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  1. Looking for a new logo for my fashion blog. Need a good designer. Please IM me inworld, Grace Silverweb.
  2. Can anyone tell me where this skin is from please? :)
  3. Failing oracul, you can try Akeyo or Vista. But they're much more expensive than Oracul
  4. But i don't know what the hair is called so I can't wear it
  5. Oracul has by far the best ao's which are the cheapest of all the places I know. They're definitely not boring It's on the sim Kuso.
  6. Nope It's really annoying me that I can't find it lol. I thought maybe someone might recognise it and know where it's from
  7. Thanks, i've tried searching every word associated with hair that I could possibly think of and can't find it lol. And it was waaayy too long ago to look in my transaction history x
  8. Hi All, So i bought a hair in world a while ago and I wanted to wear it recently but can't find it anywhere in my inventory because I can't remember what it's called or where I bought it from. I've attached 3 images of the hair below. Or look closer on my photobucket http://s1178.photobucket.com/albums/x370/GraceSilverweb/ Is there anyyyone that knows where it could be from or recognises it please? Thanks :)
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