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  1. Look for the Rbr System in world, I have all their cleaning tools (I love to be a maid too). https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/197248 there are more tools in the iw store.
  2. Thank you Solar, i was able to make voice run on Manjaro (now i don't remember how but i dropped that distribution because i had lots of video struttering on Netlfix). I tried on Linux Mint and it worked, but my big problem was a horrible echo while using voice so i got back to Win 10. Thanks for answering, anyway.
  3. Solved, thanks Whirly. Yes Fionalein, i had the same window open on Linux
  4. There is a second window opening when i launch firestorm: What is that? Anyone has some infos?
  5. Was anyone able to get voice to work on Manjaro? If so, i'd like a helping hand...
  6. First of all, if these things matters to someone, let me be clear before we start: i am Italian, i speak english, spanish and italian. I am a bisexual 30yo male in RL in a female body in SL and I was sissified in SL by a wondeful dominant couple back in 2013. My avi is high feminine, always well dressed and taken care of, wears all mesh body parts. I've never hidden my RL gender in my profile since then. Now, if you're still interested, back to the topic: I finally found a nice place where to live, now i need a maid, sissy maid or butler. Some of the duties you will be expected to do are: - Cleaning my house - Errands - Serving me and my guests drinks - Help selecting my clothes and shoes - Acting as a personal assistant and other tasks. D/s dynamics will be involved. European times work better for me since i am in Italy. Contact IW for an interview: Liv Simondsen
  7. i'd like to partecipate hope you don't mind i am a RL bi-guy in a SL female avi
  8. I am a submissive bisexual RL male in a SL female body. No, i am not a transgender in RL, i just play female characters in videogames when i can. I am a part time damsel in distress victim. I get kidnapped by strangers and totally restricted (no ims from others, no teleport and so on...) and held hostage bound and gagged and caged in a room for certain amount of time in the home of my Master and Mistress. Seen the picture? :-) Done this for a while. I have some restraints from Restrained Love and a gag OpenCollar scripted; please know how to use them before contacting me. No single males or females, only couples from Europe. I am SLT+9. You can write me in English or Italian. This is a fantasy now, if we meet, be sure you can fulfill. Contact IW: Liv Simondsen.
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