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  1. I would do you one even better Christopher, no free accounts period. Perhaps a platinum premium that allowed up to 5 extra avatars for use in business, etc. Everyone would get a stipend that amounted to something on their account. Since LL decided to let anyone and everyone play free, it has created insurmountable problems. Its way too easy to create an account for 15 minutes of griefing, or whatever else malicious they do. Back in the day, before free accounts, SL was an incredible place to be. Great clubs that did not have to pay people to show up and enjoy their establishment and entertainment. People did not get into drama or cause problems for fear of being banned. People had money to spend, and most were not looking for handouts. Now most people keep to themselves, because they have met so many wackos and creeps, no one really cares to form longstanding friendships any longer. Just my feelings, i would go back to the way things used to be here in a heartbeat, and gladly pay for it.
  2. When filing an A/R it helps to include as much info, proof, and documentation as possible. Include screen shots, photos, copies of open chat and IM's if they include threats that concern the incident. They can not do anything with he said, she said implications as to what may have happened. If your sim is going down 20-30 times, i can assure you LL is more than concerned. I think it was a sad day when LL started free accounts, and there's room for the unlimited creation of alts for the 10-15 min needed to do a good grief. Perhaps one premium account could have room for 3-5 sub accounts for necessary alts, but the totally free system of SL accounts, has led to insurmountable problems in this game. It would also be nice if you banned one avatar from your sim, all of its alts were banned as well. If it takes a hard drive ban, so be it. If all else fails, i can advise picking up the phone and calling customer service, they have always gone out of their way to help me, for many problems i have experienced in SL, but file your A/R first, or they will advise you to do that, and it starts the entire process all over again. SL has become progressively worse over the past 5 years, so many wackos, so few people to even bother to get to know, much less having friendships form. To run a club you have to pay people to come and enjoy your establishment and entertainment. It's not how it used to be, and i miss it.
  3. Yes everyone head for the showers, am sure most of the addicted are probably due one about now anyway. Then plan dinner for the kids, oh yeah them small avatars that run through the house every once in awhile, call your husband and bug him at work, complain a lot about SL being down, call back at lunch time tell him you're bored. He won't **bleep** so much about the internet fees i bet..lets see lets seee..what else can we do..omg the vacuum, that's what has been sitting in that dark corner low these many months..lol just sayin, there's lots to catch up on, maybe it should be a weekly thing..hmmm wonders whose family could be suing LL for alienation of affection?
  4. There would have to be one big responsibility I would like to mention. Being that most of us are anonymously hidden behind our avatars, the big one for me, that runs my daily life in SL is " DO NO HARM". I think we see a lot of emotional harm that comes in SL, some we can take blame for, some that is beyond our control. Emotional safety has become alarmingly fragile in SL, but if your a grown up and can act like one, you won't let your mouth overload your arse. (And you won't believe half of what is told to you standing in front of pink and blue pose balls, lol)
  5. Traffic has increased because they are giving away that bear !!!! lol you'd think he was made of gold or something..lolol..LL can always figure out a way to shoot themsleves in the foot can't they??
  6. Since the new update for the MarketPlace for the new delivery folder in inventory, the site has been next to unusable. I have searched around on LL blog for info but i see nothing. The pages take FOREVER to load now, sometimes you can actually make it to your cart to buy before your page times out. I can only imagine everyone's sales must be suffering. Seems to work better on Mozilla, rather than Explorer now, but not by much. Any info out there if there is a good work around on this, lemme know, thanks :))
  7. Hi Caemlyn, love the rant..ive been in SL as long too..remember the days when "Your Imagination, Your World"? Wow we could invent, build, create and never worry that LL would try and undermine our lives to make a buck of their own. Loved the gambling, seems Avination has figured out how to have gambling, with i would hazard to say 80% less in resources and probably even less financially. Then those that had little rentals were undermined by Linden homes. Well at least we could hook up with some friends and go shopping..oopps LL took over Xstreet, now the lovely malls are gone, and no need for traffic anymore..so the great clubs are about gone..sighs...Their viewer is nightmare, i don't care how many wiki's they make, or tutorials, you can not make a silk purse out of a sows ear. I am glad that the Phoenix people carry on and try and make great viewers that are based on common sense, and not alot of show-offy hoo haw. Not alot of reasons to stay in SL, and more seem to be slipping away, I think LL must stay up nights to think of things that make SL less and less attractive to the new player, and antagonize the old ones...so much for my rant, didn't mean to steal your thunder and btw happy rez day !
  8. Oh man those were the days, you and i got into several "discussions" under my alts name, they were great, loved it. Heated yes, passionate about our own beliefs, damn skippy. I think many times these discussions rallied around things LL did not want to hear, criticisms about the game and its management. I truly believe this is why they attempted to shut down the original idea of a forum. But they were never ones to look at the needs of the player in SL, their viewer is a good example. I would love to see a section of this forum called "anything goes" no holds barred, fun fun fun for everyone..i think that would bring back alot of the amazing forum posters of the past. Missin the good ol days...
  9. Were it me, i would not cancel or change or get alts, but let him stalk you, let your new BF know what is going on, and then start taking in documentation of threats, what he is doing etc. and then AR his arse, and send a list of alts, and ask for a hard drive ban from SL. Be sure any IM's or threats have a date and time stamp, turn all this in with your A/R report. If he is just hanging around, theres not much you can do other than ignore and mute him, he probably will get tired of that, as soon as you stop making alts, and making it more of a challenge than it needs to be.
  10. What was a joke, was yesterday Phoenix/Firestorm tried to have a meeting on 4 sims, and was running the meeting about these new policies on TreetTV. The sims crashed one by one, as they got them back up, finally they were about able to get into the meeting and i'll be darned if LL didn't decide to restart the main sim where the meeting was being broadcast from, for the new roll out. I dunno, seemed sorta coincidental to me, a bit too much. As far as no one can have anything in their viewer that LL does not, first of all in the past to be a TPV all new additions to a viewer had to be approved first, but now, this just ends any reason for the TPV's to write new code, test it, etc..seems a real shame when SL used to be "YOUR WORLD, YOUR IMAGINATION" sorta place.
  11. LL will help you, they have helped me in the past. You must provide bonified proof of her threats, keep copies of all IM's and open chat where she has threatened you. Take snap shots of her avi's if she keeps creating them to get in the club. Set your settings to not let in avi's less than a week old, or longer your preference. When you AR her, turn in all copies of the IM's, photo's etc..and ask for a hard drive ban. If you know her alts, turn in a list of them as well. They do not condone, nor turn a blind eye to threats in SL. Just be sure you have your documentation in order first. No he said, she said stuff..they can't do much about that, you must have solid proof with date and time stamps on it, so it can be verified. Hope this helps.
  12. Yes it is possible to be sick of life..to me we live in a very artificial world. Our ancestors worked from dawn to dark, just to most times survive. Now days, we have cable TV with 15 different views on the world, all vying for your attention, so of course everything has to be and sound alot worse than it is to provide the proper drama to keep you entertained. The internet is full of the same, working you into a frenzy about some such nonsense or another. No one is stuck, if its a bad marraige, or a horrid job..find your hope, find your faith that even the slightest thing you do today to either get out or cope, is a win for you. Frankly we have way too much time on our hands now days, so perhaps you could find a volunteer situation that would put some air under your wings. But get off Fox news, stay out of politics, move yourself forward every day in any way you can. List making works wonders for a sense of accomplishment. Even in the midst of war torn Europe, a young Jewish girl found hope and faith in a book called the Diary of Anne Frank, i sincerely hope you find yours.
  13. Sy Beck wrote: So far no advertiser would seriously consider it because most users use TPVs, who would/could block any advertising, and any such introduction of embedded advertising into the LL viewer would force the number of TPV users even higher. So what would LL have to do to secure that advertising dollar? Firstly, remove any information showing what TPVs other users might be using apart from the LL viewer, don't want advertisers seeing that LL doesn't control the monopoly on viewers or even a sizeable majority of the market and then secondly, dictate that all TPVs must adhere to the same viewer experience that will be rammed down the throats of V2/V3 users, namely advertising. Slap me on the ass and call me Susan if this isn't on the cards. I must agree Sy, it sure looks like a plan to skew subscriptions numbers, and for what other reason do you do this? Anyone thats ever been in advertising knows this immediately, so you can sell advertising at whatever price you so chose to ask for it.
  14. I can not for the life of me figure out, seeing what viewer someone is using, is an invasion of privacy. Its like what sort of bag you carry your lunch in, Walmart or Target...i seriously think LL is ashamed of how few use the LL viewer due to its insensitivity to the player and the huge lack of common sense used in the interface. The last thing that no one can have anything in their viewer that LL does not, is quite the knock for free enterprise in SL. These viewers were created by people that actually spend large amounts of time in SL, and listen to others that do as well. LL should be paying them and paying them well to code, test and produce these viewers. Shameful once again LL, but not surprising.
  15. Well i have a story, i was once stalked by an individual, that threatened to tell my RL partner, what i did in SL, that he either knew who he was or could find out easily. I simply copied his IM to me word for word to Linden Labs, and don't ask me how they did this, but not only was he banned, but all 76 of his alts. This happened inside of 24 hours of my AR on this individual. (if you wonder why he had 76 alts, he was the king of a vampire clan, and bought souls, which is no more than an alt account created for just that purpose) So if you collect your proof properly, and if you have friends he has IMed about the situation and they will contribute their own AR with proof, Linden Labs will help, and quickly.
  16. Naa that won't happen, they enjoy a high subscription rate and if everyone counts as more than one person (ie: ALTS) then the more the better !
  17. Well everyone what a great discussion, thanks for all of the input, i have learned a lot from all of you. My partner and i are in the entertainment business in SL, which range from tribute bands to comedy shows. I build the stages, my partner programs the light shows, or we both run the lights while running the animations of our little actors on the stage. We have some high overhead, like the instruments, building supplies, textures, bringing in the custom textures i make in photo shop etc. We buy all of our music and shows legally, so nothing we have is bootlegged. Not to mention the hours of time to build, program, produce the show cuts, and make the avatars look as much like the real person as possible. Its been a struggle the last year to make ends meet, and we have been contemplating giving it up. Its something we truly enjoy, and our following does as well, we can hardly rez in before someone asks if there is a show tonight. Theres nights we do well, some places the tips are so bad, I have had venue owners apologize. But over all we have noticed the decline, and have begun to wonder, if our little hobby will start costing us money, in addition to all of the other costs of SL, and I think we all know how spendy that can be. So your thoughts here have been very helpful, and god I promise on my Mother's head never to say "Linden Love" again..LOL, so thank you everyone that contributed, its helped us look to what we need to do and how to go about it. Cheers here is hoping SL stays fun for everyone even more so this year !
  18. Ok it's me again, great posts everyone so far, and overnight i have thought of a few more things about tipping. I get it that the adult industry, strippers and escorts are going to make the big bucks, sex after all is the oldest profession that will am sure outlive us all. One thing i am concerned about is the sim owner that is trying to support one or more sims off tips for moderate (used to be mature) rating themes? Is this an unrealistic expectation? Clubs are just a money pit, i see them as pathetically trying to "buy" in customers with contest money, and i still don't get it, no one can possibly make back that kind of money in tips alone. You would have to be nuts to try and open one, but i know it is often the number one dream of those coming into SL. Live entertainment is interesting in SL, singers are great to pretty bad, and some need to keep their day jobs, karaoke gone astray so to speak, but it seems to be the end all to alot of those in SL, it may be more of the snob factor here, and i understand a live singer can almost name their price right now..your thoughts? What would everyone like to see more of in the entertainment industry in SL? What would be an alternative to tipping to cover charges incurred by a venue owner, entertainer in SL?
  19. This is exactly why a land owner should have the right to not only ban an avatar but all of its alts as well. Maybe some day this will be a feature that LL will figure out how to implement since they seem to love making it not only convenient but easy for ppl to create an alt in 5 minutes flat.
  20. As of late clubs used to encourage ppl to come in for traffic to help rent out mall space, with the downfall of malls due to the convenience of the Market Place...should clubs and venues start charging for entertainment or still ask (grovel, plead and beg) for tips as usual in the past? How do ppl feel about entertainment in SL, is it or should it be considered free like television? Has anyone else noticed the decline in tipping as of late? (could be the economy, or so many alts in SL, the expense to clothe and house them takes precedence over tipping) I know most will tip if the entertainment is good, and they are enjoying themselves, but it seems to me its becoming an issue in alot of places now. Just some random thoughts about SL as an entertainment outlet ..let me hear from you guys !
  21. I would like to start a discussion on what is your favorite viewer and why?? Please only approved LL viewers SEE: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory, , also it might be insteresting to see what problems you have with the ones you don't like as well..thanks everyone !
  22. My personal observation is that if you get in a sim that has more than 2 or 3 other avatars in it, you can't move anyway...just saying, ya know. I would love to know how many sims they get on a server now.
  23. Sponsored by White Tiger's Islands Monday evening at 6 pm ! Incredible Christmas Rock show to the most amazing light show programmed expressly for each song with as much reality and nuance to the real life performances that Second Life can provide. Rising Star Entertainment is proud to offer this incredible Christmas show, its a must see for your SL Holiday experience! Monday Dec 19th 6pm SLT Where: WHITE TIGER'S ISLANDS http://slurl.com/secondlife/White%20Tigers%20Islan​d/128/69/2501
  24. shameless bump...no really come see it, just did the dress rehersal and i am blown away !!
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