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  1. =O Thank you!!! I changed my graphics preference and they look SO much better. I am a little laggy though =( . Oh well, can't have everything I guess.
  2. Yeah I put on the base and still it all just looks a mess :smileysad:
  3. Grrrr I hate being new! I have been wrestling to get these black pumps to fit for DAYS. I try to resize them but they just keep ending up looking horrible. When I zoom in on them, they're fine and look great but when I zoom out they start to like disappear in some spots and just look all chewed up and weird. I don't get it. Why can't we just put on shoes and have them fit? Is there like a button that you click that automatically fits the shoes to ur foot?
  4. Basically I bought a pair of shoes and cannot find them anywhere in my inventory. I have tried looking under objects, recent, putting in search terms, making sure I actually bought it. I just cannot find them! Any help would be appreciated.
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