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  1. Hi Yuri thanks for the flower that was sweet.
  2. Well thank you Vanilla for coming to my rescue. The damsel in distress bit does look good on me... but only in roleplay.. I know friendships take time to build at least real ones . Maybe the Lindens in their wisdom should have named this section of the forum making aquaintances and there would be little to quibble over .
  3. I'll send you a friend request online and try to help you run around and get situated through freebies and store gifts that I know of if you like. If not there is an area here in the forum that talks about your avatar just like there is this section .. titled making friends . Its a little bit of process to figure out how to change and unbox ect... there are some wonderful helpers in some of the places designed to do that in sl. I can steer you there too.
  4. Came back to sl a few weeks ago. I worked on putting myself together a little and now am looking for friends to hang out with and explore sl together. I like the beautiful places, the interesting or disturbing and anything from time periods in the past or future. I'd like to go dancing with friends. I've met some folks but most just want to chat because their computer can't handle most areas. I really would like to actually actively explore places with others. I'd also like us to have some commonalities so here are some things I can think of. I love mesh and spend most of my time playing dress up in a skybox. I bought nearly every hair Truth had on sale during the black friday event. I enjoy music from classical till today and enjoy especially music from the 20's-90's. I would rather listen to calm, beautiful or happy music if I'm picking the station. I love retro fashion/sims/influences. I speak in sentences and prefer text to voice. I am a happy realist and am never bored. I might be considered nerdy or deviant when you get to know me. I would like to explore roleplay but not as a rule to be in character thing, just as a fun now and then experience. I'm not interested in being a furry or vampire. Chat with me here or inworld. I ignore rudeness.
  5. I wanted to pop back in here and mention the Peace on Earth hunt has started today. The gifts are free! I have found some clothes for maitreya in the gifts so far at 25 gifts in. In their group they sent out the all the landmarks for the stores also. That way if you can't find one you will have no trouble finding the next store. Happy Hunting if you chose to try it.
  6. I participated in the other thread that Amethsyt mentioned and I think change is inevitiable. It keeps people engaged to a certain extent... and yes I'm sure it drives off some who find it too complicated. I do know I've had more fun just playing dress up barbie than I ever did in the past with the mesh body even if it was a struggle to learn the ins and outs of what to buy especially. Personally I didn't want to make a pricey mistake I'd regret and demo's or not I still had trepidation trying it all. I do agree new residents are looked down on as "second class" if they haven't updated but when has that not been the case? If you walked around ruthed before you sure weren't going to get a job anywhere. You had to spend then.. you have to spend now, or someone you know does if you get lucky enough to find someone with money to burn. There are still places out there for classic avatars too. I know I've wondered at times if I'll fit in with my mesh as I move around. Everyone just have to have the cajones to be okay with what they chose to be here. I admit I'd rather be closer to those that chose what I like also but that's enjoying shared interests not discrimination.
  7. I haven't really been able to find many hunts in general that are active and I haven't found any that cater to one mesh body type yet. I just came back to sl and most hunt items are no longer free also so if you make mistakes and get stuff you don't want you just have to toss it out. I just got the maitreya body within the last week and I have found many stores that have gifts and are free to join. I also joined some groups that are paid for myself. There is a group called Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News that was very helpful to me to find some gifts to get me started. Some have maitreya applier huds that come packaged with the gifts (if I said that right) and for some items you need the omega system hud for maitreya and that's a paid for item. You might know all this but thought I'd reply as I've been there looking very recently. If you want to contact me in world I can send you some links and tell you where some lucky chairs are also.
  8. I've recently come back to sl after a few years away. I never had a mesh body or head before and have spent the last week figuring it out. I guess they all work somewhat differently (I got maitreya and catwa) and it was very confusing to me. I think I even tossed some outfits because I couldn't figure out how to make the appliers work (they were free or cheap though so that's a blessing). I kept wondering how the very new people to sl are dealing with it because the learning curve for sl itself is pretty steep. At least that's how I remembered it. Then with all the differences and research and lindens you have to spend just to get dressed. I know that I won't be giving up the mesh though. I love the way it looks when I get it right even if when I teleport now I mostly see brains and clothes and bodies all over the place before they finally rez to me. Kind of reminds me of the shoes or hair up your kazoo sometime back when teleporting or crossing sims. I won't be trying Bento for awhile myself I've spent too much already. I don't want to switch viewers either so I'll give it awhile. Maybe my bank account will catch up.
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