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  1. Hello guys, was anyone able to get voice to work in Firestorm on Fedora ? It seems i can't find any guide to enable it. Thanks in advance!
  2. i tried it but didn't understand how to use it ... i will have another look, it seems quite interesting!
  3. I go sailing, fly airplanes and helicopters, take photos, talk to friends and role play
  4. I think Dom+switch could work as long as the switch is only dominant to me If they live together that could work also
  5. Hello guys, i am a big fan of bondage, gags, restraints and cages. I would like to find a couple to keep me prisoner and restricted for a while, permanently naked, tied and gagged to a wall or in a cage. Anyone interested? Only couples with both dominant attitude, no dominant + sub, no singles. Thank you!
  6. hi! if you don't mind having a nudist lifestyler as a roommate i am interested :)
  7. I am interested, I will IM you when I am back from RL work 😊
  8. Thread vecchio ma sempre valido? E' da molto che vado in barca su SL ed ormai so bene come funziona, ma il volo non l'ho ancora sperimentato! Sembra divertente!
  9. Hello guys, i learned that old WLs can be imported for using with the new EEP but ... having 1600+ WL settings it's so frustrating importing them one by one ... I'd need a third life ... Before EEP all that was needed is to copy the XML files onto the skies directory ... now it's a nightmare! Any idea or suggestions to mass import old WLs? thanks in advance!
  10. Thank you very much, Nalates, i will try that
  11. I tried all the shoe bases i have, i edited them but still i find myself floating from the ground.. i know i can set the hover height from quick preferences but it resets everytime i logoff and doesn't adapt to every floor ... any idea ? thanks in advance
  12. Hello guys, I am new to sailing and recently bought a sailboat and was looking for a yacht club who is populated ... i visited some but most are always empty. Do you know some With people in it who meet, talk and sail together? Any sim rating is ok for me, thanks in advance. I am on European time.
  13. Hello guys. Does anyone of you use the spunklover system in sl? I tried to read the description on the marketplace and iw but there are some things I didn’t understand. So.. 1) What are the “symptoms” of abstinence? 2) to get addicted do I have to buy the hud or someone can do that to me ? 3) what rlv restrictions apply when in abstinence ? thanks in advance!
  14. Could you be interested in a full female sissy ?
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