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  1. You poor thing. Sorry; I'd have put a little more emphasis on that but after spending a few minutes trying to work up some honest pity I gave up. The snow-related Twain story I like best is 'Cannibalism in the Cars", about a blizzard so severe it stopped a train out in the middle of nowhere. Among other things it's a marvelous illustration of parliamentary procedure at its best.
  2. Thank you, Moira! That is precisely what the thread was created for, or at least the main reason. I wish I'd stopped by on Saturday. I"m not exactly sure what @entity0x meant; for one thing I'd always assumed that all of us are among the usual suspects. The part of my post quoted did point out that re-hashing a locked thread is a no-no here (because that's a forum ground rule) and I think for the most part that has been followed. Now we just need Iva in here with one of her non-sequiturs and we'll be good to go. Oh, but I jinxed it, didn't I? She can't drop one of those now because it wouldn't be a derail!
  3. I spent my first ten years (as opposed to my teen years) in Pasadena. Our branch of the family moved north after that, and the trend continues.
  4. that long dormant alt, xYfabuloso22babyYx
  5. Maybe not, depending. Anywhere west of the Coast Ranges is considered nice weather by most people. If you get into the Central Valley it's hotter than blazes and fairly humid with it, but anyplace within reach of the coast is fine. I've linked a comparison between Madison, WI and Los Angeles (which is by no means the best weather to be had along the coast). https://weatherspark.com/compare/m/8/12796~145341/Comparison-of-the-Average-Weather-in-Madison-and-Los-Angeles-International-Airport-in-August
  6. It's funny you should mention fashion. I just watched the evening news, featuring a 'live' report from earlier this afternoon out of Washington DC. Now, it's only forecast to be -2 F in DC tonight which is not even a patch on you guys in the Upper Midwest, but still. ANYTHING below freezing is cold. The guy was wearing a partially unbuttoned lightweight coat over a shirt and tie, no gloves, no hat! I'm sorry but that's just not how it's done. I did spend my one winter in the Twin Cities and I know how you folks dress when it's cold. I can only assume they had one of those giant outdoor heaters like you see along the sidelines in football games sitting next to the camera (which might explain why there was no snow on the street behind him). I mean, they wouldn't shoot it indoors and dub the street scene in as a backdrop. Would they?
  7. Ethan is almost certainly right. You've lost your 3000 Lindens, I'm afraid. You won't get them back, but you should report the scam just the same. You need to learn to do two things. First, go to your 'dashboard' page and look at your Transaction history (it's listed under 'Accounts'). You will see your 3000 Linden transaction there, along with a Transaction number AND the name of the avatar you paid. Screenshot or copy that information. Next, learn how to file an Abuse Report and do so. Be sure to include the information from your Transaction history. Until you've been here for some time, don't buy anything from individuals. Shop at stores or on the Marketplace.
  8. Granted, with each day divided into 12 hours of SL, 8 hours of sleep, and 4 hours of exercise, contemplation, and maintenance. This is a starting regimen only; as the week progresses you may increase the SL time but do not exceed 23.6 hours of SL in any 24 hour period. I just wish that I could remember what else we need from the store as I'm pulling out of the driveway rather than as I'm arriving back home.
  9. Puedes encontrar personas que hablan español aquí: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/276-foro-en-español/
  10. Granted (Sasy's wish) but the search algorithm is proprietary to LL and you'll never in life get it to work properly. I wish I wouldn't forget to stop by here; this is the first time I've even noticed this thread!
  11. I knew I'd fetch at least one of ya with that remark :-). Having been cruelly victimized by many Oregonians in the course of multiple work visits in that state, I seldom fail to get a dig of my own in when given the chance. Oregonians once even had bumper stickers saying "Don't Californicate Oregon", long before The Red Hot Chili Peppers ever shared a garage. Truth is these days if you find me in Oregon it'll typically be somewhere east of Highway 97, on two-lane roads where I tend to drive even slower than the affable small-town locals.
  12. While I'm perfectly happy with calling it California time, Maddy, it's also used by Nevada, Washington, almost all of Oregon (a smallish state north of us full of surly people who tend to drive too slow) and even part of Idaho. The official name is Pacific Standard Time.
  13. They covered that Gordon Lightfoot song too, somewhere along the line :-).
  14. Heard this today (in the rain, as a matter of fact). It's old: a 707 was the ultimate aircraft, and even going somewhere by flying on a jet plane was something special.
  15. above a notorious Madland Mainland sim
  16. This is one of those times when we could really use a hug option. Virtual hugs to Hippie and Rolig and all who were lucky enough to cross paths with Val either here or inworld. And to me.
  17. Thank you for such a nice change of pace from the usual movie trivia around SL. Never mind, Star Wars or Marvel or whoever. We've got Bambi :-).
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