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  1. Thank you all for your replies you are all very kind and I know that there are nice people out there if I can only go out and find them Thanks for reafiriming that for me. I am sorry it's taken me so long to reply. About a day after I posted this my hard drive decided to die on me and I wasn't able to reply to all these comments. Thank you so much for them once again and I really do hope that you didn't think I was being ungreatful. I would absolutely love to be friends with any of you especially if you are willing to show me around a little bit and help me to meet people I think I spent a little bit too long in the starting areas which may be a big reason why I've had a bit of a negative start. I just find it very difficult to get started, I don't undersand the etticate of second life yet and I really don't want to offend anyone. I know that people can spend thousands getting their little area just perfect and I can understand why they would expect people to behave in a certain way or if you would rather strangers didn't venture in. The last thing I want to do is step on any toes but I am aware that I may very well be over thinking this. Thank you all once again, I hope I can find you online soon Casey x
  2. Hi there I have been registered on second life for a very long time but I hardly ever play on it. The reason is I have a crippling shyness that I've had all my life, and finding out I am transgender hasn't really helped. Ideally I could use second life to talk to people as I live as a shut in and have very little experience talking to anyone online or off. I really do want to spread my wings but I find it difficult to know where I stand when I interact with people. I have been around a little bit and I have found that for the most part this seems to be a friendly and welcoming community but every so often I get hit on by men. I never know what to do in this situation. I want to tell people that I am trans before they get any ideas but that has backfired on me a few times. I have found people get very aggressive when they find out sometimes and it makes me feel worried about saying it to new people. Other times I meet someone who will pretend to be my friend for a few days before coming out about fancying me and I feel like I am in a little bit too deep already. I have never knowingly lied to anyone on second life but it does make me feel afraid to meet new people as this is a very awkward situation to be in. I say that I am transgender on my profile but I don't think many people read them. I want to make friends and explore the world but I really see this as a barrier that I need to overcome and I'd like some advice about how I can explain my position in a less awkward manner. This is a serious and sensitive discussion topic for me and I would appreciate it if you could keep the replies the same. Thanks in advance
  3. @Phil: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tgirl @Casiljohan: That sounds like a lot of fun! Feel free to message me in world if you would like to go somewhere I'm normally up for anything, as long as it isn't too naughty hehehe.
  4. Hello :) My name is Casey Monaron and I'm looking for a nice male friend/boyfriend. I am a very elegant lady who is looking for a very gentlemanly friend to explore second life with. I enjoy chatting and working on projects. I enjoy wearing stylish outfits and exploring the more uptown areas in second life. I am hoping to find a travel partner to help me explore this romantic world and someone to dance with (I prefer balls to nightclubs but anything goes!). Ideally we would start as very close friends and blossom into a loving couple. I am polite and friendly and can be a little flirty, but please don't expect me to "put out" as soon as I've met you. If you think you might be interested, please message me in world, I tend to play in the evenings till late but have been known to stay up all night (GMT). http://picturepush.com/public/11448201 http://picturepush.com/public/11448213
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