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  1. There aren't many sail-able water parcels in the far south Satori, full of ban lines and orbs. In the far south Satori. Only Yeeowler and Fireheart are the SIM which has much more water parcels and better scapes, but they are still not connected to other waterways. When you arrive at Yeeowler, the better travel way is going through the Satori Southern Railway (SSRY) and walk to route eight at Bagheera.
  2. It was amazing that I've been three months in SL. I already have some friendships with people. Most of them have the same country as mine so that we could have more effortless conversations. I have a parcel in mainland Satori, and some of my friends live in the same SIM as my neighborhood. I start enjoying sailing and driving on the route. It's interesting to realize the geography of SL mainland by those activities. I feel grateful to you all.
  3. I've gone to some destinations like London City, New Citizens Incorporated, New Resident Island, Totally 80's Club, Wastelands, etc. And I went shopping a lot these days. Sometimes I don't know what to talk about, maybe because I'm not excellent at chatting. So I thank you all for those suggestions. Thanks to those who IM me to have an excellent talk.
  4. Hello, I'm Jinny Seesaw. Being new to SecondLife for about two weeks. During these days, I tried to hang out around, learned to build something, and finally bought a small land to set a store. I didn't meet many people because of the UTC+8 time zone. Most of the time, I stayed at home to learn how to create, but it's hard for me to build 3D structures. I'm not sure what the next step is; maybe I'll still try to explore, join the party to meet people, and attend events. Or play games on Gaming Island, I found that it is fun! It might be a chance to meet new friends, so that I post this topic here.
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