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  1. While I'm perfectly happy with calling it California time, Maddy, it's also used by Nevada, Washington, almost all of Oregon (a smallish state north of us full of surly people who tend to drive too slow) and even part of Idaho. The official name is Pacific Standard Time.
  2. They covered that Gordon Lightfoot song too, somewhere along the line :-).
  3. Heard this today (in the rain, as a matter of fact). It's old: a 707 was the ultimate aircraft, and even going somewhere by flying on a jet plane was something special.
  4. This is one of those times when we could really use a hug option. Virtual hugs to Hippie and Rolig and all who were lucky enough to cross paths with Val either here or inworld. And to me.
  5. Thank you for such a nice change of pace from the usual movie trivia around SL. Never mind, Star Wars or Marvel or whoever. We've got Bambi :-).
  6. Thanks for posting this, Maddy (you're right; I probably wouldn't have). It turns out we did even better than we'd known. We broke the Feed! That thread is locked and apparently is not unlockable. We can't add 'love' hearts to existing posts and we can't add new posts. We can't even cycle back through the archives with the "View all comments" option, or at least I can't. We have boldly gone where no SLUM™ dweller* has gone before, and I for one am damned proud to have been a part of that. *When what is now called The Feed by most of us was first released, it didn't really have a name
  7. No kidding. I don't cut people that say things like that much slack, either. There's never any excuse for random rudeness. In my first year someone asked in NCI group chat if anyone knew when the Building class would start. Nobody answered. I was still new enough to be thrilled by group chat so after a bit I said, "I don't." Now I grant you that was a pretty useless comment. I was just talking to be talking. But her next line really ticked me off. "Then I wasn't talking to you, was I?" Mind you, she was as noobish as I was, hadn't been in SL more than a month or two. It tur
  8. You really need to post wayyyy more often than you have been. Seriously. The times demand it.
  9. Things happen fast; it's already gone past perfection, but that still means that for one brief shining moment Kali was five for five :-). ps: I ended with :-) without which, along with its cousin ;-), I probably would not be able to write in this or any other forum.
  10. Somebody add a 'Thanks' for Kali; she only needs that for the very rare Forum Hat Trick: one (and only one) of each.
  11. You've gotta take a break from YouTube, Selene.
  12. I saw a little clip of this band in a BBC article; googling led me to another article in Dazed: http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/39633/1/grrrl-gang-manila-one-year-of-filipino-punk-feminism . I did find this on YouTube; it's mostly just placard-waving but there are a few performance clips and besides, placard-waving's as good a place to start as any. I'll see if I can find some of their music to send to my half-Filipina granddaughter; it's bound to freak out her parents who are a coupla stiffs :-).
  13. I will, or at least I have, used the laugh emote when it's quite likely the person writing the post really wasn't aiming for a laugh. If something makes me laugh*, I use the laugh emote. I do try not to use it on posts where it seems obvious that the person who wrote it was sincerely hurt or upset about something, even if I find the post quite ridiculous. I would try not to laugh in that instance in RL too, just as most of us would. I am resisting the charge that my laughing at (rather than with) a post is scornful, although I have to admit that is maybe a valid definition. One of the tim
  14. My last one and still my favorite, old as it is. This just shows you what kinds of things people get up to in mid-America when they've time on their hands :-).
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