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  1. I've figured this will likely be the end result and have explained as much to her. It makes the most sense after all… But I had to double and triple check to be sure is all.
  2. I've already told her it’s something she probably did as well. I can't prove it though to be fair and maybe I'm at fault for trying to give a person the benefit of the doubt. I have not seen the ticket reply so it's possible there are missing bits of information. My concern, and perhaps it was premature, was trying to stay ahead of the issue and make sure all avenues of resolution have been exhausted from our end is all. You never know after maybe others ran into the same or similar problem.
  3. To my knowledge, and I've clarified it may not be gospel at this point, is the first account was locked for valid charges but she was unable to pay it is unable to pay that past due balance. The secnod account and such were ones she had on the back burner not per say new more so as unused I guess is the better way to put it. Now as I understand the TOS they can lock those acounts becasue the first is locked bascilly. My concern though is if the accounts were locked and with no billing info then how are the charges still going through? To answer "Why is it always "friends" coming to the
  4. I may not have all the information that much I'll give you. It's still a bit back and forth after all between her and linden labs on what they can see, what she can prove. So yes I'll concede there may still be facets I do not have in their entirety. My post is not per say to flame Linden Labs and their bad way of handling things. I’m sure there is more that goes into these things than I will ever know. What my post is aimed to do is to get advice from the community on if people have run into this before, or heard of something like this and to get advice on actions that could be taken to reac
  5. The title I admit isn’t 100% accurate but I was at a slight loss for how to put it. A friend of mine had a few issues back in December with her primary account. Namely her bank was showing charges to Second Life that were not of her doing. She of course had her bank stop the charges but then SL locked the account. Second Life claims the charges were valid because the sim the charges were made from was one she frequented. I mean sure that makes sense a hacker needs to teleport out of where they log you in after all to run up a bill. But either way that was their story and they were sticking to
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