by profits generated inworld, so I guess we pay nothing. I used to spend more of my profits inworld but since LL borked search, business has been slower. To try and retain as much of my RL income from SL reduced personal spending to almost 0. Gave up my residential home land, so no more tier there and purchase nothing not business related. Even with business expenses we have cut down. Where we used to hire more staff, give bonuses that our staff could then go
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