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  1. Hello guys, I am new to sailing and recently bought a sailboat and was looking for a yacht club who is populated ... i visited some but most are always empty. Do you know some With people in it who meet, talk and sail together? Any sim rating is ok for me, thanks in advance. I am on European time.
  2. Hello guys. Does anyone of you use the spunklover system in sl? I tried to read the description on the marketplace and iw but there are some things I didn’t understand. So.. 1) What are the “symptoms” of abstinence? 2) to get addicted do I have to buy the hud or someone can do that to me ? 3) what rlv restrictions apply when in abstinence ? thanks in advance!
  3. Could you be interested in a full female sissy ?
  4. I am interested in gear and restraints with a timer since I do lot of self bondage. I will have a look at those brands, thanks !
  5. I am a bondage lover and I have a couple of Real Restraints cuffs and gags. While building my rlv folder I was wondering what other people use for bondage? Are there cuffs, gags, blindfolds, cages that you like and think I should experiment with? I am open to your suggestions! Thanks in advance!
  6. I could be interested. You can PM here or send a IM; i am Liv Simondsen InWorld. I'll keep in touch as soon as i login. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello Fritigen, i know i need the 32bits libraries, indeed i have it and i can use voice in local chat without problems. When i get a call from a friend i can't talk and i can't hear. that's my problems. Thanks for answering :)
  8. Hello guys, i am using Linux Mint 19.2 and Firestorm Viewer. I have a problem with Voice Calls, when i start one or i am invited into one i can't hear and can't be heard, even tough in local i can use voice without problems. I don't use a Firewall so it's not a connection problem... Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  9. Look for the Rbr System in world, I have all their cleaning tools (I love to be a maid too). https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/197248 there are more tools in the iw store.
  10. Thank you Solar, i was able to make voice run on Manjaro (now i don't remember how but i dropped that distribution because i had lots of video struttering on Netlfix). I tried on Linux Mint and it worked, but my big problem was a horrible echo while using voice so i got back to Win 10. Thanks for answering, anyway.
  11. Solved, thanks Whirly. Yes Fionalein, i had the same window open on Linux
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