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  1. Here's another of my very few favorite Christmas songs. I hope this doesn't grate on @Cindy Evanier too much; it's NOT Mariah Carey. It'd be better without the Hugh Grant business at the end, but you can't have everything. That's a good Christmas movie if you go for that sort of thing, by the way.
  2. Hmm. It's only 11:45 here but maybe I should uncork a bottle. You know, just to let it breathe a little.
  3. Aww. I love the picture :-). It is really unlikely I'll be able to show up today, although I did sneak on yesterday and found a not-too-unsuitable Christmas outfit just in case. My best to you both.
  4. I would have thought the line annoying you most right about now was the one waiting to get in to see "Aquaman".
  5. Happy Winter Solstice to everyone, especially me :-). This is my favorite day of my least favorite part of the year: that part in which there are more hours of darkness than of light. An especially Happy Solstice to Clover and Rhonda.
  6. Based on the bolded sentence you're already past asking. You're hooked :-). Doomed, like the rest of us. Somehow we can't let it go. Even if we stay away for years at a time, we keep in touch, we come back. Your problem won't be finding something to do, it will just be finding time to do a few of the things you want to do because there is always something new.
  7. Well, this is unusual. This thread jumped from October of 2011 to today and nobody batted an eye; it just kept on trucking as if nothing had happened. Where's Drake with his Necromancer tarot card?
  8. There is so much wrong with that sentence that I don't even know where to start.
  9. It is still an issue but from my perspective less of one than it was back when this thread originated. Even then the trends away from max height avatars was under way, though. It's (in my view) considerably more common now to see avatars approaching RL height norms. See Cindy's post farther up this page and Scylla's thread from a yesterday: Why did the software decide to add a snippet of my picture from a post well down in that thread to my saved URL of the OP?
  10. ((Fiddle dee dee, this post was overtaken by events! Move along, please.))
  11. It's both, if I understand you correctly. My prim height measuring widget says 1.85, the very same number returned by the Shape Editor. I'd thought those used to vary, but maybe that got fixed while I was wandering. I have only done a rough check. I can walk through a 1.9 meter prim without the top of my head (quite) showing, so I'm fairly confident the numbers are correct. The friend I mentioned is Naz Fride; she is my height or a tiny bit less now, but she was much taller before. This fuzzy pic is almost seven years old and you can see how much taller she was (and I was taller then than
  12. I don't get in here (this category) often but as it happens this is a subject I've spent a little time with. I'm 1.85 meters, or just a touch over 6 feet. I am certainly not tall, but I do find that I'm actually taller than a few women I see and not much shorter than most. A good friend who used to tower over me is now possibly a smidgen shorter than I am. I think it might be a trend and aside from the issues with buildings, furniture, vehicles, etc. (bless the 'ADJUST' feature) a welcome one.
  13. When is an alt not an alt? I read this title and took 'alt' to mean, well, alt. You know, those other personalities some of us have. I took 'key' to mean UUID. I saw 'unbinding' and thought, "Wow, what deep level programming concept is this person speaking of so casually as if we all knew what it meant?" Imagine my disappointment upon reading the second sentence (didn't know what PTT stood for, so the first only whetted my interest) and figuring out you meant the Alt key. I guess this might be one instance where case matters :-).
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