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  1. She definitely isn't running the current version; in her OP she states it is 5.0.11. The current version is 5.1.7 (.55786). I would imagine Firestorm Support is not going to do much with something that far down-rev; they'll probably recommend what many here have: clean install of latest version. That way if she does still have issues at least they'll be working with current code.
  2. Nothing really to do with Second Life, but I found this hand-written on a yellow ruled legal pad once. I've always liked it. Diamonds, rubies, large and picturesque nuggets of raw gold, The Physics Chair at MIT, a Pulitzer Prize (for Poetry), would all be nice, but compared to your love underwhelming.
  3. Skell's post landed while I was getting a picture. I'd meant to offer his Suggestion #2 (which is also addressed in the @Alyona Su quote that started this off). Find the 'Locked' button, and use it, anytime you're working at home. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten busy unpacking and trying things only to get a little careless during cleanup, miss the shopping bag I'm aiming at there on the floor, and delete my entire house (less of course any unlinked pictures and the like) on the spot. If you use Firestorm the Locked button is right here:
  4. And listening to that, with the Jordanaires in the background, reminded me of a very young Vil Kilmer in what I think is the best ever Elvis Presley sendup, from a sometimes hysterically funny movie called "Top Secret". Oh, I picked a fake! This is the soundtrack playing over a silenced and modded clip. It's better with the original screaming. If I can't find a better version you'll just have to see the movie (worth it). ETA #2: Found one :-). ETA #3: I bet I'm not the only one who was reminded of @Rhonda Huntress at one point in there.
  5. I was just reading some comments in another thread about SL olbies and our various levels of insanity. This was instantly in my mind.
  6. If my definition of 'world' and yours match (admittedly that's a big if) then your first sentence alone, to say nothing of the rest of the post, erases 99.9% of any interest in Sansar for me. I didn't come to SL because I thought it would be a 'world'; I had no idea what to expect. I've since learned, and am learning. SL, for me, IS a world. My interactions with its people, and above all the shared experiences we've had, fuel my fondness for the place.
  7. The Forum/Community even has its own login portal, different from all the others. The Feed, the Marketplace, and the 'Dashboard' all log in through some variant of: https://id.secondlife.com/openid/login The Forum login is here: https://web-login.secondlife.com/login Note that these are abbreviated; the entire address depends on where you're going.
  8. No, not vertical, but yes that's exactly the way those kids were going and just that fast, too. They were a third the size of that animal, maybe even a quarter. Tiny, beautiful, and nuts :-).
  9. Right from the start Iva's been visiting this thread to drop these little non sequiturs (is that even a valid description, given the thread's purpose?), often about wildlife sightings. I loved the idea right from the start; it was perfect. This time her drop actually derailed the derail thread and started a conversation, from Maddy's comment about foxes being cat software on dog hardware to that amazing video Callum showed. Incredible work—what hands that person had—but for me just a little bit too real; I'd be creeped out to see one of our cats 'pictured' that way. Speaking of cat software, the Gray Fox is one of two canine species that climbs trees, and the only one in North America. We once had a breeding pair move in under the house to deliver and wean their pups. They were a noisy nuisance banging around down there, but the babies were just heart-stoppingly cute. I got to see 'em chasing each other around the lattice-work on the side of the garden shed a couple of times; they'd fly around it looking like they were on an oval track, except it was vertical. Up one side and down the other, almost in a blur.
  10. Everytime I see one of these kinds of conversations (started with Clover asking about Birth's advent calendar) I am amazed at how much some of you know about stores and merchants and product lines and all of it. Seriously. I don't even know who any of those stores are. I swear, if you guys were mountain men Jedediah Smith would be asking you for directions.
  11. True. This one's pretty nice. That slope looks a bit less than 60° but I'd guess it's greater than 45. And they had a pretty good architect: Frank Lloyd Wright.
  12. (("Again?" moaned one. "Ever, really."))
  13. @BelindaN Oh, that Agent Smith. Pity. In any case, should you decide upon a career of dangerous, dark, and dirty work for which you will almost certainly be reviled by many, do be sure and get in touch :-).
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