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  1. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Chronometria, I don't think anyone would call me antisocial, but my socializing is not in places were the discussions that would interest you are likely to take place. I once attended a social club like you mentioned and found that I had little patience for the posturing I saw. You don't seem to be detached. I don't think I'm detached. So, are we antisocial or simply more circumspect about that aspect of our character, saving our discussions for the peer that matters most? This I think is about as clear an answer as you'll get. Doms into RP hang out at RP places and as such posturing is all 'part of the game' and this can include a very aloof approach. And of course they do get pestered (by subs and others) but I presume they mustn't mind that too much because otherwise they wouldn't hang out at such places (IMO of course). Doms who can't be bothered with the public posturing part of SL are harder to identify, many of them are quite happy to look and act just like anyone else - until of course they are rping with a sub (usually in private). All of the above (apart from Maddy's quote) are of course my own personal opinion based on my experience in SL. Good luck :smileywink:
  2. Just starting if anyone wants to pop over
  3. Just a word of cautionary advice Lillie - not knowing any of the background or the people involved myself - be careful you are not being drawn into 'drama'. But then I am a cynic :-) Good luck my friend.
  4. I've never owned an apple product in my life but that doesn't mean I don't recognise the contribution Steve Jobs made to the technology industry - and as such to everyone across the planet. He fought a good fight and he will be missed by many. Bill Gates did a lovely tribute to him last night.
  5. Dillon you were missed - if only to keep Maddy busy and away from feeding people. I will catch up with you soon and give a private tour. :smileywink:
  6. Not only did Maddy attend (sadly no show from Snugs) she kept Bar and fed people. I'm expecting the insurance claims to hit the door mat on Monday. But the effort is great appreciated in the spirit in which it was given. (as it were).
  7. *Desists from making comments about trenchcoats and bushes. I'm an good girl I am. :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  8. You two are a wee bit scarey - I really do need a break!!! :smileyhappy:
  9. Marigold Devin wrote: And the whole list made me realise that I am, after all, just like the majority of people! (And I thought I was unique :matte-motes-sour:) I'm not quite at number 7 yet. Or maybe I am, and have been in denial for over a year. Ohhh I just don't know! On these points I know what you mean. For ages I thought I was just a precious little flower having all these thoughts and second thoughts about SLife, SLUniverse, and everything. Then I start talking about it and it seems everyone else feels the same - so much for me being a unique presence on the grid! To be honest I'm wondering what a couple of months away from SL will do - will I want to come back to SL or will it fade into insignificance as RL things crowd the space I set aside for it... I have no idea. My prem membership is paid till Sept - so I'll have to make some sort of decision I guess. I'm sort of hoping I'll come back with renewed interest tempered with the knowledge that SL (like all good things) needs to be savoured and not gorged. Marigold Devin wrote: Mags, would be interested what you think of Twitter - truly. I've got two Twitter accounts, two FBs, and I just can't get into it. It seems toooooo.... brain-deadening. To me. Or do I mean inane. I'll think about this. I'm off to cook bolognese. Catch up with this thread later. I just started on Twitter and with help from Suella it's getting there, but I think it's patience and building up a group of people to follow that you actually find interesting or at least entertaining. I also began a 'RL' one, that might take longer to get going. I'm not sure to be honest if I'll stick with it, but I can see how it could help people from SL keep easily in contact without actually being online - almost like an Instant Messaging service. I'm hoping it might keep me a little in contact with SL without getting lured into grand debates in these forums. :smileyindifferent: I had an RL Facebook account but deleted it last week. I got fed up of the way they run it. It's not so much that selling my info matters too much to me - I have little to hide and even less to spend - but it's the principle of the thing. Plus I hardly ever used it. I guess I'm hoping I may make more of an effort with Twatter... erm sorry... Twitter - but I have doubts. Enjoy the bolognese - it's bedtime and now I feel hungry :smileysad:
  10. Janelle Darkstone wrote: <snipped> 6. Suddenly, the Great Deletion: removes all prims from land and lowers sale price until a random land bot comes and purchases it. 7. Uninstalls SL and adamantly denies even setting foot in Second Life. Rediscovers Real Life. 8. Months or years later decides to come back to see if there's anything new. Finds a tentative balance between SL and RL. Maybe. You've been following me around!!! :smileytongue:
  11. I'm inclined to take a break from forums too - it is a bit like being on the fringes. I'm trying to figure out twitter, with help from Suella (bless her). See - always new things to try :smileysurprised:
  12. I'm probably the totally wrong person to contribute here - but that's never stopped me before - so here I go. Yes I too have been 'suffering' in SL for some time - not ready to leave yet finding it difficult to find anything to stay for. Like Marigold there are times in the past I would love to revisit - but I don't want to do the whole thing all over. As you said - spending that amount of time and neglecting RL that much is not just not possible anymore - I'm not prepared to do it. I've grown tired of the drama that inevitably comes if one gets involved with things in SL, but not being involved in anything means that there doesn't seem much point either. So yesterday, after weeks of pondering, I made a decision. I have removed my build and belongings, put my land up for sale and I'm going to take a holiday from SL. Once everything is sorted I'm taking off until the end of August - a summer break. During this time I hope to get back to running after an absence of almost 2 years due to ill health and injury - I look forward to getting fit again, fingers crossed. I also hope to watch a little more TV, read a few more books and even have a pint or three in a beer garden from time to time - weather permitting. At the end of August, if I do come back to SL, I want to have some 'project' to immerse myself in, because otherwise I really don't see the point of being here/there. I have an idea or two and if I feel they are viable (in that they will keep my attention but not demand shedloads of time and energy) I shall give it a 'go'. Time will tell, I have a feeling most people experience these feelings after spending a while in SL - three and a half years is not bad - maybe I just deserve that holiday. I'm looking forward to reading great posts on this, terrific thread Nacy :smileyhappy: Edited for typos and damn format thing - hasn't fixed it I think.
  13. Elisheva Sopwith wrote: Mags Indigo wrote: If all that determines for you when something is right ot wrong is when they have broken a law - been legally wrong - well any argument I could make would seem silly after that. The analogy was ridiculous because you were equating financial crime with someone pissing you off on a personal level. I demonstrated to you how ridiculous it was by pointing that out. You responded by backpedalling and pretending you were only saying that deliberately going out of your way purely to try to hurt people is wrong. This is a completely different point, and an inane, facile one at that. The analogy was stupid, and it was yours, not mine. As was the intellectual dishonesty. Mags Indigo wrote: You also keep referring to 'me' - actually I don't do pixel porking or SL 'romances' I thought it was obvious that the situations involving 'you' and 'me' were hypothetical in order to demonstrate the points you have been constantly choosing to miss. If I had instead referred to 'person x' and 'person y', would that have made any difference? Are you able to argue with what I actually said, or is shifting goalposts the only trick you have? Can you argue that people don't have the right to retain privacy on the internet, or can you only complain because I rhetorically referred to you and me to create a hypothetical example? More intellectual dishonesty. You can't refute what I said. You can only jabber about irrelevant matters of rhetoric. Pathetic. Mags Indigo wrote: If anyone wants to see what I actually said and mean they can read back through the number of posts I have made to this thread - I have no intentions of recovering old ground ad infinitum - so I shall now bow out. Indeed. They will see you equating financial crime with preserving their privacy on the internet. They will see you squirming when called on this, and pretending instead that you were only trying to say that it's not nice to be horrible to people. They will see me presenting you with a few hypothetical situations, saying 'So suppose I did this to you', and your only recourse being a complaint that I didn't use Jane and John instead. There's something you should know about me, Mags. I don't care - really, really, really don't care - about losing an argument on the internet. In fact my masochistic side almost likes it. It challenges me, makes me change the way I think, gives me new perspectives, and, if I'm lucky, helps me to rip out someone else in a future debate. It's fun. What I cannot stand is intellectual laziness and intellectual dishonesty, and that's all you've offered in this exchange. Edited to fix formatting. What I see is someone who has a very different view on interpersonal relationships on the internet/SL than I do. Someone who picks and chooses her points to make what I determine to be rather inane points of her own. My withdrawal from this 'discussion' may be intellectual laziness to you - to me it is actually recognition of the fact that you refuse to see anything but what you want to see written on a screen. Good luck to you, if you call this winning an argument - or indeed me losing one that's fine by me. I know what I have stated many times - even if you constantly choose not to see it. I am in awe of your ability to do that. Now I really am out of here.
  14. Suella Ember wrote: This, on the other hand, very clearly is artificial and is 100% proof that aliens once populated Mars: OHHH - it's great Aunt Mable - I always wondered what happened to her after that party - would never have guessed she was an alien... ...then again...
  15. Nacy Nightfire wrote: I'm replying to MYSELF! :matte-motes-agape: "I like to think, even in a virtual world, people look at the big picture and take care of each other." Actually I don't THINK this. It would be ideal for me if it were the case. I think quite the opposite is the sad reailty. But I think in both RL and SL when you communicate directly to a person...for example you read on someones profile that they are 22 and they want to DATE you and you tell them anyone under 35 is too young for you. Then they come back and say they lied on their profile and they are really 40. You date for a while, 'break up with the person/avatar" because something seems a bit odd about this 40 year old, and find out afterwards they are even younger then 22. How can that be ok or the fault of the person who gets duped? This can happen in SL and the naive will learn this after a few hard and unpleasant knocks in SL since its out of the frame of reference for many people that anyone would go to such an effortto lie to another person, just for kicks. It happens, yes, but its also a sad and discouraging statement about what people will do if their identity is hidden. We all have to toughen up, but it still is an unpleasant comment about RL and the how people act. And certainly in RL, there are people who lie to their lovers and spouses all the time about affairs and finances, etc. Should we take the approach that they are ridiculous for trusting these people or ever taking a person at his/her word in an intimate relationship? I think the standards DO change in partnerships vs random good friends you make in SL. If no one asks when a partnership is formed, and/or there's a defined role-play scenario..then anything goes. But if its a contract between two people which leaves you vulnerable to deeper emotional feelings, one would hope there would be some respect for the expressed desires of the other person to back off if they aren't what is expected. I'm putting on my flac jacket to add a comment to your post. In discussions like this I never wish to give the impression that I think everyone in SL, on the internet - or even RL for that matter - needs to tell casual acquaintances anything about themselves. I'll go a step further it's even ok in my book (not that it should matter to anyone else) to invent a fantasy life if one wants to share that with casual acquaintances - that's easier done on the internet and SL than in RL granted - but I have seen it happen in RL too, for short periods at any rate. (The old 'of course I'm not married - I live in a flat in **** and am just visiting my brother for the weekend' being a classic RL one in pubs and clubs around the world). And as you point out if no questions are asked and everyone is happy with fantasy land - no harm done to anyone. Where the whole thing gets muddy is when relationships go beyond casual, and the myth-maker (seems a reasonable tag) goes to every length they can think of to encourage the 'other' to believe their fantasy is actually an RL truth - sometimes (actually most times) inventing yet another fantasy life (a little or a lot different from their SL and RL ones) to draw the other person into an illusion. I know of one person who actually took a plane journey to meet their 'partner' only to be left waiting at the airport with no one to greet them. Maybe some find that funny, I'm afraid I can't. Deception is never right IMO - but deception should not be confused with people acting out a 'game' with no ill intent... it changes when the intent changes. If I know someone likes me (perish the thought) and wants to get to know me in RL, I would be hugely unjustified (IMO) to lead them on with lies to allow them, even encourage them, to think that will happen. To me, in cases like that - it is emotional fraud, and though not illegal like the financial one (even though in both cases the 'victims' may be equally gullible) is at least as reprehensible to me. At a time when the internet is rapidly becoming the most popular way for people to communicate, and internet dating is the way many 'minority' groups (older than 35, with kids, disability, broke, gay, lesbian. transgendered etc etc etc) meet prospective partners, it is no longer a given that everyone on an internet platform 'knows' that it's all fair game and that to trust even the most seemingly credible of people is merely stupid. It's not about not having fun, or having to be 'real' all the time - it's about considering the impact that our fantasies can have on another human being. If hurt happens and one didn't realise they were causing it - that's one thing - if someone goes all out to deliberately deceive someone else knowing that they are being cruel - that's something else entirely. Yes I'm old, cranky and possibly even old-fashioned, but to me that's basic decency and the need for that doesn't go away just because one turns on a computer and enters in a fantasy name to get onto a virtual platform. Now I really do need to take a bath and possibly get a little drunk.