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  1. I basically state who i am, who im married/ partnered to, and a small sentence of affection, nothing showy. I also list things i do in SL, and what we do for fun and entertainment. I too find it weird when i see the check boxes stating they are loved, taken or whatever..i think that pretty much insults everyone's intelligence, or its bragging, take your pick. I know i am, i certainly don't need to make a believer out of anyone else. As far as threatening others to stay away from "my man" good lord, if you have trust issues you may as well rent a billboard and let all of SL know, your partner can't be trusted to be faithful. I would think it would be insulting to anyone if that was in their partners profile.
  2. Yes i too run across SL ians that i wonder how they had the intelligence to turn on their computer that day, and evidently never purchased much in RL, or they would know "buyer beware" or if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I buy off the Marketplace for the most part anymore, and i do read all reviews of products, if i feel that they might be a bit iffy. However i once was scammed by a very big rental company in SL for $175 USD. I was releasing the property back to them, sent them the required notice via their website, sent them inworld via notecard, and by email to the rental manager and they still took the next payment from paypal. They of course refused to return it, after many tries on my part, and i was extremely upset. But i did learn from it, how to stop payments on PayPal, a learning experience all in itself, but at least i will know next time. Trust no one in SL to be honest when it comes to money. Even the biggest names, longest in business, biggest on the grid, once they have your money, its going to be pretty hard to get it back. However i am always refreshingly surprised when a merchant has good business service and morals, and perhaps that is how a purchase from someone that can always remain anonymous on the internet should be experienced.
  3. First off Catherine, you have been hacked. More than likely you clicked on a notice or a group IM that offered something "FREE" and they got your password to your dashboard account. The hacker changed your e-mail addy once they were in your account. The fact that LL notified your previous e-mail address that it had been changed, gave you an opportunity to see the problem. You must never click on any sight that is offered in SL, no matter how good the deal is, unless you know the person, or trust the group, but even then, they could have been hacked, so i trust none of them. It will take you to a log in page, that looks identical to the LL log in, but its fake, and they will grab your password as you try and log in. This is not LL"s fault, so be aware this sort of thing goes on in SL all day every day, and if you want or need freebies, go into the marketplace on your own secure log in, and check them out there.
  4. The type of lag you are experiencing would be due to the sim performance, if it isn't happening on other sims. Sim performance can be lagged down by highly or poorly scripted items on the sim, and loads of textures that are constantly loading. People entering and leaving a sim over and over again, constant loading and unloading avatars, can affect a sims's performance as well. Highly scripted avatars can and will affect a sim's performance also, especially if there are several. If your avatar and viewer are doing well in other sims, its not your computer or viewer. A good rule of thumb if your'e going into a crowded sim, and to be considerate of others, is to script down to less than 100 scripts, and less than 3MB of usage on your avatar.
  5. STArRIDER'S FALL RALLY IS 100 % RENTED OUT WITH OVER 60 MC's REPRESENTED ! ** (( Anyone wishing to sponsor some events with merchandise, gift cards or cash prizes to promote your biker related business, we are welcoming you to become involved. Contact kinda Fallen in game and we will be delighted to add you to the vendors participating as game/contest/entertainment promotional sponsors.)) *Keep an eye out for updates to the rally schedule, and info givers that update from server are available to set out at your business, MC or club. ** should further rentals arise for any reason, contact kinda Fallen to get on the list waiting for rental openings.
  6. In need of a full sim as soon as possible, will pay according to how much tier is left paid for the month. Pls contact me or Devil Loordes in world. We will pay transfer fees if the sim price is reasonable.
  7. I am looking to buy a sim today, full sim, private region. Please contact me with offers, I am looking to buy today, and will consider all offers, but will take the best one of course. If I should not be on line, please send your offer by way of notecard. Thank you in advance for any information or forthcoming offer. Contact: DEVIL LOORDES or KINDA FALLEN in world.
  8. Hi Casey, glad you can use SL to try your wings, and just to let you know, there is a big tansgendered community in SL. There are some groups you could even join. While i am not transgendered, i have seen a few that handle the situation like this; they dress the gender that they most feel like they are, and in their RL page, they advise their transgendered situation. Hope this helps, and that you can find your way to RL as who you need to be.
  9. ╔═.☆ ★ .═══.☆ ★ .════════════════════════════╗ As the sun sets on the desert and the moon rises on the highway..the StarRider rules the mother road, on his steel horse. Come and ride one of the most beautiful cruising tracks in all of SL, from the ground up 2500 M to the Lost Dutchman Mine run, ghost town. Come relax, ride, navigate the tunnels, hit the jumps and find the eagle circling the gorge below..at StarRiders..open for all to ride and enjoy. (Bikes only) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StarRider/111/170/25 ╚═══════════════════════════════════. ☆ ★ .═╝
  10. My partner and i have just completed an amazing riding sim for motorcylists. From the ground up to 2500 M, chocked full of sites from the old Route 66, and ends at the Lost Dutchman Mine Run, at the top. It takes about an hour to ride the entire ride, has some fun surprises along the way. StarRider is the sim name, and its a nuetral fun cruising track, provided as an entertainment venue from Shooting Star Entertainment. So..get your kicks on Route 66 and come ride, all are welcome, bring your friends. No group to join, and you may rez out your bike anywhere on the sim.
  11. Hey Caramel, my suggestion perhaps would be to find a group that has like interests and get involved. Right now the big thing in SL has become Motor Clubs, most have never been real bikers but i have met some clubs that seem to really have a great time together. They hang out and talk, or go out dancing, or go see some sights together in SL. I am not part of this one, but the Mongooses seem to have a really good time and they are just some good folks. If your interests don't lie in something like that, investigate groups under search and see what might be out there to look into. Have a great SL, it is an amazing world, and even better when you find some great folks to share it with.
  12. Good lord i just wasted 3 hours of my life i will never get back. Does anyone have the actual list of dirty words we cannot use in Event Listings? Or know where to find them? Thanks guys and gals, your'e always a big help.
  13. Before you panic about something not showing up, or working right, relog into a quiet sim and see if it fixes itself.
  14. I am not sure if this would work, but put the land in a group that is different from the Club VIP group, and only allow script usage by those in the land group. He would have to add his employees to the group that allows script usage. Many places have had to resort to this. (in other words don't enable scripts to the general public)
  15. I think its high time Linden Labs hired a real marketing person.
  16. So are they saying they are letting 13 yr olds with parental consent onto the main grid? If anyone gets caught having carnal relations with them will be neutered immediately, and their account closed and all inventory, $L and cash in their account confiscated? Just how is anyone to know who is underage and who is not? Yeah this should be fun. As far as sexual content, has anyone dared to shop the Market Place outside of their home, your friends would be convinced it was a porn site. There is more male and female genitalia in living color than you'd care for your mom to get a gander at. If LL tries to shut down the sexual nature of the game, sad to say, they may as well shut down the grid.
  17. This is only my theory, but I think much of the problems our computers are encountering right now is that any current viewer we are using, is working off both SSB and Client side baking. Its double work for the computer. I have personally noted the fading texture problems as well as my computer heating up incredibly more so than before all this started. Am very much hoping once the viewers go to one type of baking, our computers will get a break from being so overtaxed.
  18. While there are lots of free things to do in SL, lets not forget the cost of those that supply those "free" things for you to do. There's almost no need left for "traffic" any longer in SL, with the use of the Market Place negating most needs for shopping malls any longer. So about the only way anyone can make a few $L to offset their cost is through the unfortunate choice from the very beginning of SL, and that is TIPPING or DONATIONS. We do tribute band shows, and to produce a quality show, purchasing the audio so that it is not pirated, the stage, the lighting, creation of the avatars I can safely say it takes us no less than $2K to get a new show in the box. That would not include many of our huge shows, where on a few we have even paid for custom scripts. We do get paid by the person that hires us, but it is nominal to be sure everyone one in our band gets paid something for being in and part of the show. The main way we have to make the money we need to stay in production is by tipping, or donations. Sadly I can say the same 10% of our audience does all the tipping, while the others will scoot out as close to the end of the show as they can, not to have to tip. This brings up another situation, the people that hire us. They are bringing these concerts to their clientele at an out of pocket expense, for usually their club. Lord knows why anyone would want to open and try to be a success at a nice and entertaining in club in SL, it is really nothing more than a money pit for them, and for the most part it is thankless. So realistically, throw 5 bucks a week into your account, and show some appreciation to those that pay dearly to bring you that entertainment. It may be just this effort that will keep your favorite place open. I think as adults we all know entertainment isn't free, most all of us are paying for cable TV and still have to watch commercials. So next time you're having a great time, throw a $100 L into the donation jar, that's only like 40 cents, and if you can't afford that occasionally, lol get out and cut off the internet.
  19. I would highly recommend your friend simply pick up the phone and call customer service. They are extremely helpful and in billing situations, or where an account may have been hacked they would bend over backwards to help. If she isn't willing to do that, then I too believe there may be more to her story than she is telling you, and beware of those in the game that will scam money from you to try and "right" a not so honest situation. Good luck on getting things straightened out, and I hope she is telling you the truth and/ or she isn't scamming for money. Take care..you have to watch your back in this game.... hmm something I just thought of, there were some serious hackers in SL recently that offered free items if you logged in to what looked like an LL sign in screen for the Market Place. Once logged in on that screen, they had the password and the Second Life name, and could have entered it and gained access to her banking information on file. She should contact her bank and ask for the exact name of the company that's incurring the charges on her account. It may be something very close to the Linden Labs name, but isn't the real Linden Labs. If there isn't any verification on the transaction history on the account, from Linden Labs side, then someone else is doing it. Good luck, I am sure all of us would like to hear how things turn out. I highly recommend to everyone to get a PayPal account and use that for your financial transactions with LL.
  20. Recently, about the time LL was launching the new update to the sims, facilitating server side baking, my PC's fans started gearing up to high speeds every time I either cam into something close, or cam around. This is an HP desktop not quite 2 years old. Windows 7 64 bit, AMD Phenom II X6 Processor, 8.0 GB, AMD Radeon HD 6570 graphics card. I am using the latest version of Firestorm, graphics set on Medium, draw distance below 100. I recently took the box out, opened and vacuumed all the dust out everything, and the problem still continues. I open Specy and watch my mother board and CPU hit upwards of 150 deg F. and soon after the fans start revving. I'm a bit worried I am damaging the mother board or CPU from being in SL. Or it's already damaged. Anyway, any advice or input would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)
  21. If youv'e never experienced a concert in SL, its a real treat, especially if its done by SHOOTING STAR ENTERTAINMENT! This weekend were doing ROB ZOMBIE CARNIVAL OF THE DEAD FRIDAY NIGHT AT 6PM-come and check out Rob, he is as real as real can be, the concert is clear, snap as a tack, we will make you feel like YOU ARE THERE! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Laconia/111/81/21 SATURDAY AT 3PM THE ONE AND ONLY OZZY! at the Cathedral of Oz. Don't miss the awesome tunes, the incredible stage, lighting and pyro like you've never seen before in SL ! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bound%20For%20Pleasure/200/189/3000 SATURDAY AT 7PM THE FAMOUS STARLIGHT ROOM HOSTS MAROON-5 ! Awesome music, new concert for Shooting Star, can't wait to get the feedback on this one ! Of cours its clear as a bell, lights, stage, band awesome! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Terric/47/196/32 "WE BRING GREAT BANDS TO LIFE ! "
  22. Anyone else having tip jar problems, etc in SL today?? we are getting :: [12:30] There has been a problem transferring L$. This error has been logged and reported. ???? whats up Mr. Linden ???
  23. From reading the Curio blog, what info i am gleaning is, whomever copyrights their content first wins. It would only make sense if you are depending on RL income from your business in SL, you had best protect it with a copyright. First of all, i am not sure threatening anyone with DMAC is a good idea until you have legal proof the content is yours, and that takes a copyright time stamped prior to the date the other content hit the grid. Getting a copyright would not require you to register your business, but in LL's eyes, makes you the legal owner of it.
  24. ditto, cant get back in either Also, SL main page website appears to be down as well, rutro this can't be good.
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