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  1. We're always looking for great places to visit in Second Life. Inspired by a recent article about virtual cities, we're wondering what your favorite cities and places to visit in Second Life are. Share your top spots in this thread and be sure to read more about the article in our blog.  
  2. Thanks for noticing - glad to hear some of the recent changes we've made have helped with the spam. It's an ongoing challenge for any platform, and we'll continue to monitor and take additional measures as needed.
  3. If you're having technical issues related to the SL Share feature in the Second Life Official Viewer, please contact our support team with details. Thanks!
  4. If you're having a technical issue with the feature in the Official Second Life Viewer, please contact our support team with the details. Thank you!
  5. We've just blogged about Changes to Our JIRA Implementation that will go into effect next week. We think these changes will make for a better, more transparent and more productive experience for all of us, but if you have additional ideas on ways to improve our implementation, feel free to share them with us in this thread.
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